The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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“Okay, Sweetheart,” Baekhyun said, lacing his beautiful fingers together as he lay them on the medium-sized wooden table. The boy had just finished his own dinner—a big plate of Kung Pao Scallops with extra black pepper—and you felt jealous because he could eat like a pig and still wouldn’t gain weight. “I’m gonna be a good boyfriend and ask you about your day.”


You playfully rolled your eyes at him as you took another bite of your fruit salad. You would have ordered something more fulfilling like a chicken cordon blue combined with greasy French fries and cheese for dinner, but sadly, you were on diet. “You know,” you said, “you don’t have to pretend to be interested in what I do during my day if—”


“Well, I already know what you’re doing in your night,” Baekhyun cut you off, winking, “or rather, someone—”


“I’ve had enough of that joke—”


“—so I think, yes, I do want to know. Tell me what you’ve been doing all day while I’m gone.”


“Well okay, fine” you stopped to take a quick sip of your Japanese green tea—wrinkling your nose when the bitter taste fell on your tongue. “I got to be Red Riding Hood today.”


Baekhyun raised his head with a frown forming on his forehead. “Hmm? How come?”


You tapped your fingers nervously on the table. The thing was, you hadn’t told Baekhyun about your recent activity with Kim Jongin. You had been helping Jongin with his musical show—you helped him recite his lines and you even did some acting yourself. Jongin was nothing but a kind, sweet person and you felt comfortable being around him. He also had these traits that always managed to make you smile whenever you were around him. You knew Baekhyun despised him so much for no apparent reason so you thought that maybe you should keep your meeting with Jongin as a secret between you two only.


Besides, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?


“Baekhyun,” you started, swallowing your breath uneasily, “you know I trust you, don’t you?”


Baekhyun raised an eyebrow, analyzing your face for three seconds before he finally stated, “Did Jongin do something to you?”


“What?” You almost gasped at how sharp Baekhyun’s mind worked. “No, of course not! I’m just saying that, umm, I’ve been helping him with his lines for his musical play. We practiced together. That’s it.”


Baekhyun’s eyes gleamed dangerously, making you shiver a little. “Didn’t I tell you to stay away from him?”


“Baekhyun,” you sighed, suddenly feeling tired and restless. “You’re being delusional, all right? Jongin is a nice guy, and for your information, he has never made a move on me whatsoever, so please—”


“No, you’re the one who’s delusional.” Your boyfriend scoffed loudly. “I know, all right? I’m a guy. I know how a guy’s mind works. He’s just being nice to you because he wants to get laid.”


You started to grow frustrated. “Baekhyun, we’ve been through this conversation before.”


“And I still stand my ground,” he sternly stated. “I don’t trust him and I want you to stay away from him.”


Somehow, that made your chest feel tight and you suddenly had the urge to scream at him for being ridiculous. Baekhyun didn’t know Jongin like you did—he hadn’t even properly introduced himself to him—so really, he didn’t have the right to accuse Jongin of the things he hadn’t even done.


So when you spitefully replied, “Not every guy thinks like you do,” you didn’t regret it so much. Although the wounded look on your boyfriend’s face almost changed your mind. Almost. “You know what, Baekhyun? Sometimes you’re being too possessive of me.”


Too possessive?” Baekhyun actually laughed. “If I’m being too possessive, I would’ve kept you away from Lu Han, Yeol, and even Minseok-Hyung, but you don’t see me doing that, do you? Not even when Lu Han kissed your—”


“You know what, this isn’t worth the talk,” you interrupted, holding a hand to stop him. “The point is, I’m not something you can keep and order around, okay? I have my own life and parts of it don’t involve you in it. So, don’t go around telling me who I can and cannot be friends with.”


“That Jongin guy doesn’t even want to be friends with you!” Baekhyun shouted in exasperation. “He just wants to—”


“What, to sleep with me?” You raised your voice, throwing ice daggers with your eyes. “Just because the first reason you wanted to get to know me was to get into my pants, doesn’t mean every guy thinks the same!”


Baekhyun opened his mouth but no words ever came from it. He just intensely stared straight into your eyes, before eventually grabbed his wallet and took some money from it to pay for both of your dinner.


“Come on,” he said, voice cold and almost mean, “We should head back before it’s late.”


You clenched your jaw as you noticed he wasn’t looking at you when he talked.




“You look upset,” Jongin said, startling you and snapping you back from your own thoughts.


You immediately turned your head to his direction and noticed that he was standing beside you with a fresh can of lemonade in his hands. His eyes looked concerned and even though his temple was covered in sweat, he still smelled like he’d just gotten out of the shower.


“Is that for me?” you asked, smiling and pointing at the drink on his hand. He nodded and gently shoved the cold drink to your hands.


“If you don’t feel well, we can skip our practice today,” Jongin said, “I mean, I don’t want to force you to do—”


“Hey, believe it or not,” you interrupted smoothly, “Practicing lines and dancing with you would be a great plan to make me forget about my boyfriend and his over-protective side, so please, don’t shoo me away.”


“Okay, I won’t.” Jongin let out a small, polite chuckle. “Your boyfriend is that eyeliner guy, right? I saw him in our class last semester. He seems like a feisty one.”


“Oh, you don’t even know,” you commented, huffing and rolling your eyes.


Jongin smiled pleasantly at that. “Haven’t seen him nowadays, though.”


“Yeah, he got busy with his part-time job and stuff that I don’t care.” You waved a hand nonchalantly. “Anyway, let’s not talk about him.”


