First Encounter

The Marriage Life of Mr. Byun
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You didn’t think that you’d meet the love of your life through one of the simplest games on earth. But well, wouldn’t your life if you know how it works in every little detail?


“The Spinning Bottle Game!” Lu Han exclaimed, which made the other five people in the room flinch from his voice, because really, did he have to scream like that at one freaking thirty in the morning?


The bronze-haired guy who had soft features with gentle smiles, but actually was kind of a bastard, really had to start working on his final thesis because it was already his last year on college. And yet, he threw all of that away because, quote, ‘I am such a good hyung and I care too damn much about you freshmen and I know you all won’t live through a single day in this called college without moi being by your side. So be grateful for that, you selfish es!’, end quote. So, just like any other Thursday nights (yep, not Friday. Thursday.) in S.M. University’s mixed dormitory, Lu Han threw a little—but basically illegal—‘party’ that included four irrational boys and two innocent girls (because Lu Han had lured them to this meeting with his unbelievable charm).


You and your friend weren’t much of a party girl, to be honest. And really, you only knew Lu Han at that time because he was your childhood friend, so meeting three strangers in 1.30 in the morning shouldn’t have sounded so appealing to you. But yeah, you and your friend were talked into this, and you shouldn’t have been proud of it because you were sneaking out of your own room to drink booze with the boys (and the last time you checked, this kind of action was surely prohibited by the campus’ rule). But well, okay, you were probably a bit proud of how you were brave enough to take that risk, because otherwise you wouldn’t have met your one, as corny as it sounds, true love.


“Guys, I think we really shouldn’t be doing this.” The round-faced male named Kim Minseok (or ‘Baozi’, as Lu Han introduced him to you earlier that night) said. “Like seriously. What if we get caught by the—”


“Baozi, Baozi, my little tiny buns, Baozi.” Lu Han threw an arm around Minseok’s shoulders. “You see, Baozi, this—” He gestured to his surrounding. “—is the dorm’s hallway.” And Minseok waited for a moment longer for a further explanation, but the Chinese man just stopped right there.


So Baozi frowned and asked, “Are you just pointing out some fact or—?”


“Ssshhh,” Lu Han placed a gentle finger on Minseok’s lips and the other boy suddenly looked utterly disgusted by it, because honestly, he remembered that Lu Han just scratched his with it before. “Just drink, okay, Baozi? No one’s gonna pass this hallway at this hour so don’t get your in a twist.” Lu Han clicked his fingers together in the air. “Yah, Yeol-ah! Bring me more booze, will ya?”


“How can I relax when I just had my practically handed on a plate back to me last week? I had to take responsibility for your reckless actions and man, you can't do this to me anymore!” Minseok started to sweat, and you would have sympathized him more if he didn’t remind you of a steamed bun being cooked at that moment. “You ditched me and I had to take all the blame by myself!”


“It’s because you’re the oldest hyung,” The slanty-eyed boy, the one who had caught your eyes since the first time you came to this dark, empty, and a bit—or more like, a lot—creepy hallway, said. “And seriously Hyung, you really need to get laid. It's about time, don't you think? Maybe, that’ll chill you out.”


“Oh shut up, Byun Baekhyun,” Minseok spat back. “You and your -can-solve-all-problems-in-the-world theories are no longer valid because—”


“Get laid?” The wide-eyed boy, the one with the slight-red-slash-orange poodle hair who had been smiling non-stop since Lu Han introduced him to you and your friend, asked with sparkles in his eyes. His height was remarkable and you thought he was rather cute. But that thought went out the window when you saw him laughing like a mad man.


“It means to have , Chanyeol,” Baekhyun replied, grabbing a can of a fresh beer and slurped it up. You were amazed of how much he could drink without even looking like he was drunk. He caught the way your gaze landed on his face, and he sent you a little wink with one of his eyeliner-rimmed eyes.


You swallowed your breath and tried to shift your attention away from him by drinking more alcohol from your own can.


Chanyeol, on the other hand, looked flabbergasted with his friend's answer. “I-I know what ‘get laid’ means, ByunBaek. I just don’t know how it, err, works...” Chanyeol stuttered, looking back and forth from you and your female friend. Was it just you or did he stare a second longer at your friend with those wide, gleaming eyes, before switching it back to you? “I—I mean, I know how it works,” Chanyeol continued sheepishly, “I just haven’t really—”



“Oh, God! Can everyone just please shut up and spin the goddamn bottle already!” Lu Han clawed at his own hair. “Looking at you guys make me want to eat my own hand!”


“Why would you eat your own hand?” Minseok asked, humming a little after getting more alcohol into his system. He was so drunk, he could barely see straight anymore.


“Because that’s how awkward the situation is right now.”


“But still, why would you eat your own hand?”


You sighed loudly, and crawled up from where you were sitting on the floor to reach the bottle.  “I’m starting,” you said, vision a little bit unfocused because you had been drinking way too much that night. But that didn’t stop you from noticing how Baekhyun was looking at you with seductive eyes.


