"Jeongmal mianhae"- Eunhee

The Colors of Love: Zelo's Story {Hiatus}
chapter three 
"Jeongmal mianhae"- Eunhee
With that simple red racing car, Junhong and Eunhee's friendship started. Their mom's would visit each other daily and so Junhong and Eunhee would always spend time together. Playing with each other's toys, coming up with their own games. Eunhee would play dolls with Junhong and give him makeovers every now and then. Junhong didn't mind that at all, he was just happy Eunhee would play with him.
When Eunhee started school, Junhong would plan out their play date and wait patiently until she arrived home. Sometimes though, she wouldn't play with him until she finally finished her homework, which bothered Junhong because that was precious time that could be use for playing.
When it was finally time for Junhong to start school, he was more than happy, because now he would be learning the things that Eunhee learned. He wanted to be as smart as Eunhee. They always did their homework together and then played after that. Bit by bit they grew closer to each other, until one could not be able to function without the other, or at least that's what Junhong thought.
Every day while the neighborhood kids played with each other, Junhong and Eunhee would be playing with each other. It was not until she entered Junior High School that they slowly started to drift apart. She joined clubs and sports and encouraged Junhong to take an interest in a sport himself as well. He didn't like the idea that they would be spending less time together, but he listened to her anyway, since she would sometimes watch him play soccer and he loved it every time she would watch him. 
Junhong's POV: (Junhong: 10 yrs. old, Eunhee: 12 yrs. old) Year: 2006
It was three o'clock in the afternoon, Eunhee didn't have any activities today after school, and so I made sure I cancelled everything I had planned today (not that I had much to do today). I made my way to her house, which took me like two minutes. She had texted me earlier during her lunch break. I almost got my phone taken away as I anxiously checked her text; luckily it didn't get taken away. I went in through the back door; Eunhee would always keep it open just in case I needed to get into her house.
I went into the kitchen to get a snack for me and Eunhee. Opening one of the cabinet's door, I grabbed a new pack of chocolate chip cookies. Then I went to the fridge and grabbed two apple juices. I made my way towards Eunhee's room, stopping just outside her door. It was slightly open, but I still knocked.
"Eunhee noona," I said through the little open crack of her door. "I'm coming in okay," I decided to go inside since I didn't hear any response from her. I pushed the door open and found Eunhee lying flat on her stomach on top of her bed. Papers scattered around her; her arms were crossed above her head, making a gap for her head to rest in.
I placed the snacks down on the bed stand. Eunhee noona had both her eyes closed and her breathing was very soft. I looked closely at her face, but I couldn't tell if she was sleeping or not. I took a closer look at the papers around her. Some of the papers had math equations on them. To be honest, they looked really foreign to me. Eunhee noona once told me that Algebra II was really complicated and she liked it better when it was very simple, but she was also excited because she would be taking Calculus and it looked much more fun than Algebra II. I didn't understand why she liked math so much, all the equations that you had to memorize always gave me a headache. I looked at the other papers with her writing on it. I can tell it's her writing, but it was not Korean. Is it... English? I looked at the book beside her. Shak, Shake, ugh. I gave up trying to read what I think is the author of the book. What kind of name is Shake?
All the papers around her made me forget that I wanted to check if she was sleeping or not. I leaned in closer to her face. Eunhee noona is so beautiful. I smiled to myself and looked closely at her eyes. Unconsciously, I reach out to touch her long eyelashes when all of a sudden her eyes shot wide open. It startled me so much that I tripped backwards by her sudden movement.
"What are you doing?" she asked with a sleepy voice.
"N-nothing," I blushed and looked away while I was still down at the floor.
"I'm sorry for waking you up," I said as I was getting up. "If you want, I can go and let you sleep." I actually hoped that she wouldn't want me to leave. It had been so long since we had spent time together that I've missed her and I really wanted to be with her right now.
"Don't worry, I was barely in stage 1 of sleep; my brain was only making theta waves. I was just beginning to transition from full awakeness to sleep." What did that mean? She was leaving me dumbfounded. She stopped herself from saying something else. "What am I saying?" she mumbled to herself.
"Mianhae, you don't need to leave. I want you to stay." She smiled assuring me that she wanted me to stay. I nodded and helped her collect the scattered papers around her.