“Oh, sorry...” Jongin cleared his throat awkwardly. “I was being too nosy.”


“No, it’s not that—it’s just...” You exhaled heavily and pinched the bridge of your nose. “It’s dumb, really. He’s jealous of you for spending more time with me.”


“He doesn’t like me, huh?” Jongin asked, smiling uneasily.


“He doesn’t like people in general, to be honest,” you replied, forming a half-smile. “So, ready to start practicing?”


Jongin still looked a bit worried but he nodded his head in agreement nonetheless.




It wasn’t your intention to start avoiding your own boyfriend, but that was what you had been doing for the past few weeks. Baekhyun always tried to strike up a conversation, and you replied with simple answers only until at some point, he grew frustrated and asked you what the was going on. You answered nothing and it made him even angrier. Well, it wasn’t your fault—or at least, that was what you thought to yourself—because every conversation Baekhyun tried to start with you always involved Jongin in it and it pissed you off.


Not wanting to pick up a fight, you decided to just stay calm and ignore him, which eventually lead to actually avoiding him. Baekhyun, who was just as upset as you were, didn’t want to apologize or to fix the tension between you two, and considering the fact that it was less than a month and a half away from your graduation, both of you had been busy dealing with your own business. Baekhyun didn’t even have the time to sneak into your room and cuddle with you at night anymore. He got so many auditions, stage performances, and job offers he had to deal with. In fact, Baekhyun was in Jeju right now—for his last performance or something, you didn’t care much to actually listen, but you noticed he had been gone for four days by now.


So to sum up, it was even harder for you to reason things out with him with these college things going on around you. Baekhyun kept on texting you to keep yourself safe out of Jongin’s reach once in a while and you always rolled your eyes whenever you got one of those messages.


“Ayo homey~” Chanyeol chirped excitedly as he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He tried to match his long strides with your short ones as he walks beside you. “What’s up? Having another fight with ByunBaek?”


“You would want to know that, wouldn’t you?” you said, elbowing him right on the gut. “You gossipy ahjumma!”


“Hey, I’m just worried about you~” And you rolled your eyes at his excuse. “What did Baek do this time?”


“He’s being an overly protective , that’s what,” you said, huffing while you put your phone back inside your jeans’ pocket. “And where’s Mrs. Park? Are you having a fight too?”


“We’re faking a fight, yes,” Chanyeol actually giggled in his deep voice, and you realized he didn’t blush or looking a bit embarrassed when you called your bestfriend Mrs. Park—as if he was already used to hearing it.


“Faking a fight?”


“Yep! We’re pretending that I’m currently cheating behind her back and she’ll scold me later because of it. Oh God, this is so fun!”


You frowned, gaping in disbelief. “Are you a freaking masochist?”


“Hmm?” Chanyeol tilted his head to the side, looking confused. “What’s that?”


You rubbed your forehead, sighing loudly. “Oh, hell, where is Lu Han when you need him to teach you inappropriate things?”


“I miss Lu Hannie-Hyung too,” Chanyeol said, wide excited eyes suddenly turning into sad ones. “Has he called you lately?”


“Nope, but we text each other every night though,” you replied, “I don’t want to bother him that much.”


“Yeah, same here.” Chanyeol nods his head. “In fact, last night, he taught me the art of ting.”




“ting,” he repeated, “You know, y, dirty texting. It’s like texting your—”


“I know what ting is, Park Chanyeol,” you cut him off harshly, rolling your eyes. “What I want to know is why is he still influencing you bad things like this when he’s way over there in China? That dude seriously learns nothing, doesn’t he?”


“I don’t know but it’s fun!” The tall boy laughs and casually places one arm around your shoulder as you two walk together to your French Class. “He promised to teach me how to have phone next time we call each other.”


“That’s it, I’m cutting off our friendships,” you said and moved his arm away with a hard shove.


“Oh, no you’re not,” Chanyeol laughed adorably and pulled you even closer. “So, ByunBaek is jealous, huh? Why?”


You pouted, not liking this topic at all. “Because I’ve been hanging out with this guy named Kim Jongin.”


Kim... Jongin?” Then he gaped; jaw hung low on his face before his eyes grew wide and he literally started screaming. “HOW THE HELL COULD YOU HANG OUT WITH SOMEONE LIKE HIM—HE’S BUILDING A NUCLEAR MISSILE FOR GOD’S SAKE—OH NO OH NO OH NO—”


Oh my God, Chanyeol!” You slapped a hand over his mouth, an effective way to shut him up. You noticed some students staring at you so you pushed Chanyeol to the side of the hall. “That’s Kim Jongun, you idiot! The one I’m talking about is Jongin! JONG-IN!”


“Oh…” Chanyeol placed a hand on his chest, trying to calm himself down. “Oh thank God! I’m sorry, I’m just… Nuclear is bad,” he says, eyes serious as he placed his hands on your shoulders, shaking them to emphasize his words. “Like, really bad.”


You scowled at him. “Chanyeol—”


“Like, we’re all gonna be dead, you know?” He continues, shaking your shoulder even harder. “Have you heard what happened at World War II? My God, I almost wetted my pants when—”


“I’m gonna slap you.”


“Okay, okay,” he said, immediately backing-off. “So, uhh, who’s Kim Jongin?”


“My dance teacher’s assistant.”


“Oooh~” Chanyeol whistles wolfishly, grinning from ear-to-ear. The sudden changes on his attitude always left you asking for some serious explanation. “The Musician versus The Dancer. Who’s going to win the heart of Juliet? Stay tuned on MBC for more episodes—”


“Shut up!” you slammed the back of his head with the Red Riding Hood script you’d been holding in your hand.