When your eyes met his, he threw you a one-sided smirk and whispered teasingly, “Well, I guess someone’s eager to be kissed.”


You ignored him and his oh-so-godly smirk, and just continued to the game. You spun the bottle twice before you let the it go and you prayed so it wouldn’t stop at your own friend. Because even though Katy Perry was interested in kissing girls, you were definitely not.


But then the bottle stopped, pointing at you.


You should’ve stated a longer prayer that time.


Lu Han snorted a laugh and you immediately glared at him. That moment, you realized Baekhyun was also holding back a chuckle, with a cocky grin on his face. He raised one of his eyebrows slowly and mouthed ‘too bad’ at you, and you shouldn’t have blushed at that time because you knew he was teasing you but damn, he was so y that you just couldn’t help it. Jesus, you really needed to get a control of yourself. Already falling for a guy you just met a few hours ago? Come on, you were supposed to be better than that.


Your female friend gave you a reassuring pat on the shoulder and told you wise things such as ‘ happens’ or ‘when life throws you a lemon, make a lemon juice out of it’ or some irrelevant s like that and you just didn’t care about any of it. Not wanting to have to endure more shame, you decided to back out from the game with a pout.


You opened a new can, wanting to drown yourself in alcohol to hide your embarrassment and to forget about the break-up you just had earlier this month, when your boyfriend, Kris Wu, decided that it was a good idea to take his scholarship and study in Canada. The sad thing was, he didn’t think that long distance relationship would be a fantastic idea for you two to go through and chose to leave you behind. So yeah, basically, your relationship sank so low under the sea even though none of you ever really declared that you guys were through with it.


You loved Kris, of course, but seeing the way he easily abandoned you like that made you think twice about your feelings. Why bother loving someone when the said person didn’t even give you the chance to love him? Although it hurt like hell because you had practically known him since forever and had gone through three-years worth of healthy relationship with him before he suddenly dropped the bomb like this. You'd decided to move on and just try not to get into any commitment so you wouldn’t hurt yourself ever again.


Falling in love .


“My turn,” Your friend said, and you were worried that she might have to kiss the wrong guy. She was your best friend—more like a sister, really—and unlike you, she was so delicate, and graceful, and fluffy, and pretty, and so feminine and innocent. It would for her to have to kiss one of these ungrateful boys—unless she got to kiss Baekhyun, that y- bastard. Now that would be a true gift from God.


You noticed that she was nervous and her hands were a bit shaky when she spun the bottle and woah, did she just throw a hopeful look to Chanyeol?


The bottle stopped after several heart-thumping seconds, and it landed on Baekhyun.


You mentally groaned. You really need to get over your boyfriend and the idea of having a heavy make-out session with that hot eyeliner dude sounded really great at the moment. But now your chance had been snatched away by your own friend.


She stiffened when Baekhyun crawled closer and put his—oh God, those are so beautiful—fingers around her cheekbones, preparing himself for the kiss.


“You ready?” Baekhyun asked, lifting her face to look at him before he threw her a genuine smile, which, you thought, would have girls—and maybe some guys—throw themselves on his feet, screaming ‘Take me! Take me from the back, I don’t care, just do me right now!'


Not that you were thinking of doing that at the moment. No, that would just be embarassing.


You were sure that your friend was having trouble breathing, and was she looking—yep, she was definitely looking at Chanyeol, who was now staring back at her with a worried frown forming on his forehead and he looked like he just wanted to grab her and elope somewhere. Baekhyun was about to kiss her, and she was looking at Chanyeol, and you just couldn’t understand why would she look at Chanyeol at the moment.


Baekhyun was just about to place his soft lips on your friend’s ones before Chanyeol suddenly pulled him away and took over. He placed two big hands on your friend’s cheeks and kissed the beejezus out of her.


Goodness, it was being way too over-dramatic for a simple Spin-The-Bottle game.


Lu Han, on the other side, looked like he was bored as hell and you could hear him grumble, “This is way too sappy for me. I’m just going to go outside to smoke and—yah, Baozi, wake up, you crazy bastard!” He softly kicked the unconscious body that was sprawling beside him. Apparently, Minseok wasn’t much of a drinker, despite how old he was. “Wake up, you fat or—you know what, fine, I’m leaving without you.” And Lu Han really did ditch him and the rest of his friends, because well, he was a sly bastard.


Chanyeol let go of your friend after a few, breathtaking seconds. And they looked dazed and then he laughed so, so loudly that you were sure the whole dorm was going to wake up because of that. Surprisingly, your friend, who just had plenty cans of beer as well (she might behaved like a princess but she drank like a trucker), laughed back at him and both of them just started giggling so hysterically and you still couldn’t find the funny part.


“Ignore him. He’s drunk.” Baekhyun suddenly scooted closer, his presence warm beside you. “Your friend isn’t any better as well, apparently.”


