Chanyeol and Lu Han's Side Stories

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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Hello guys! Guess what, my final exam weeks are over and YAAAAAAY I think I did well (I guess LOL), so guess what, I have uploaded two fluffy chapters for Chanyeol's side story and a prologue for Lu Han's story! You can just click on the links if you want to read them (which I hope you do hehe, because otherwise I have spent days writing those stories for nothing).


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I hope you'll enjoy them as much as you enjoyed my Baekhyun's story. Please tell me what you think, okay? :)



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Chapter 34: ahhh this fic is life. rereading it always lifts my mood up :))))
Chapter 1: Re-reading this fanfic because I actually missed this story!! I've been away for like a year and I still long for this story. One for the books!
HappyVirus_26 #3
Chapter 34: i miss you :(
LeyaOrgana #4
Chapter 34: Please update :(
:'( Updaaate
loyal-ExosSpirit #6
Chapter 34: Author-nim, I want you to know that ever since I read this story I wasn't expected that it will have a lot of plot twist here and there. I mean like its kinda weird (in my perspective) for a girl or a guy to fall in love with someone that annoyed the hell out of him/her. But this story is just so unique like anything could happen! The chapter was so detail and I totally feel everything that the OC felt which is cool I mean like i never felt that way reading other stories tho hahahaha. You're my new fav author! The story flow were totatlly a freaking hella awesome roller coaster ride, a big fight here and there and make-up again no matter how big the problem is. There's one thing I've notice about Baekhyun here... I mean like how can you be so cool when your wife tease you about their ex(s) like its a joke? Because if I were him, i would totally sulk for who knows how long Lol. And I wanted to know more about how Yeol and Sera relationship suddenly off.. Well I know there's a part where you explained that Sera can't get pregnant and Yeol badly want a child with her but it didn't make sense much for such a small problem (well according to me it wasnt a big problem because there's more alternative way to get pregnant eh), i hope you will explain more how they end up like that. I absolutely enjoy the whole ride until this latest chapter you updated. I hope you will update more in the future, I will wait no matter how long you will take to update this! Say... Do you like print out this fic and make it a book? Because it was so awesome I even told my friends about this story! If you do make a book... I just wonder if I can buy it idk care thr price because this story is totally worth every penny. Guess I type so long hahahaha. Hope you're doing fine. :)

Thanks for making such an awesome story! I actually kinda addicted to it that I read like most of the time even during the day (because I only read ff at night before I sleep, this story is an exception). Good work!!
chogiwhyehet #7
Chapter 34: author please update, dont keep me hanging forever. I miss youuuu
Chapter 34: Author-nim please update ♥♥♥♥
hun_minkai #9
Chapter 34: Author nim please update soon. No hard feeling ❤️ Saranghae !