“Aaw, that hurts~” he whined like a brat, a stark contrast if being compared with his uncle voice. “What’s that?”


“Jongin’s script,” you answered, offering him the bundle of papers. “We’ve been practicing together to help him nail his performance by the end of this month.”


“What, like a drama script?” Chanyeol took the papers and read the title. “Woooah, a drama musical! So he’s going to be like, singing and dancing at the same time?”


You rolled your eyes. “No, he’s gonna perform the art of Wushu instead.”




You rubbed your own knuckles because Chanyeol’s skull was just as hard as a rock. “I was just being sarcastic, you .”


“You know, ever since Lu Han-Hyung left, you got meaner,” the no-longer-ramen-haired boy pouted cutely as he rubbed the back of his head you just hit. Chanyeol’s hair had been cut short and dyed black, making him look even manlier and handsome. Your friend, on the other hand, just dyed her long hair auburn and making it wavy. It didn’t take forever for you to realize that they just went to hair salon together. Cute.


“Nope,” you corrected him as you entered the class and picked the two empty seats at the back of the class for you and him. “I only got meaner ever since Baekhyun became overly possessive like this. I’m not one of his belongings he can keep all to himself—I have my own friends too, you know. All he ever talks about whenever we see each other is about Jongin.”


Chanyeol sat down and gasped before he covered his mouth with his hands in a girly way. “A plot twist! Turns out that The Musician falls in love with The Dancer. The homoual love blooms like flowers in spring! And now Juliet is lonely and heartbroken—oh, who’s going to take her home? God, show us the—”


Park Chanyeol-sshi,” Madam LeFevre’s voice suddenly cut through the air, and leaving Chanyeol frozen on his seat with his arms still extended dramatically in the air. Your French teacher still smiled, but her eyes were made to kill him with only her stare. “That sounds amazing, and I’m sure you’ll be a fantastic actor. I’m sorry to inform you this but the class has started.”


“Great job, Chanyeol,” you whistled back at him and he blushed as he cowered a little on his seat.


Chanyeol’s voice grew quiet as he mumbled out, “I’m sorry.”


“Speak French, Monsieur Park,” she said, talking in French.


Chanyeol looked shaken and you told him, “She asked you to apologize in French.” And his eyes lit up in understanding.


Je suis…” Chanyeol glanced to the side, begging for your help but you were too busy laughing. “…étudiant?”


“That means you’re a student,” Madame LeFevre responded in Korean before she actually sighed and rolled her eyes. “Je suis désolé.”


Je suis désolé, Madame-sshi.”








“They just told me the plane got delayed for an hour,” Baekhyun spoke from the other line of the phone. “And that , I thought I got to be back in Seoul by this evening. I mean, it’s just a one-hour flight. I could’ve been there before the sun’s down if the plane didn’t get delayed like this.”


“Patience is a virtue, my queen,” you replied, saying the words he once said to you. “And what’s the hurry anyway? The most important thing is that you can get home safely, right?”


“But—” Baekhyun sounded like he wanted to say something more but changed his decision at the last second.


“What?” you encouraged him to say the hidden words.


“Well, I…” Baekhyun cleared his throat before he admitted the next words quietly, “I miss you.”


And just like that, he managed to wipe all your anger and irritation away and replaced them with a gentle heartwarming feeling swirling in your chest, creating butterflies at the pit of your stomach.


“I miss you too,” you said, almost in a whisper too and you couldn’t help yourself from blushing.


Baekhyun chuckled lightly. “Are we being lame?”


“Well, you’re being lame,” you teased, emphasizing the word ‘you’re’. “I’m still being my awesome self.”


“Whoa, where did that confidence come from?” You could honestly imagined Baekhyun shaking his head from your words. “You hang around with Lu Han too much, Sweetheart.”


It’s Lu Han-Hyung to you, Baekhyun-ah!” You poorly imitated Lu Han’s nagging voice and your boyfriend laughed at your impersonation. “I miss him so much, Baek.”


“I know,” he said and you closed your eyes, imagining him hugging you by the waist and gently running his beautiful fingers along your hair in a comforting way. “I miss him too, but don’t you ever tell him that, okay?”


You smiled. “Oh how I wish you could be here with me right now.”


“See?” Baekhyun asked, chuckling again. “Maybe we should just keep talking on the phone like this until my plane gets here.”


“I can’t,” you declined his offer although you really wanted to do what he said. “I have…” You cut yourself from telling the truth, because the truth was you were waiting for Kim Jongin to start practicing more lines that day. The said boy was running a bit late, and so you waited for him here, alone in your dance studio with your boyfriend talking on the phone. “I have things to do,” you finished lamely.


“What things?” Baekhyun wasn’t the type to be fooled easily. Who were you trying to kid? Baekhyun was the master in the art of deceiving people.


“Just things,” you even added a shrug before you realized that he wouldn’t be able to see it. “You know, girly things.”


Baekhyun didn’t buy it at all. “Things to do with Kim Jongin?”


And just like that, Baekhyun managed to once again, irritate you to the point you wanted to shove him all the way down from the top of the Himalayas. “Why does everything have to do with Kim Jongin?”


“Because apparently nowadays, that’s all you do,” he retorted back easily. “And I’m right, aren’t I? You’re waiting for him right now.”