You glanced to the side, and almost sighed loudly because holy crap, Baekhyun was gorgeous beyond belief. Even in this dimly lit, creepy hallway, he still managed to look like a Greek God. You thought Chanyeol was the more handsome one at first, considering how tall he was, but there was just something so... attractive about this eyeliner boy that intrigued you more (Lu Han was out of question, considering you have known him since kids and although he was a caring oppa, you couldn’t deny the fact that he was a sleazy . And Minseok was just too... food-looking to you).


“Byun Baekhyun,” he said, offering you his hands, and you took a mental note to get a pedicure after this because damn, his hands were much more feminine and beautiful than yours. You smiled back and took his hand, shaking it twice while telling your name. His lips grew into a full smile, showing perfectly rowed teeth with pointy fangs that shouldn’t have looked that attractive to you but they did. Very.


“Wanna get out of here and go back to my room?” You asked before you could stop yourself—not like you wanted to stop because really, you wanted to get it on with him so badly and face Kris straight up to tell him that you didn’t need anyone like him in your life when you could have.... err... Something-Baekhyun-something—, you were getting too drunk to remember his last name. The alcohol was starting to get into your head.


Baekhyun smirked back. “Lead the way, Sweetheart.”




You really thought that the moment Baekhyun followed your trail into your room, you were going to have a wild adventurous with some boy who apparently knew how to put on eyeliners better than you did. But when the alcohol started to spread to every part of your body, you suddenly wept on his shoulders. You knew he was expecting for you to start kissing him senselessly when you closed the door behind you, but reality’s a , right?


Baekhyun spluttered. “What the—?”


You knew he was surprised when you suddenly clung to him like a baby koala to its mama the moment you guys reached your room. If you weren’t being irrationally built-up by all of these emotions, you would have noticed how fantastic his natural body scent smelled to you.


“Hey, you okay?” he asked, didn’t really sound caring (he was clearly irritated by your sudden behavior), but he still had the knack of being a gentleman.


You cried harder and suddenly screamed as you pounded your fists lightly (according to you, anyway) to his chest. “We were supposed to be together forever, you know? Me and Kris, we were supposed to be—God, it hurts so bad!“


And Baekhyun just stayed there, frozen, and winced in pain as you hit him continuously. You couldn’t see the way he rolled his eyes but you could practically sense it. It was clear that he was totally annoyed by you but you didn’t care because the images of your previous boyfriend kept coming up to you like a slam to the head. “I hate him! I hate him for leaving me like that! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him!” You punched harder on his chest to emphasize your words and Baekhyun finally snapped.


He grabbed your hands by force and held them in the air so you couldn’t touch him. He was gazing coldly at you when he yelled, “Look, I don’t give a damn about you and whoever that Kris guy is, okay? I just came here to have , so if you’re not up to it, you better tell me right now because I’m not gonna stay here to put up with your crap and—“


You cut him off with a hard kiss on his mouth and he unconsciously started letting go of your hands. You reached up on your toes and he angled his head to the side to kiss you deeper, and really, you would have thought about what a great kisser he was if you didn’t have loads of—




Baekhyun stared in horror as you vomited all over his shoes. “What the ?!


“So-sorry—“ You held your hands against your mouth as another loads of vomit came right up from your stomach to your mouth. Fortunately this time, you managed to run back to your bathroom before you threw up on him again. You hung your head above the toilet seat as you kept throwing up your insides. You knew the sight of you now wasn't pretty but you didn't care.


You heard a frustrated yell being thrown behind you and some rustling sounds and then you felt a hand helping you hold your hair back so it wouldn’t get messed up, and another one was placed around your right shoulder to give a light massage.


“I knew I should have gone with the other girl,” Baekhyun grumbled but you were too busy to care at the moment.


When you were finished, you felt your legs getting weaker, and you couldn’t even gather enough strength to stand. Your face was still wet with tears and you started to cry again.


“Oh mother of all things holy, what have I done to suffer like this?” Baekhyun muttered harshly to no one in particular as he pulled you up by the waist—none too gently—and, almost literally, threw you to the bed. He kept his mouth running a few curses repeatedly as he took off your flat shoes. He covered your body with a blanket but he was doing it so carelessly like he didn’t mean it—you know what, maybe he really didn’t.


When he was done, he stared at you as you rolled to your side and continued crying yourself to sleep, not acknowledging his existence.


“Wow, best day ever!” Baekhyun yelled sarcastically. “These shoes are branded ones, you know!”


You didn’t respond.


“Whatever.” He scoffed loudly. “I’m leaving, you selfish .” And he really did make his way out, leaving you all alone in your hellhole as you swam down to your unsolvable misery.




You woke up with a dull pain in your head, and you were having a painfully hard time trying to maintain a clear vision with your eyes. Yeah, hangover . Crawling over to the table just beside your bed, you grabbed an aspirin and a glass of water. After chugging it all down, you fell back to your bed, remembering what had happened last night.


