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A Beautiful Affair






She wants a baby. Only baby. But a baby will not be born by herself alone. So on her 29th birthday, she went to a place where she definitely can do her 'mission'.


She got pregnant but her celebration never lasted because she learned that the father of her child is a good friend of her brother. And now, he wants to claim his rights. What she will do?








It's looks real.  credit to owner 


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DaragonButterfly #1
Chapter 3: Love this chap kkk....they kiss omg
DaragonButterfly #2
Not only the story i love but the monkey too kkk....read it again authornim...
jessicabyun #3
Chapter 34: Love love
jojettykoh #4
Chapter 35: Love the story
ghexxvi #5
Chapter 34: Just finished ur story at 02:10 in the morning I can't stop reading... Ah, I will sleep 4 hours and work...
The story I'd not stressful to read, it's full of warm and love.
prettyunnie #6
Chapter 35: Truly enough it's "a beautiful affair indeed". No comflicts just pure love.
Nice story ^^
prettyunnie #7
Chapter 23: WOW!!! Surely Dara can't get enough of Jiyong. (Who would'nt?!) ^_^
LilMissSanShine #8
Chapter 35: I like this feel-good story of yours :)
GirliedeDios #9
Chapter 35: This is a story that can inspire people to accept the now in their lives and be enthusiastic of the future. There is always a chance to have your own beautiful affair.
sellasella #10
Chapter 34: hmm..i started ship them ...:)