“Yes, okay! Fine!” You groaned in exasperation. “I’m waiting for him to help him practice his lines like usual.”


“Great,” Baekhyun said, and even if your places were being separated by hundreds of kilometers away, you could sense the dark aura that was surrounding him right at that moment.


You deeply sighed. “You’re mad at me, aren’t you?”




“Yes, you are.”


“No, I’m not.”






“Fine, you’re not mad,” you said, voice flat. “Great then.”




“You sound very cheery, by the way.”


Baekhyun stays silent after that. You could only hear the soft sounds of his ragged breathing. You knew he was upset about all of this.


And after two minutes have passed by with the two of you still pressing your phones against your ears but not saying anything to each other, you wanted to yank your own hair.


“Just ing admit that you’re angry with me, Baek!” you yelled loudly.


“Oh I’m sorry, do you want me to be mad at you?” Baekhyun casually said in his irritating tone. “I thought you've had enough fighting with me over the phone.”


You sighed loudly. “You know what, I’m hanging up—”


“You lied to me!” Baekhyun shouted before you pressed the ‘end call’ button. “You lied to me about your rehearsal with Jongin and said you got girly things to do. Why the hell did you lie to me?”


“Because I didn’t want this to turn it into another fight, obviously!” You yelled back, already losing control of your temper.


Baekhyun scoffed. “And that went ing well, didn’t it?”


You closed your eyes and tried to control your anger. Be the mature one, be the mature one. Just be the mature one and let it go. “Baekhyun, I’m tired. Just… Can we please drop this?”


“Why don’t you just drop Jongin’s pants to the ground and mess around with him?” Baekhyun bitterly spat back. “I know that’s what you want.”


You shut your mouth and waited.


“I—I didn’t mean—” Baekhyun sounded guilty as he stuttered. “I’m sorry, I—”


Be the mature one, my .


I hope your plane crashes on the way here, Baek.


And you hung up on him.




“I’m sorry for coming late!” Kim Jongin said the moment he steps his foot inside the dance studio. He was breathless, with beads of sweat forming on his temple, making his bangs stick to the tan skin. “I was running downtown to get some coffee for us and—” he stopped when he saw you sitting on the wooden floor, hugging your knees to your chest and trying to prevent hot angry tears from falling down your face.


“What…” He carefully walked to your side. “What happened?”


“Nothing,” you said, immediately wiped your unshed tears away from each corner of your ears before you looked up to meet him in the eyes. “What’s up?”


“Umm…” Jongin caught himself looking at you and he shook his head, suddenly trying to look busy with the paper bag he got from the convenience store. “H-here, I hope you like canned coffees,” he said, smiling softly as he offered you a Nescafe can coffee.


“Not my favorite but I’ll take what I can get,” you said, replying his smile with a similar ones and took the cold drink from his hand. “Thanks.”


Jongin sat down beside you after he asked for permission. You laughed because really, after knowing him for almost a year and meeting him regularly for two months, he still had to ask you for your permission to just sit beside you.


“Are you okay?” he asked when the moment got too quiet.


“As okay as I can be,” you answered casually, taking a sip of your coffee and grimaced a bit after the taste fell on your tongue. You always preferred real coffee instead of this and the brown-haired boy laughed at your reaction.


“You don’t have to finish the drink if you don’t want to,” he said.


“No, I have to. You had to go through all the trouble to get this for me—”


“Oh, no, no, don’t mind me—”


“Shut up, Jongin-ah, and let me finish my drink,” you playfully glared at him and he chuckled again.


After that, he pulled you up to your feet and started putting on the music so you two could start your dance practice. Jongin had a new choreography and you had to catch up to match his moves. Being his dance partner was always easy but also hard at the same time: easy, because Jongin was a great leader and he cared and was patient enough to teach you through every step; and hard, because he was an utterly amazing dancer, and sometimes you had to be surprised by his sudden improvisation but it was always a good kind of surprise. It was hard for you to concentrate sometimes. You were always too amazed by his dance skills. The way he moved was just unbelievably fast but also graceful and so beautiful to watch. You got mesmerized by every little turns or spins he made and wow, those expressions he put on his face when he danced was like watching for boys.


You shook your head from side to side. “The answer behind the question of ‘why aren’t you famous yet?’ is something I can’t ever understand when it comes to you, Kim Jongin.”


He only laughed in return and you thought he should laugh like this in public more often. You always considered him as an adorable and extremely talented guy that could make everyone falls in love with him.


This dance practice took about two hours until you were left standing on your feet with your back drenched in sweat. “Break time! Break time!” You begged, catching your breath, and Jongin immediately nodded his head in approval, looking concerned but you waved him off with a smile and a thumbs-up gesture.


You two continued with practicing lines from the script. Sometimes you wrinkled your nose when you had to read cheesy lines and Jongin looked even way more awkward in responding it until you two caught yourselves looking at each other with judging eyes and finally burst out laughing. It felt nice to dance and laugh and just spend more time with someone you were comfortable with. Ever since Lu Han left, you got even closer to Jongin even though you knew your boyfriend would be pissed about it if he found out about this. You never really told Baekhyun how much closer you and Jongin had gotten over the past few weeks.


“You know what I’ve been wanting to do?” you asked, wiping your sweats off your neck with your hand towel. “Go to a huge luxurious ballroom party with my boyfriend and do the Waltz.”


“What’s holding you back, then?” he responded, gulping a big amount of fresh mineral water.


“Baekhyun isn’t really into dancing and stuff,” you explained, huffing. “I’m just hoping he would at least try, you know?”