You remembered hearing Lu Han’s voice.


“Loosen up a bit, and just hang out with us, will you? Stop being so uptight, Kiddo! I want to see how wild you were in high school~”


Then you remembered seeing a human-sized steamed bun.


And then there were two remarkably gorgeous boys. What were their names again? You remembered their faces well, but you just couldn’t get a hang of their names.


Your cell phone suddenly went on and the ringtone made your head throb even harder. You cursed loudly to the air before you picked up the phone. “’What?!” You snapped harshly, groaning in pain from the headache.


“And good morning to you too, Sleeping Beauty.” Lu Han’s voice came up from the other line, followed by a light chuckle. “I guess somebody’s been having a rough night.”


“If you’re calling me just to tease me, Oppa, I'm gonna—”


“Oh, no, no, of course not. I need you to return that algebra book I lent to you the other day.”


“You mean the book you not-so-secretly stole from me when I asked you to tutor me for the entry exam last summer?”


“Oh yes,” he laughed, not sounding a bit apologetic. “Yep, that one.”


You rolled your eyes. “Why?”


“Because I need it.”




“Because. I. Need. It.”




“Because I just ing need it! Isn’t that an enough answer for you?”


"No need to be rude, I was just asking," you grunted lightly, rubbing your temple. “And no, I don't believe you. You’re majoring in law. There’s no way in hell you’re suddenly interested in learning algebra. So, why?”


Lu Han sighed loudly. “Okay, fine, Jesus! Because I need it to impress some girl I met at the cafeteria this morning. She seems like she’s into smart guys, so I want to look like I’m eating algebra books for breakfast so I could bang her by the end of the week.”


“I knew it. God, you’re such a bastard. Remind me how am I still friend with you again—”


“Because I’m gorgeous as hell, and dangerous, and y, and your one and only amazing—”


“Oh, shut up.”


“You know you love me, babe.”


You snorted loudly, even when he was right. Lu Han was practically your family and you didn’t have much of a family to begin with. “Fine, you asshat. I’ll come over to your room when I’m over this headache.”


Lu Han hissed. “Not feeling so well right now, are we? Did Baekhyun do you good?”


“Excuse me?” You curled your eyebrows together. The name did sound familiar but you couldn’t place it.


Lu Han didn’t answer back but there were rustling sounds as if he was suddenly getting ambushed or something. And then, “I-I’ll call you back when I—Yah, Baekhyun-ah, did you just kick me—“ then the line got cut off.


You wanted to rethink what just happened all over again, but your mind forced you to go back to sleep, so you did just that.




“Oppa, hurry up and open the door!” You yelled impatiently while knocking your knuckles to Lu Han’s door. It was two in the afternoon, the sun was blazing outside and you weren’t a big fan of it. “Oppa! Yah, Oppa!”


The door opened with a click and you almost wanted to scream at Lu Han for keeping you out there for so long but the one who opened the door was not Lu Han.


It was the too-y-to-handle eyeliner boy.


He looked like he just got up from bed. His hair looked like some birds just made a nest out of it, and he was rubbing a hand over one of his eyes. He had a toothbrush sticking halfway in his mouth, a bit of toothpaste was visible on the corner of his mouth. His voice sounded heavy with sleep and his words were muffled when he grumbled, “Doesn’t anyone here respect the fact that I just woke up—” but then he stopped talking when he saw your face.


You guys exchanged glances, and you could feel your heartbeat increasing. You were about to say something but he slammed the door at your face before you could utter a single word.


“Who was that on the door?” You heard a familiar voice—Lu Han’s voice—from behind the door as you rubbed your nose because damn, it hurt!


Tell her I’m not here!” You could hear the eyeliner boy reply back. You flinched from the harsh tone he was using, and wait a minute, was he avoiding you? Why? It wasn't like you threw up on him or anything.


Lu Han opened the door this time, with a strawberry-colored towel wrapped around his waist. His hair was wet and still dripping cold water from the shower. “Hey, you’re here!” He greeted you with a heartwarming smile. “Oh, thanks, I really need this,” he said while taking ‘his’ algebra book back from your hold and added, “If you’re looking for Baekhyun, he’s over there.”


You frowned. "Why would I be looking for him—" you began to ask but then you looked over Lu Han’s shoulder at a figure that was trying to hide his body under the blanket. A few seconds later, he threw it away because the Chinese bastard blew his cover. “Yah! I told you not to tell her—”


“She already knows you’re here, you !” Luhan shouted back. “And if you really did sleep with her, Baekhyun-ah, I want you to at least apologize to her for leaving her right after because she’s my precious dongsaeng, alright?”


S-sleep with me?” You choked. Did you really have with—how could you not remember any of this?


“I didn’t sleep with her, okay?! God!" The rudee boy, Baekhyun, shouted impatiently. His toothbrush was no longer sticking into his mouth, guessed he had finished brushing his teeth in 10 seconds because of you. “We didn't do anything. She just ing threw up on my shoes and—”


Wow, you actually did throw up on him. Fantastic.


