Lay ; Facts

❋ Addicted to EXO ; (Exo facts and information)

[Ceci] Reasons why Lay is the perfect boyfriend. 

1. I can love a girl wholeheartedly, with only her in my heart. 
2. I can do anything for her. 
3. I can give her a warm hug. 




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Chapter 190: Baekhyun is so cute and he has a LOT of aegyo. I don't think I would ever get tired of watching Baekhyun's aegyo.
Chapter 170: Maybe seeing their bias getting pissed at the fans reactions would wake them up and stop acting like a bunch of immature idiots. The fans shouldn't be crowding EXO, nor pushing them. EXO could get hurt from their stupidity.
Chapter 169: And it's funny because Xiumin doesn't look strong, but he is.
Chapter 91: So am I. Even though I have no fear of planes, which is weird because I can't even go on top of our roof, or go on a ladder. I think it's because in planes, I fall asleep.
Chapter 67: I met D.O by screaming at the sight of him. He laughed and said "You're cute."
I met Luhan by dancing in front of him. He ran away and said, "It's dangerous here, take care."

Chapter 60: PikaChen. Cute. When I saw that, the first thing I thought of was Pikachu.
kim_gwiboon #7
Thank you for this ♥♥♥
Chapter 46: I would LOVE to see Sehun doing the age reversal game.
Chapter 12: Xiumin looks like a puppy when the MC was trying to take his picture. So cute.
Chapter 4: I like the jacket that Kris has on. Makes him look very handsome.