“Hmm…” Jongin suddenly dragged his feet away from the place where you were sitting and when you got curious about what he was doing, it turned out that he was putting on a music that could fit perfectly for you to do the Waltz dance.


“Maybe I’m not your boyfriend.” He smiled like a gentleman and bowed his head as he offered you his hand. “But may I have this dance, Miss?”


Your smile was bright and blinding when you accepted his offer. “Why yes, Sir, you may.”


He chuckled in that low voice of his and he looked up shyly to glue his eyes to yours. “Ready?”


“Ready as I’ll ever be.” You smirked back and let him pull you closer by grabbing you around the waist.


“Excuse me,” he said, looking a bit guilty and nervous as you stood not more than an arm reach away from him, “but this type of dance kinds of requires us to be this close.”


“Jongin, I’m not an idiot. I know.” You rolled your eyes teasingly at him. “I’ve never done this before though, so be gentle with me?”


Jongin tried to hold back his laughter, but the smiles kept on appearing. “You’re ridiculous.” He swiftly placed his right hand slightly beneath your left shoulder blade with his right arm held at a 90-degree angle to his body.


“Whoa, I thought you only knew how to do ballet,” you commented as he raised his left arm so that your hand could rest lightly in it. He placed his hand and wrist as flat as possible near upper center of your back.


“I’m not a pro at this, but I know the basic stuffs,” he responded. “Rest your left hand near my right shoulder.”


“Okay.” You did as he said. “What then?”


“You should look over my right shoulder for better balance,” he said, smiling reassuringly. “And just relax.”


And then he started to move, leading you properly and starting off with a comfortable pace. “Hey~” you said, chuckling. “This feels nice.”


“Is it?” and he suddenly twirled you around two times until you got dizzy and almost fell to the floor but he caught you right on time and held you by waist.


“,” you said, laughing while jokingly hitting his chest. He mirrored your grin and pulled you back to your feet properly.


“Hey, I want to ask you something,” he said, “but I’m afraid if I’m crossing boundaries here.”


“Just ask what you want to ask, Kim Jongin. You always overthink things.”


“Were you…” He started, looking awkward. “Were you crying earlier?”


You were honestly surprised by his sudden question, but then you realized that it was very Kim Jongin to be all adorable and caring towards people. “Nope,” you answered nonchalantly. “I was trying to not go all Hulk in this stupid campus.”


“Another fight with your boyfriend?”


“Yep,” you said and he started moving again, leading you off to another dance. This time, it was more casual and playful, just you swinging your body side to side with his.


“Is it because of me again?” he asked, raising his arm above your head to twirl you around again, and you smiled while you did it.


“Uh-huh,” you agreed, “Just like the usual. Him, being overly jealous. I mean, it’s obvious that we’re just friends.”


Jongin just doesn’t say anything for a while and pulls you closer to his body. “Where is he right now?”


“Hopefully in hell,” you said bitterly, jutting out your lower lip in annoyance.


“Hey, don’t say things like that.”


“Well, it’s his fault for being so annoying, okay?” you retorted back. “God, I wish I could’ve just dated someone easier sometimes.”


“Maybe you should have dated someone like me instead.”


You threw another easy laugh, thinking of his words as a simple joke. “Yeah, that would be less stressing maybe.”


Jongin’s eyes glazed in something you’d never seen before. “Then why don’t you?”




And he suddenly kissed you right on the lips.


It took a second for you to realize that someone was kissing you right there, right then, and another second to realize that no, he wasn’t Baekhyun and this wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right. And this needed to stop.


“Jongin—” you protested when he broke away the kiss to grab some air and you used the time to shove him away. You pushed hard on his chest, but even though you put your full force in it, he still didn’t budge not even for a bit. Jongin was a lot, a lot stronger than you thought he was. “Jongin, what are you doing—”


Jongin broke away and he grabbed your chin with his fingers, tilting your face up to meet his eyes. “Stop lying to yourself and just let me kiss you.” He bent his head down again as he whispered, “I know you want this too,” just before he kissed you again on the mouth. Even harder this time.


And you panicked. You didn’t want this. The only person you ever wanted was Baekhyun and this man—this one who was kissing you right now—was certainly not him. You felt disgusted by the kiss and you kept on trying to push him away but your struggle didn’t stand a thing if being compared to his strength.


You bit Jongin’s lower lip hard until he groaned and broke off the kiss, his bruised lower lip and tasted copper in his mouth from the littlest drops of blood that formed on the swollen lip. Jongin’s gaze grew even colder and you felt chills running along your spine. You almost screamed for help when he caught you by your wrist again and forced you to be closer to his body. “Jongin, no—”


“Let her go.”


And both of your movements stopped abruptly at the sound of a familiar voice cutting through the tense atmosphere of the room. Jongin turned around to see the source of the voice. One of his hands was still holding your wrist by force. You didn’t realize how much you were trembling from the fear until Jongin let your arms go and you fell down to your knees.


There weren’t tears in your eyes but your throat produced small sobs and whimpers as you hugged yourself and stared blankly to the floor. You gained enough courage to finally look at the boy with the husky voice who was now walking straight to your spot. And it felt like all the air in your lungs just got right off your chest when you saw him and the look he put on his face.


Baekhyun had never looked so angry before.


He walked past Jongin without saying anything but you could see how his jaws clenched, trying to hold back his temper, maybe. Baekhyun grabbed your wrist and you flinched at how tight his grip on your skin was, but even if he’d noticed it, he ignored it right away. You got forcefully lift up to your feet and you realized Baekhyun still hadn’t looked at you directly in the eyes.