“Oh!” You covered your gaping mouth with your hands as the flashback came to you. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” You rushed past Lu Han to get to his spot to bow and apologize properly. Baekhyun backed away the second you got too close as if you were some kind of disease he tried to avoid.


“Sorry for last night!” You bowed your head twice and said sorry more than three times. “Let me make it up to you. Please.”


He gave you one analyzing look and commented, “No. I prefer sleeping with a girl, not a trucker.”


You stared down at your oversized shirt and washed out jeans, but then you realized what he was saying. “I wasn’t going to pay you back with , you idiot!”


“Did you just call me an idiot—“ Baekhyun gaped before he scowled. "Wow, you're such a ."


You tried to ignore his insult although it took everything inside you to not wushu his to Timbuktu. “Coffee!" you offered, "Let me take you out for a cup of coffee.”


“Not a big fan of coffee. Too bitter.”


You made a face. “Ew, what kind of a wimpy kid are you? Fine, a cup of tea then.”


“I don’t drink tea. Too sugary.”


“Ugh!” You threw your hands in the air. “Juice! Beers! Your mother’s milk! I don’t care, just let me pay you back so I'll stop feeling bad about this.”


Baekhyun folded his arms on his chest and said, “Thanks but no thanks. I’m busy. I have classes to go to in ten minutes.”


You raised your eyebrow in irritation and pointed your hand to the small sticky notes that were plastered on the wall behind him. “You do realize you have sticky notes with words ‘hell yeah no classes on Thursdays’ written with so many exclamation points all over your wall, right?”


Baekhyun looked over his shoulders and then he groaned. “Damn it!” He looked back at you with a glare. “Fine. Let’s go. I’ll give you ten minutes of my time, but that’s it.”


You shook your head, unbelieving his true personality. “You’re such an , do you know that?”


“One of his charms,” Lu Han suddenly commented.


“You’re not such a perfect little princess either.” Baekhyun looked at you upside-down with a mocking look. “I mean, you dress like a trucker. Have you even taken a shower yet?”


You sent daggers at him with your eyes. “Oh sorry, I didn’t know I was going to meet a prince charming from Planet . If I had known, I wouldn’ve worn nothing because I know that’s how you prefer.”


“Actually no, since you’re not my type—”


“And yes, Prince , I have taken a shower. Have you?”


He scoffed. “I could go out just like this and still get girls’ phone numbers just as easy as blinking my eyes.”


“Oh, that’s not going to be comfortable then, because you’ll be blinking a lot.”


In the background, Lu Han palmed his face while saying, “You guys are embarrassing yourselves. Do I even need to teach you the art of trash-talking?”


“Want to take a bet?” Baekhyun suddenly took you by your wrist and dragged you away from there. On his way out, he grabbed a leather jacket and kicked Lu Han on the knee.


When you guys walked past him, the greasy Chinese man said, “Have fun on your date, my lovelies~” with pain in his voice.


“IT’S NOT A DATE!” You and Baekhyun shouted loudly at the same time without looking back at him.




Baekhyun dragged you to the nearest bubble teashop, with surprisingly cute decoration plastered all over it. There were a bunch of drawings with flowers and cute animals design on the walls, and the room was almost covered in salmon pink color. You were about to scream when the cafe’s mascot suddenly popped up beside you: a huge panda wearing a pink apron around his stomach.


“I thought you said you hated tea,” you said while the two of you waited in line. There was only one more person standing in front of you before you could order.


“Yeah, and I’d much prefer going with a girl who actually behaves like one, but we can’t get all our wishes now, can we?” Baekhyun spat back bitterly, busying himself with his phone.


“Damn, you’re such an angel.”


“Thanks. You weren’t the first person who said that.”


"I was being sarcastic."


"Well, I wasn't."


Although the cafe was quite full with people, the air between you and Baekhyun was so cold and quite. You hated the way he treated you, but you still felt a bit guilty for throwing up on him last night, so you sighed and started again. “Hey, let’s play a game.”


“I am playing a game,” Baekhyun replied, not staring at you. “It’s called stay-cool-and-ignore-the--beside-you but it’s so hard when the said keeps on trying to talk to you.”


God, you just wanted to smack him right on his pretty face. You closed your eyes for a second and willed yourself to calm down. You weren’t going to lose yourself for this guy since you knew that was what he wanted: for you to blow up on him and embarrassed yourself in public. You cleared your throat and clarified, “No, I mean like a real game. How about Truth or Dare?”


Baekhyun kept quite and started playing Temple Run on his phone instead.


Yah,” you called, punching his right shoulder lightly to get his attention.


“Don’t touch me,” he said, voice as hard as stone. "I'm allergic to ugly people."


“What, you’re scared?” You let out a breath, as if you were holding a laugh. Then you created that mocking chicken-like sound, even mimicking the way the animal moves.


