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Chapter 27

" ____? Kwenchanah? " Minwoo peered down at me as we walk to school.

I was quiet, i don't know why but i don't feel right. I just fake a smile at Minwoo. "I'm fine oppa, waeyo ? " I tilt my head at Minwoo.

He smiled and patted my head. "You look pale, that's all. You always cheerful in the mornings, but today..... - "

"I'm fine, i'm just tired. " I smiled at him.


" The range of 8 inches long... Mmmm~ " Zin his lips.

"The functioning of which is enjoyed. By members of both es.  - " He continued.

Ghun's eyes widen. Ghun is the one so. "Go on Zin! "

Zin smirked. "Is usually found hung, dangling. Ready loosley for instant action, It boasts of a clump of little hairy things at the end and small hole at the other - "

Sulhu's eyes widen. Could it be? His own Zin hyung talking about making love?

Ghun is enjoying the momment, he starts to moaned. Taefung show his disgust face at Zin.

"In use, it is inserted, almost willingly, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, into a warm, fleshy, moist opening where it is thrust in and drawn out again and again many times in succession - " Zin moaned.

Haewon rolled his eyes.

" - Often quickly and accompanied by squirming bodily movements, anyone found listening in will most surely recognize the rythmic, pulsing sound, resulting from the well lubricated movements. "

Ghun his lips seductively as Zin continued.

" When finally withdrawn, it leaves behind a juicy - " Ghun groaned as if he's really doing it. "- Frothy, white sticky substance, some of which will need cleaning from the outer surfaces of the opening and some of from its long gliste...

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HoneyFei20 #1
Chapter 5: There are a lot of spelling errors, if you have time, you can try to edit all of the chapters.
YunaJi #2
Chapter 12: You are soooo good at drawing..... I draw too but its not that beautiful T.T... anyways I love ur drawing :3
LunarA #3
Wut the heck you talking bout me to unsuscribe?! I freakin love you and this story!
Hwaiting! : )
jongsica4evr #4
Chapter 15: What did he whisper
bubbie #5
Chapter 57: I love this story so much ㅇㅅㅇ
uchiha_yrha #6
Chapter 1: omg... x-5 ... i miss them TT^TT
purplebluestar #7
Chapter 21: OMG!!! how do you know the song playlist inside my laptop...when you make new group appeared the group song appeared.. example you make minwoo and the twin, my playlist play boyfriend song. now ukiss the song playlist play 0330... an many more..to many coincident...^^
FanGirlingIsMyLife #8
Omo, I finished already!!? I didn't even notice :D I was confused at first because there were so many guys around >.< haha^^ But now I wanna join the Omo hotties (I'm a girl, though TT^TT) because I can't stop saying and even commenting OMO >;3
Reen_weirdgirl #9
Chapter 57: nice story....^^
chodinglyn #10
Chapter 57: awww the story ended abit abruptly! I wish you said more about CAP and Bimi and include other members in it :) HEHE nice story!