Jongin took a step back unconsciously, and despite him being taller and bigger built than Baekhyun, the boy didn’t do anything to fight back. Jongin’s scowl turned meaner though, but for a moment there, you swore you could see him cower a little under Baekhyun’s heavy gaze.


“Touch her again,” Baekhyun said, “And I’ll blind you.”


You felt shivers running through every part of your body. You’d never ever heard him talking like this before—how his voice suddenly sounded deeper and vicious. You couldn’t imagine how it would feel to be the receiving end of that threat and that mind-numbing glare.


It was when Jongin broke away their eye contact did Baekhyun take his leave, dragging you with him with a harsh pull of your hand. You didn’t dare to say a word because you were too afraid of him right now—and that’s saying something, considering you were never the one to be easily overpowered by him like this.


It was until you both reached your room that he dropped your hand from his grasp.


“Sit down,” Baekhyun said, almost in a whisper.


You started to panic. “Baek, I’m sorry—”


Sit. Down,” he repeated, voice deep and rumbling through the air like a thunder, and without waiting another second to pass by, you fell down to your couch, feeling your knees weak and trembling from the dark tension he was emitting.


This was no joke. He was really furious about this. You’d seen him being angry with you before but that was nothing if being compared to how he was right now. And although most of the times you could still find enough courage to at least talk back to him, you couldn’t really find your voice to reason with him at the moment. You were too gutless to do so.


Baekhyun still hadn’t looked at you right in the eyes. He just stood there in his dark leather jacket, skinny jeans and a pair of black high tops. He was trying to calm his breath, rubbing a hand over his mouth before he spoke in a low tone. “I told you to stay away from him.”


You winced at the sound of his voice and stuttered when you talked, “I-I know, I’m so sorry—”


“I told you he was dangerous,” he continued as if you hadn’t spoken. “But you didn’t listen to me.”


“Baekhyun,” you pleaded, sounding pathetic and desperate for his attention. “I said I’m sorry.”


“Just think what would have happened if I wasn’t there to stop him?” he asked, still not looking you in the eyes, and instead brought his eyes up to see the ceiling as he exhaled heavily. “Just think about what would've happened if I came around too late.”




Your sentence ended abruptly with a scream you immediately muffled with your palm. Baekhyun just suddenly swung his right leg and hit the bottom part of your coffee table with so much force; it fell over to the ground, producing clattering noises as the things that were previously placed on top of it got scattered all over the place, hitting the marbled floor so hard. And you felt your heart thundering against your ribcages when your coffee mug came crashing down to the floor as well, breaking into pieces.




Your eyes went shut immediately, body violently quivering with fear. The way his voice boomed through the room made your heart beat a thousand times faster, and you swore you could almost hear it thumping in your ears. You were scared, immensely scared.


“Do you know how ing worried I was?!” Baekhyun shouted, voice full of rage and disappointment. “I texted you, and you didn’t answer me. I called you from time to time but you didn’t always pick up. I tried to warn you and you thought I was just being an overly jealous and now look what just ing happened! What if you got ?!”


You just stayed quiet, too shocked to even form a word. You didn’t know how to respond to the current situation because you were frightened to your bones.


“Do you think it’s easy for me to be away knowing that you’re spending most of your times with Kim Jongin?!” The way he said his name was filled with venom. “Do you think I can just spend my days normally when I can’t reach you by the phone because you’re too busy doing your so-called drama rehearsal with him?! Damn it! I knew something was up!” Baekhyun his feet, yanking his hair desperately. “God, why is it so hard for you to just stay away—!” he slammed his knuckles to the nearest wall and that did it.


In a split second, you found yourself crying, curling your hands in your lap as you bit your lower lip to muffle your sobs. You nibbled hard on your bottom lip, preventing yourself from weeping even harder. You tightly hugged yourself, face facing your lap and tears streaming down your cheeks.


You didn’t dare to look up to see what kind of expression he put on his face, but the room fell into a dead silence. The only thing you could hear was the sounds of the rain, prickling the other side of your window and the sounds of your suppressed whimpers.


You heard him moving, crossing the spaces left between the two of you and you had to stop yourself from trying to run away. There was another pregnant silence filling the room as Baekhyun fell down to his knees in front of you so your face was in the same height with his. You could tell he was trying to level his breath, controlling his temper, but you were still scared. You knew he wouldn’t hurt you in any way but there was just something about him that rendered you speechless and frozen in your seat—didn’t even dare to sneak a look at him.


You still had your eyelids closed when you felt Baekhyun took your trembling hands in his bigger one. He didn’t say anything when he brought one of his hands up to your face, gently trailing his long fingers against the soft skin of your cheek and didn’t stop even when you flinched under his touch.


And then softly, he asked, “Did I scare you?”


“I’m sorry,” you gasped, still afraid to look at him directly but the words suddenly burst out of your mouth. “I’m sorry, Baekhyun, I’m sorry.


He shushed you softly and pulled you into a hug, wrapping an arm around your waist and the other one slipped beneath the messy strands of your hair. You tried to relax in his embrace and eventually sobbed harder on his chest.


“It’s okay,” he whispered in your ear, still running his hand through your hair in a calming motion. “I’m sorry if I scared you that much.” You didn’t know why you had to lie about it, but you tried to shake your head, telling him that it was okay—that you weren’t scared of him—even though you still hadn’t stop shuddering from his previous shout.