Baekhyun looked away from his cell phone just to send you a glare. “Please, I know you’re dressed like a trucker but it doesn’t give you the right to act like one.”


“Oh come on, stop being such a and grow some balls, you coward.” You slapped his shoulder again and this time he scowled viciously at you.


“I am not a coward,” he said, voice threatening. "And try and touch me one more time then you'll be sorry for the rest of your life."


"Blah blah blah," you mocked loudly. “Aren't you tired of hearing yourself talk? Such a baby.”


"I'm not a baby!"


"Such a giant, nagging baby~"


He squinted his eyes on you then loudly sighed. “Fine,” he said, putting back his phone to his pocket and smoothen down his leather jacket. “I dare you to—“


“Hey, why do you get to go first?” You protested. “And who told you I’m going to go with dare?”


Baekhyun glanced at you, and smirked. “What, you’re scared?”


You rolled your eyes, throwing one hand in the air. “Fine, you . Go on. I’ll take dare.”


“Oh, feisty,” Baekhyun cooed. “Since I’m feeling quite generous today,” he said and you rolled your eyes at that, “I’m just gonna dare you to drink whatever it is I’m going to order later.”


“As long as it’s not poisonous, I’m in.” You nodded your head, convincing yourself that you could do it.


“Oh, you are so going to regret saying that,” Baekhyun whispered with a smirk on his lips. Both of you took a few steps forward, until you were face-to-face with a boy who was standing behind the cashier machine. He was quite tall and absolutely cute, you admitted. He had fair skin, red pouty lips, but his eyes were droopy as if he wasn’t having a good sleep last night. You peeked at his nametag, and it said “Sehun”.


Sehun stared blankly at you when he said, “Welcome to Oh’s Bubble Tea. Great for your taste, great for your health. May I take your order, please?”


Baekhyun raised an eyebrow at his robotic tone, but decided to just act nonchalant about it. “Yeah, I would like to have one green tea, with milk and extra bubble, and...” Baekhyun looked at you with an analyzing look, trying to find the right word to describe you and finally settled with, “...this peasant here would like to have....” He glanced secretly at you to throw an obvious winning smirk. “One taro-flavored bubble tea, with ice—actually, make it frozen cold. And this is gonna be a little weird, but I want you to add some nachos in it, blended, of course.” You wanted to yell at that, but decided not to and redeemed yourself to making a pained expression instead.


Baekhyun smirked, clearly satisfied because you weren’t protesting, “And I want you to change the sugar to salt, because she’s not really into sweet things.”


You glared when your eyes met each other’s and you were about to breathe in relief because you thought that was all Baekhyun was going to put in.


But then that stupid -deprived just had to continue.


“And I also want you to put some gingers in it, you know, to spice it up. And two tea spoons of margarine, pepper, and hmm... Am I missing something...?” He tapped his chin, thinking. “Oh yeah!” Baekhyun clapped his hands once at the thought of his own idea. “And put some Tabasco in it too.”


Sehun was just looking at him, possibly trying to consider if Baekhyun was mental. You, on the other hand, were about to kill yourself.


“Is that all?” Sehun asked, eyes still not showing any emotion.


“Yeah.” Baekhyun nodded. “Are you sure you got all of that written down?”


“Certainly, Sir.” Sehun put some numbers into the cashier machine. After doing some calculating, he told Baekhyun how much he had to pay.


“You’re paying,” Baekhyun easily said to you.


“Of course, my darling,” You grumbled, getting some cash from your purse. “I’m your peasant after all.”


"I'm glad you know where your place is." You didn’t see him smirking at you, but you just knew he did.


You shoved him away, hard. “.”


“Hey, what’s that for? You asked for it.” He retaliated by jabbing his forefinger to your right side, and you tackled him back with both hands.


“Customers, please,” Sehun meddled in, stopping your action. He showed you a sign on the table and you could see a panda throwing a kiss while saying “Pandy hates violence. Let’s create love, not war, okay? Chu~”


“S-sorry,” You guys muttered together, horrified by the picture.


Sehun nodded coldly. “I’ll be back with your order in fifteen minutes. You may take a seat while you wait.”


Without needing to be told twice, you started searching for a place to sit. There was an empty table on the corner of the place, and you both agreed to sit there.


Fifteen minutes later, Sehun came with two drinks in his hands. He was still wearing the same pink apron-like clothes around his body. He would’ve looked cute, you thought, if he weren’t looking like a freaking robot all the time.


“Here are your drinks,” he said, placing the huge glasses (with straws) in front of you.


You saw the weird color merging in your glass and you felt a shudder run through your body. “T-thank you.”


When Sehun retreated back to his spot, Baekhyun placed one of his elbows on the table to prop his chin. He stared at you with an intense, challenging gaze. “Bottom’s up, Sweetheart,” he said, a snarky grin forming on his face while he was taking a sip of his drink.


You mimicked his voice with mockery before you threw your straw away and gulped down half of your drink in one shot.


