My Heart Chose You (Sequel To: It Started With A New Year's Kiss)

by RubiksCube (subscribers-only)
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My Heart Chose You (Sequel To: It Started With A New Year's Kiss) - main story image


Kwon Haneul(OC), L/Myungsoo, Daehyun


He fell in love with her at first sight.

She didn't know of his existence.

She was his first love.

But, she loved someone else.

He stole her first kiss. And it all started from there.

Who would she choose in the end?

Her bestfriend whom she loved for a long time or..

the guy who took her first kiss and changed her life in a new light?


Hello there!

I received a few requests to do a sequel to my oneshot "It Started With A New Year's Kiss" so dundundunn.. here it is :D

If you haven't, do read the oneshot first before you read this story ^_^


Also a big shoutout to kydelee from Heaven's Door Graphic Shop for the lovely poster! They're nice & friendly, go request from them now :D


Wow I didn't expect to win the bid. I'm cringing so bad right now lol I don't know why but I'm embarrassed! xD

I'm a new writer, so all of this is pretty new to me so I hope you'll give me your support.

I welcome constructive criticisms anytime so don't be shy and do leave comments :D

Also, if any of you are Exotics do check out my other fic, My Lost Brother featuring Luhan & Sehun:






Thanks and happy reading!




"I stole your first kiss so I have to take responsibility."

"I'm in love with someone else. I'm sorry."

"My heart chose you."



Kwon Haneul/You (In my oneshot, it was a you fic but I decided to give 'you' a name so I won't confuse myself when writing this story ;p)

Age: 18

  • Beautiful, smart, and hopelessly clumsy
  • Final year in high school
  • In love with her bestfriend, Daehyun
  • Tangled in a complicated love triangle


Kim Myungsoo/L

Age: 19

  • Handsome, smart, does not give up easily
  • First year university student
  • Had never fallen in love before until he saw Haneul
  • Has a group of friends called Infinite


Jung Daehyun

Age: 18

  • Handsome, smart but very egoistic
  • Final year in high school
  • Haneul's bestfriend
  • Also loves Haneul but he doesn't know how to express his feelings
  • Has a group of friends called B.A.P


Original story by RubiksCube. Any similarity with other fics is purely coincidental.

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Champions27 () says about chapter 23:
Haneul, tell Myungsoo that you loved him too!!

cookie808 () says about chapter 23:
YAY SHE FINALLY REALIZED SHE LOVES MYUNGSOO :D i've been waiting for this moment!!!!!!!

shamshairaHPK () says about chapter 23:

Mikka_ () says about chapter 23:
Yeah Myungsoo ! (^-^)/

jopm93 () says about chapter 23:
wooootss yayyy omggg~~ go for myungsoooo~~

vixxlittlestar () says about chapter 23:
Annyeong RubiksCube:). New readers here:). This story is so amazing & it's inspiring me alot:D. L is so sweet:D. Update soon & keep writing:). Hwaiting~!!

foreverstarlight () says about chapter 23:
This story is so sweet:). Update soon author-nim:))>

rekoo-s () says about chapter 23:
I soooo loved this chapter but it seems so short and rushed! But finally Haneul! It wad time for you to realize your feelings! :)) update soon, Author-nim!!


squirrelJin () says about chapter 23:
Aigoo poor cheesecake

Ririn701 () says about chapter 23:
awwww soo cuteeeee!!
omg,feel sorry for Daehyunnie TT___TT

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