Baekhyun saw right through your lies but he didn’t make a single comment on it.


“I’m sorry,” you apologized again between your whimpers, feeling your lungs hurt from how much you were crying. The tears couldn’t just stop falling easily and most parts of your heart were still quivering in fear from his previous action. “B-Baekhyun, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that he would—that he was…”


“Did he touch you?” Baekhyun asked, voice soft and wasn’t tinted with fury at all, but you doubted that was how he felt deep inside.


The last time you tried to lie, it ended up like this, so you decided to just state out the truth. “No,” you croaked, feeling your throat hoarse and dry, “but he kissed me.”


Baekhyun pulled away from your hug and kindly swatted your bangs out of your eyes. You were still looking down at your hands on your lap. “Look at me,” he ordered and you immediately did as he said.


Baekhyun looked way calmer than before. The hints of jealousy and anger were still there, but the most obvious look you could find in his eyes was the feeling of worriedness and apprehension. He looked like he was scared of something as well. “I thought I lost you.”


You chocked up again. “I’m sorry.”


Baekhyun sighed, guiding your head closer so he could press his forehead to yours. He closed his eyes and softly said, “You’re being too careless—you’re always being too careless when it comes to boys.”


“I know,” you replied quietly, shutting your eyelids as well and sank yourself to the pleasant feeling of having Baekhyun near you like this. “I’m sorry.”


“You’re a girl. You can’t always let your guard down around men like that.” Baekhyun lectured, “We’re not that nice, Sweetheart.”


You feebly nodded your head. “I.. I understand.”


“Learn to expect the worst from people, okay?” he said, rubbing his thumb along your cheekbone as he framed your face with one hand. “So you won’t be hurt in the end. You may think you’re strong, and I know you are, but there are things you just can’t handle by yourself.”


“Baekhyun…” you whispered as he leaned up to kiss your forehead, let his warm lips linger there for a moment before he sighed softly against the skin and hugged you again.


“I don’t want you to get hurt,” he mumbled against your ear.


You nodded your head a couple of times, weeping softly against his chest.


“I’m so angry right now; you don’t even know how much I want to snap his head into two,” Baekhyun said, and despite his words, his tone was gentle and actually soothing. “But the feeling of not losing you seemed to be the only thing I care about at the moment. I’m just happy you’re not hurt.”


You hugged him back until you felt like he was a part of you, holding tight to the back of his leather jacket as you apologized again in whispers.


“You’re okay, right?” he asked, patting you softly on the head and you nodded in return. Baekhyun exhaled in relieved once again. “That’s the only thing that matters to me for now.”


“I’m sor—” and you couldn’t finish your words because you started weeping once again. You couldn’t understand why Baekhyun was being so nice and mature about this. If you were in his position, finding him kissing with other girl—even though he tried to avoid her—like this, you didn’t know what you would have done, but surely slapping that would be the first choice of act.


“Stop crying, please,” Baekhyun pleaded, “I swear I’m not gonna hurt you or anything.”


“I’m not crying because I’m scared of you,” you responded softly, breaking his hug and wiped your tears away with one hand. “I’m just… Why are you suddenly being so calm about this now?”


Calm?” Baekhyun repeated, snorting. “I am not calm about this whole thing, okay? I am so, so mad with you right now for not listening to me, but you’re crying, and that’s not fair at all.” He actually pouted when he said the next words. “You know how weak I am with your tears.”


Somehow, his rambling made you laugh a little. “What would you have done if I wasn’t crying?”


“Honestly?” Baekhyun huffed. “Maybe I’ll lock you up in the bathroom until you understand the things you did wrong.”


You only smiled. “Really?”


“No.” He leaned in smoothly and kissed you right on the lips, and for a moment there, your body stiffened from the feeling of his warm lips on yours because it reminded you to Jongin’s cold one. Baekhyun noticed that too so he pulled himself back and trailed his thumb along your lower lip.


“Did he kiss you here?” he asked in a whisper and you nodded in shame as you drowned yourself in guiltiness. “What crossed your mind when he kissed you?”


“That he’s not you,” you simply answered and Baekhyun’s eyes glistened at the words.


“And what if he’s not me?” Baekhyun asked again, leaning closer until his lips grazed with yours but not actually kissing you. “Answer me...”


You breathed heavily against his lips. It’d been so long since the last time you got to be intimate like this. “I don’t want him if he’s not you.”


“That’s right.” Baekhyun groaned softly when he meshed his lips with yours, molding into one as if they had never parted before. You held on to his shoulders as if you were holding for dear life, and he moaned breathily against your open mouth when you grabbed his hair.


“I miss you,” Baekhyun panted; hurriedly back to kissing you feverishly again before you could mutter anything back. “I miss you so much.”


“Me too,” you gasped when he suddenly lifted you up by your waist and carried you in his arms. “I miss you too, Baekhyun.”


Baekhyun was breathing heavily when he lay you down on the cold sheets of your bed. Puffs of his hot breath fell to the skin where your neck met your shoulders as he kissed you there, mouthing against the sensitive skin. You ran your fingers along his brown locks, feeling them soft and fluffy under your fingertips.


He sighed contently when you pulled him back for a kiss, wanting to erase every bit of Jongin’s intruding kiss from your lips and Baekhyun was more than willing to do it. He swiped his tongue along the outlines of your lips, gently tracing the lower one before you surrendered completely to his kiss and just let him take control, invading your mouth and exploring more.