The taste was pretty much... . Everything in that one hell of glass was just as ty as it could get. It was as salty as it was spicy and you were getting brain freeze from gulping down that much ice.


And Baekhyun was just so enjoying the look on your face.


“I-I’m...” You stopped yourself from speaking because you were just that close from vomiting. “I’m okay.”


“Fantastic.” Baekhyun actually grinned, full of satisfied joy. “Finish it then.”


Honestly, you were about to cry. Honestly, you were about to just throw your drinks away and just bring yourself down to your knees, begging for Baekhyun’s forgiveness. But he was already displaying that freaking smug look on his face and you wouldn’t want to boost his self-esteem even more.


So you closed your eyes and drank that son of a until its last drop.





“You are either the craziest, the stupidest, or the craziest girl in the whole world ever.”


“You said ‘craziest’ twice.”


“And I’ll say it again just to emphasize how crazy you are.”


“I get it, Baekhyun. Can we just move on?”


God! I can’t believe you! You’re so unpredictable! Most girls aren’t like that. When I tell them to shut up and go away, they cry and do just that. But you? No, you just keep nagging on me. Keep forcing me to tag along and making me do whatever ty things you want me to do. Most girls wouldn’t want to drink that crap I gave you, but you? You just had to force yourself and finish it, and look where did that get us? I had to take you up to the clinic—”


“Well, I wasn’t the one who told the waiter dude to put tabasco in—”


“And you’re so annoying! I feel like ripping my hair out because of you!”


“Now, now, Baek. Don’t rush into things. A bald head won’t suit your—”


“Shut up!”


Baekhyun was grumbling through the whole walk, carrying you on his back even though he really, really didn’t want to do it. You guys stopped at the nearest, not-so-crowded park to rest and he put you down (harshly, of course) on one of the benches before sitting beside you. He was breathing hard, and beads of sweat were starting to form on his temple.


“Thanks, but next time can you put me down a little gently maybe?” You asked, wincing a little. “My is burning.”


“Yeah, well, you deserve it.” He was still not looking at you, too angry to do so.


You’ve had enough of this. Baekhyun could be such a sometimes—well, okay, he was basically being a for as long as you had known him (in other words, since last night). But this just got to stop so you faced him straight away and yelled, “What the hell is your problem?”


He suddenly locked his eyes with yours and you tried to decipher the meaning behind them. “My problem is that you were trying to get yourself killed!”


“Excuse me?” You hissed back, glaring. “I was just saving the cat from crossing the street—“


“Yeah, by throwing yourself in front of a speeding truck!” He was standing up, throwing his hands on the air and when he continued his words, he was kneeling in front of you with his hands squeezing your forearms. “If I didn’t pull you back at the last moment, you would have been killed! Jesus Christ, I thought this only happened in those ty manhwa books.”


"You read manhwa?"


"That's not the ing point!"


You were too shocked to form some coherent words out of your mouth because Baekhyun’s face was particularly close to yours. You could feel his warm breath hit your lips and contradictory to his personality, his scent was sweet and soft, like the smell of the trees after the storm.


“Stop being so reckless,” he said, letting your arms go with a soft push. “You’re going to get me into more trouble than I already am.”


You went silent, not actually knowing what to say. After that little trip to the bubble teashop, you had tried to get friendly with him even though the only thing he did was ignoring you or replying you back with snarky comments. But then, you saved a little kitten from crossing the street carelessly by ironically, throwing yourself to the street without looking whether the crossing light said red or green. Fortunately, Baekhyun was there to pull you back, right before you got smacked to the ground by a speeding truck. You seemed to have twisted one of your ankles, but you were still in one piece, and so did the little cat.


Baekhyun was so upset about that reckless stunt you pulled, and he didn’t care to give you help even when he saw you limping—although ten minutes later, he kneeled down and let you hop on his back (he was cursing every second when you were climbing onto his back).


“I guess...” You started, looking shyly at Baekhyun who was still kneeling in front of you. “I guess I have to say I’m sorry.”


“You think?” Baekhyun asked, making a face at you. “Promise me you won’t do something like that ever again.”


You pouted. “I promise.”


“Good.” He stood up and sat back beside you.


You glanced secretly at him, noticing how his face was now more relaxed even though his eyebrows were still curled together in a frown. “Were you worried about me, Baek?”




“Well, it seems to me—”


“You’re just imagining things.”




“Stop talking. I hate hearing your voice.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“See, you’re talking again.”


You kept quiet but you were smiling. There was something so adorable about the way Baekhyun was being so bossy and spoiled over you, or the way he folded his arms on his chest like one of those es in Mean Girls. And yet, at the same time, he was worrying over your well-being.


He wasn't such a bad guy, after all.


Without thinking, you suddenly leaned in to quickly whisper, “Thanks for saving me,” in his ear and then you kissed him lightly on the sensitive spot right under it.


“Hey! What are—” His body jolted in surprise and he backed away from you with a hand holding the part you just planted your lips on. “Did you just kiss me?”


