A Beautiful Affair

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She wants a baby. Only baby. But a baby will not be born by herself alone. So on her 29th birthday, she went to a place where she definitely can do her 'mission'.


She got pregnant but her celebration never lasted because she learned that the father of her child is a good friend of her brother. And now, he wants to claim his rights. What she will do?








It's looks real.  credit to owner 


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Chapter 36: that author touch at the end. nice!! :))
vanillamochis #2
I loved it
vanillamochis #3
This was really great!!!
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Author-nim please send my the PDF copy of this! [email protected] Thank you!
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Chapter 35: Wow.. What a great story!!! Thank you!!! I really enjoyed reading it!!
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Chapter 36: Hi. Can I have a PDF copy of your stories?
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Chapter 36: Can i have a pdf copy?? Thanks. [email protected]
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Chapter 36: Can i have a pdf copy? [email protected] thank you
Chapter 36: That was really good!! Just my style not much drama to it!!! Thank you so Mich author-nim!!~
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Authorimm can I have a copyyy? arigatou [email protected]