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Exo ; Facts

It’s said that it’s rare to see those albums which released for months climbing back on music charts in Korea. But EXO already did it twice! Early in January 2013, EXO-K’s MAMA rose to #3 on Gaon’s national physical weekly chart. And then, EXO-K did it again on the 3rd week of January by ranked #4 on the chart with EXO-M’s also ranked #6 on the chart as well!!



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kim_gwiboon #1
Thank you for this ♥♥♥
RavenUchiha #2
Chapter 46: I would LOVE to see Sehun doing the age reversal game.
RavenUchiha #3
Chapter 12: Xiumin looks like a puppy when the MC was trying to take his picture. So cute.
RavenUchiha #4
Chapter 4: I like the jacket that Kris has on. Makes him look very handsome.
BlueBoiceGirl #5
Chapter 306: Yayyy! ^^ I can't wait for edition II~
BlueBoiceGirl #6
Chapter 305: Aww, thank you posting all this and all the hardwork you put in~ maybe you'll make amother? Haha >w<
angelinajohnson #7
Chapter 305: Awww thanks for all your hardwork up till now
luvkorean #8
Chapter 114: I seriously can't live without BUBBLE TEA!!!
luvkorean #9
Chapter 110: No, Luhan you are an omnivore.
KpopFangirl1008 #10
Chapter 305: ahhhg thanks for the information!! It was very helpful :D