Both of your movements were hurried and filled with lust at first, just wanting to rip each other’s clothes off and hastily pressed your bare skin against his. But the tension decreased with every second passing by. After exchanging feverish kisses, hot against your mouth, Baekhyun pulled away and slowed down his pace. He grazed his lips against the smooth surface of your jaws, to the skin below your throat, and went down and down until he settled on one of your V-lines. Your shirt had gotten thrown away somewhere at the beginning of alongside his jacket and upper shirt. And you shivered from the coldness of the heavy storm that was only getting heavier and heavier outside your room. The lights in your room were off, so when a thunderstorm flashed through the night, it shone vividly through the entire room. Thankfully, you weren’t really scared of thunders.


Baekhyun noticed you quivering when the cold air grazed your bare skin. “Are you cold?”


You blushed slightly when you nodded and he chuckled at the sight. Pressing another subtle kiss on your lips, he pulled your ivory colored bedcover up until it enveloped you both completely, from head to toe. Baekhyun sheepishly smiled as he hovered on top of you with the thick fabric coating his entire backside. He placed both of his hands on each side of your head to prevent him from crushing you with his weight, although you doubted he was that heavy.


Even in this dim-lighted room, Byun Baekhyun still looked exceedingly beautiful.


“Better?” he said, somehow his tone sounded childish and playful but you were too entranced with the way he smiled and just simply loved the way he looked at you.


You raised your hand and caressed one side of his cheeks. “I love you.”


His gaze softened and he tilted his face slightly to the side so he could kiss your palm. “I love you too,” he whispered as he closed his eyes and covered the back of your hand with his. “I miss this. I miss being with you like this.”


“Me too,” you spoke your heart out. “I miss us.”


His soft smile grew into a childish grin. “Tell me how much you missed me.”


You ignored the sudden heat rising on your cheeks, and to prevent yourself from blushing even harder, you decided to answer his question with something else other than words. You slipped a hand through his fluffy hair and brought his head down before you smashed your lips against his. Baekhyun purred cutely into the kiss, parting his lips and let you take control of the kiss for a good few seconds before he became aggressive once again and ran his tongue along your teeth. You responded quickly, ling on his lower lip when he was about to break the heated kiss.


When he pulled away for air, he pressed his temple against yours and grinned again with his eyes gazing directly into yours. “What’s the hurry, Sweetheart? I’m not going anywhere.”


You didn’t intend to rush the kiss. You must have been acting on impulse. Perhaps you were dominated by the urge to wipe every trace of Jongin’s forced kiss off your lips. Just thinking about it made you want to hurl and you became overwhelmed by guilt all over again.


“I’m sorry for not listening to you,” you uttered again and relaxed when he played with your fingers that were still leaving soft traces on his skin. “I’m sorry for calling you over-protective.”


“Well, I do tend to be over-protective sometimes,” Baekhyun said, chuckling lightly and let his lips scrap your knuckles as he spoke. “But only when it comes to people I don’t trust. You didn’t see me being unreasonably angry with you when you got too close with Lu Han, did you?”


“No,” you said, being grateful for his understanding. “And that’s Lu Han-Hyung to you, Baek.”


He jokingly groaned, “Ugh, enough of that already.”


You giggled to accompany his small laughter before you swatted his bangs out of his eyes. “Your hair is a mess.”


“Well,” he sighed dramatically and continued his words by doing excessive hand gestures, “I ran like hell from the airport to see you, and whoops, look what I just found! You kissing the hottest bad boy in town.” Of course the last line was filled with sarcasm.


“I said, I’m sorry,” you pouted and Baekhyun flicked your nose in return. “And aren’t you the hottest bad boy in town?”


“I’m the hottest bad boy in the whole South Korea, baby,” he winked greasily and you laughed too loud for your own good.


“So you’re not mad at me anymore?” you asked as he went back to leave a trail of butterfly kisses from your collarbones to your navel.


“Maybe not,” he answered and you gasped his name in surprise when the sound of the thunder went by your ears just right at the same time Baekhyun sank his teeth lightly to the edge of your left hipbone. “But you have a lot of things to do to make it up for me, Sweetheart.”






Okay I know this chapter feels like a filler and not as important as the other chapters, and I'm sorry if I disappointed you with this after you waited for so long, but let me tell you this: this chapter is called 'Realization' because in this chapter Baekhyun realizes something important to him and you'll see how this incident with Jongin will affect him in the future chapters. So yeah, I'm not writing this just to make Kai look bad.


wait wait wait now before you all go berserk on me let me explain, I LOVE KIM JONGIN OKAY I think he's one y dancer (OMG SLEEP WITH ME ALREADY KAI BB PLEASE) and I know you do too so please understand that I'm not trying to make him look bad or anything, it's just a story please forgive me OMG :'(

I found this picture on tumblr (not mine, obviously) that made me want to write Kai as a complete bad boy who could deceive everyone with his looks and good manner but then BAM GEURAE WOLF NAEGA WOLF hahaha

there's something I want to tell you guys too. I'm currently working on my final thesis so I don't have much time to update as often I used to. And also, I'm focusing more on Lu Han's side story now so maybe it can take weeks for me to post another update for Baek's story. But hey, you can just read Lu Han's story in the mean time hehehe. I'll try my best to post another chapter as soon as possible. Please be patient :)

Thanks for reading! I LOVE YOU ALL~

Here's another Angry!Baek, recommended by EXOKyungie hehehe :) (HOLY ING HELL BAEKHYUN IS SO Y WHEN HE'S ANGRY AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT)

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