I sensed something vibrating in my pants, but I ignored it. Not until it vibrated for the ninth or tenth time did I bother to actually take my phone out of my pocket. My eyes scanned the caller ID briefly and I exhaled before finally picking up. “Jonghyun, what the , man?” I Jinki shouted without even greeting me. “Where the hell are you?”
“Hyung,” I sighed. “I… I just can’t. I can’t do this.”
“Listen, it’s normal to get cold feet. It’s normal, I swear! Just… let’s meet somewhere and we’ll talk about it, alright? We’ll figure something out.”
“I can’t,” I repeated for the third time. “Tell Sekyung I’m sorry.” Before he could say anything else, I hung up on him. People were staring at me and I could kind of understand why. I guess it wasn’t every day that a guy in a tuxedo rode the bus. But I had other things on my mind than their stares. I tapped my finger impatiently against my thigh, waiting to arrive at my destination.
It felt like hours later when the bus finally came to a stop and the doors took even longer to open. I hit the ground running and didn’t even care that I bumped into people. I made my way to the familiar building and burst the door open. The hostess looked up in surprise, but when she realized that it was me, she took a deep breath and turned her surprised expression into a smile. “It’s been a while,” she said.
I strode up to her with determined steps. “I need to see Key,” I said. “Now.”
“Oh, I’m sorry, honey,” she apologized. “He’s not here today.”
She gasped when I grabbed her by the shoulders. “Tell me where he is!” I demanded, shaking her with each word. “Tell me!”
Her eyes widened. “Calm down,” she pleaded and for the first time ever I saw her look genuinely scared. “H-he’s in the hospital.” I felt my mind go completely blank.
“The… hospital?”

I ran down white hallway after white hallway, not even bothering to remind myself that hospitals usually freaked me out. My lungs were burning, since I was not used to running at all, but I didn’t care about that either. I finally reached the room the nurse had pointed me to and froze immediately at the sight that met me. First I looked at the unmoving figure in the bed. His skin was as white as snow and the area around his eyes was an unhealthy purplish color. There were tubes all around his frail body and I didn’t even want to know where or what they were connected to. The monitor next to the bed was the only thing convincing me that he was actually alive as it once in a while made a loud beeping noise – the only sound that broke the otherwise silent atmosphere. Secondly my eyes drifted to Key, who was slumped over the bed. When he noticed that someone had stepped into the room, he sat up and his wet eyes widened remarkably. “Y-you?” he whispered in disbelief. “What are you doing here? How did you find me?”
I took a few steps towards him. “I kind of threatened your hostess to tell me… but that isn’t important right now.” I looked at the young boy lying in the bed. “Why didn’t you tell me about this?”
He laughed incredulously. “I barely know you. I don’t even know your name.” The serious look in my eyes made his laughter die out and he lowered his gaze. “What are you wearing?” he asked with a frown. I looked down my body and sighed exasperatedly. I had forgotten that I was still in my tuxedo. “Why are you wearing that?”
“Doesn’t matter,” I quickly brushed it off and he didn’t seem like he dared ask more about it. I peered cautiously at the eerily still body in the bed then back at Key. “Who is this?” I asked.
“Taemin,” he said with a sigh. “Lee Taemin. He’s like a little brother to me.” He rubbed his fingers over his cheeks to get rid of the wetness from the tears.
“What’s… what’s wrong with him?”
Usually my heart rate would increase at the mere sight of his smile, but the one that was on his face right now made me feel sad rather than happy. “He’s in a coma. He has been for about a year and a half now.” I suddenly understood why Key had to sell himself and I scrunched up my nose a bit at the thought. I studied Key’s tired, puffy face and made a decision.
“How about we go get that cup of coffee now, hm?” I suggested.
There was a café right across the street from the hospital and that is where we ended up. It was cozy and I liked that we were able to get a bit of privacy. I got the cup of coffee I ordered and Key got a muffin. He picked little pieces off it and stuffed them into his mouth, chewing slowly. I found the way he was eating absolutely adorable.
His deep eyes kept running over me with a hint of curiosity. “What’s your name anyway?” he eventually asked. I had never told him my name, because he said that exchanging names would make things too serious.
“Kim Jonghyun. What’s yours?”
“I already said that. I’m Key.” He sounded slightly annoyed.
“That’s not what I meant.” I leaned a bit closer. “Tell me your real name. Please?”
The way he bit his lip was nothing other than y, even though it was done subconsciously. He seemed to think about my proposition for a while and I thought that perhaps adding another ‘please’ would move it along. Finally he sighed and looked cautiously at me. “I’m… I’m Kibum. Kim Kibum.” He looked almost relieved after saying it out loud and I smiled.
“Kibum-ah,” I said his name in a husky tone, enjoying how he shivered visibly. “That’s cute.”
“Now in exchange for my name you are going to tell me why you are wearing that,” he demanded to turn the attention away from his blush.
“I was getting married today.”
“’Was’?” He raised his eyebrows, apparently not expecting that answer. “What happened?”
I stirred my coffee with a spoon. “I realized that there’s someone who’s more important to me than my fiancé, so I ran away,” I explained calmly. When he asked who it was I simply looked at him and he flushed bright red. I smiled slightly and raised the cup to my lips to drink. Kibum kept playing with his ear piercing anxiously.
“Why do you keep showing up?” he whispered. “It’s not like I have anything to offer.”
One of his hands was lying on the table and he winced when I placed my own hand on top of it. “Because for some reason I hate to see you feel pain,” I replied honestly. I found out that his coy smile and his blush went very well together. He intertwined our fingers shyly. I didn’t know why, but it appeared as if it was kind of groundbreaking for him even though I knew for sure that he had done much more than just hold hands. His skin flushed even redder when I reached out and stroked his cheek gently.
Kibum peered at me through his dark lashes, a faint blush still tinting his face. “So you really missed being with me, huh?” he muttered. I nodded and a soft smile appeared on his face, the kind of smile that made my heart flutter. “I was hoping you would say that,” he admitted. “I missed you too.”


A/N: so if it wasn't obvious key had to become a e because he's paying for taemin's hospital bills. the entire background story will be revealed in the yet to be named sequel which I am already working on. also; yes, jonghyun ran away from the wedding (I think that one was made pretty clear, but I'm just saying it anyway). I think sekyung is going to be a problem. ;3
so this is the last chapter, but make sure to read the sequel when I put it up here. :3 there's going to be a lot more jongkey-goodness. <3 comment and comment and comment. :D

yeoleobun annyeong! <3


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