I handed her the stack of papers I collected and watched as she put them away. She looked really stress out and tired. It was so unlike her.
"Noona, look, I got you some of your favorite cookies and some juice from the kitchen." I opened the cookies for her and fed her one in the mouth. While she munched on the cookie, I opened up one of the juices for her.
"Here," she obediently took the juice and drank from it. I watched as she happily munched on the rest of the cookies and drank her juice. She stopped eating the cookies when she noticed there was only one more left and I still hadn't gotten one because I was only watching her eat them by herself.
"Yah! You shouldn't have left me eat them all on my own. You didn't even get to try one. Here, take the last one." She shoved the last cookie into my mouth and I couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked trying to feed me.
"Noona, you don't need to worry about myself, as long as you're happy, I'm happy." I smiled as I said this, for I really meant what I said. I noticed her expression becoming a little sad.
"Pabo, I should be the one taking care of you, since I'm older, not the other way around. And you should worry about your own happiness too, not just mine. I'm not always going to be around you know. So you need to fend for yourself too."
"Noona! What are you talking about? We'll always be together. You're not going to leave me, are you?" I asked, starting to get worried. Why is noona acting this way? She didn't answer my question and laid back in bed, patting the space next to her so that I can lie down too. I climbed up her bed and laid down beside her.
"Junhong," noona called my name softly as she stared up at her ceiling. "Hmmm."
"Gomawo." Her voice was soft and barely above a whisper. I turned my head sideways to look at her. She still had her gaze fixed on the ceiling. "Jinja gomawo."
I didn't know why she was thanking me so seriously for. I hadn't done anything that great to be thanking me.
"Jeongmal mianhae." She closed her eyes and I saw a small tear fall out of her eye.
"Noona, waegeureoseyo?" I was starting to get worried. Eunhee noona was acting unusual and she wasn't being herself. Maybe the stress got to her? She didn't answer me and I stared at her face. Her chest moved up and down as she breathed slowly. I wiped away the tear from her cheek from earlier. She didn't move at all, I guess now she went to stage 2 of sleep, she did say she was in stage 1 earlier. Could she jump to stage 2 if I had interrupted her stage 1? Or did she have to start all over?
"I'd had to start all over, if that's what you're thinking. And no, I'm not asleep yet." She startled me once again, making me jump a little. I quickly pulled my hand away from her face, since I still had it there. She turned her head to face me and smiled sweetly at me.
"Noona, can I ask you a question?" I asked while she simply nodded her head. "Can you be my girlfriend?" At first she showed a surprise expression, but then her sweet laughter filled the room as I just waited nervously to hear her answer.
"Junhong, you're already thinking about having girlfriends?" Truth was, I still didn't fully know what a girlfriend was, but I was hoping noona would be my first and only. She looked into my eyes and I saw deep sadness in them. As if she noticed, she smiled at me, to assure that she was okay. She scooted closer to me and reached for my hand and interwined our fingers together. "Let's stay together like this for a while," she closed her eyes while her smile slowly faded.
The room became silent, about 30 minutes had passed. The only sound I could hear was the loud beating of my heart. It wouldn't stop beating fast, not after Eunhee noona held my hand. I was still holding her hand. The only difference now: she was finally asleep, and this time for reals. I felt butterflies in my stomach, and those butterflies made me feel so happy. I still couldn't help but feel that something might be wrong, but I didn't care at the moment. All I wanted was to treasure this moment and hope that it would last forever. Before I knew it, I had fallen asleep next to her while still holding hands. The dream fairies seemed to have visited too, because I had a wonder dream about Eunhee noona and me.
 author's note » Hello guys! Let's just pretend that during that time of period, kids could have cell phones like they can now. I didn't notice I had given a cell phone to Junhong until after I noticed that during that year, kids that age didn't have cell phones. I didn't want to change it, so I just went with it. I also put "for reals" even though it is grammatical wrong, but I just wanted to do it for fun. Hope you guys are liking the plot so far, I'll try to hurry and get to the more interesting part. Anyway, please comment down below to let me know what you guys think so far. I really want to hear your thoughts; I'm hungry for some comments and subscribers! 


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