You rolled your eyes. “No, I was planting a chip under your ear.”


Baekhyun glared back. “Great, now I have to go to the doctor.”


Frowning, you asked, “Why?”


“Because I might be infected with something,” he answered, face dead serious.


You faked a laugh. “Ha-Ha, very funny.”


He didn’t look like he was joking though.


“Let me see the bruises,” he said, and you weren’t going to just place your hurting ankle on his lap after what he said to you like that, so he grabbed your leg by force, almost making you fall from the bench.


You punched his shoulder from being too brutal with you, but he just silently ignored you and examined the bruise. “This looks nasty,” he stated, grazing his long, thin fingers over the bruise on your right ankle that was starting to go purple. The touch was comforting, almost giving you tingles on your stomach, but then he said, “I wonder how this feels like.” And he poked you hard on the wound.


“Motherfu—” It hurt like a ! “Baekhyun!”


But then he was smiling. Like, a really genuine smile. His eyes turned into a crescent moon-shaped and some of his teeth showed when you smacked your fists to his shoulder a couple times. You knew that he was laughing at your pain, and you should have gone berserk because of it, but really, some parts of you thought that Baekhyun’s smile was somehow worth the pain—as cheesy as it sounds.




“Aaah~ My lovely dongsaengs, how was the—!” Lu Han went down to his knees with his palms covering one of his jaws that just got smacked by Baekhyun’s right hook. “What the hell was that for, Baekhyun-ah?!”


“That was for introducing me to this savage.” Baekhyun answered, throwing you down, almost literally (again), to Lu Han’s bed. He sat down on his own and breathed hard. Having to piggyback you from the park to the dorm was taking its toll on him. Byun Baekhyun was never famous as a person who liked to do physical activities—unless it started or ended with the word ‘’.


“Yo, Luhannie-Oppa~” You said, grinning at your childhood friend who was still rubbing his jaw as he walked over and sat beside you on the bed.


“What the hell happened?” He asked when he examined your bruises. “Don’t tell me you guys had in a weird position and injured yourselves along the way—”


“Oh my God, Lu Han, shut up or I’ll punch you again.” Baekhyun, who was lying on his own bed with his eyes closed, said with a growl.


“Whatever, man, you punched like a girl anyway,” Lu Han snarled and you snorted loudly because you were sure you heard him whining like a girl too when Baekhyun threw his fist at him earlier. "And it's Lu Han-Hyung to you!"


“I hope your jaw will bruise for weeks,” Baekhyun wished.


“I hope your balls will get smaller.”


“Don’t bring my into this.”


“Why? Because you don’t have one?”


Honestly, the conversation between the two was starting to get pathetic and too hilarious for you, so you chuckled.


Lu Han gazed back at you. “And why are you so happy?” He asked bitterly.


“Nothing, I just...” You trailed your eyes at Baekhyun’s figure, moving your hand to make an excessively dramatic gesture. “I just think I made a new friend today.”


“I really, really hope that it’s not me you’re talking about,” Baekhyun commented.


You rolled your eyes. “No, I’m talking about Byun Bacon. My imaginary friend. He’s an , but if you look closer, I bet you’ll see how his heart is just as warm as Mother Theresa’s—”


Baekhyun suddenly stood up from his bed and walked away.


“Hey, where are you going—” Lu Han asked, only to be answered by a slam of his own door. Baekhyun was nowhere to be seen.


Lu Han sighed, rubbing his forehead with his thumb and index finger. “Forgive my roommate. He probably went to look for some girls with low self-esteems to screw over. He could be such an sometimes—”


“Oh, he’s being an all the time, trust me.” You groaned loudly. “I hate him.”


“What? I thought you had a crush on him.”


“See, that’s what complicated,” you said. “I mean, I did think he was cute. I still do, actually. And sometimes I just want to kiss the hell out of him, but then he starts being a complete again, and I just—ugh, I want to cut him to pieces and give them to the dogs.”


“Wow, that’s... wow.” Lu Han finished lamely.


“I mean, I just met him last night but now he’s all I can think about. Like, seriously, when I’m with him, I don’t have the time to think about Kris. I don’t have to think about him, or my family’s situations, or even about how my friend is possibly dating that crack dealer—”


“Chanyeol’s not a crack dealer—”


“Or about anything, really, because he’s just so overwhelming me with his presence, and his stupid eyeliner, and his fantastic hair, and his bad boy attitude and whatever else he has. But man, I wouldn’t want to have to be in a relationship with that kind of dude. I’m not a masochist. I don’t like being thrown like a bag of sagged potatoes—”


“I thought you liked being rough.” Lu Han teased, wiggling his eyebrows.


You nodded approvingly. “But only at —wait, how do you know?”


“I have my source.” Lu Han grinned proudly.


You shook your head in disbelief. “You have a habit of an old hag.”


“But I’m much prettier than you, so whatever~”



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