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Chapter 13

L.Joe flipped the pen and he puffed his cheeks. " Boring.... " He pouted.

ChunJi walk towards L.Joe and elbowed him. L.Joe groaned and look up. "WHAT? "

ChunJi smirked. "I'm your hyung, so don't be that rude pabo~! " ChunJi sat beside L.Joe and beamed. "Since we are going home after our singing lessons - " L.Joe look at ChunJi. " - Why don't we invite ______ over? " ChunJi smiled.

L.Joe lighten up and when he was about to say something. ChangJo in. "But i thought ____ is SICK? " ChunJi glared at ChangJo and slapped his head.

"Shut up stupid! I'm trying to light up this banana here! " ChunJi shouted and ChangJo giggled. "Oppsss. " ChunJi sighed as he shook his head. He turn over again and face L.Joe.

"SO?! "

L.Joe sighed. "She's sick. "

"She's okay already dumbass. " Niel suddenly appeared and beamed. "Let's go and fetch her! " Niel shouted and Ricky appeared. He clapped his hands on his ears and groaned. "You are so loud fish lips! " Ricky shouted.

L.Joe raised a brow at Niel. "How did you know that _____ is OKAY? " He asked and Niel laughed. "I heard Bimi's conversation on the phone last night at the shopping mall, which i stop by to buy gummies! And - " Niel tried to continue but he got cut off.

" Bimi? Where? " Cap poked his head out from the toilet. Niel rolled his eyes at Cap. "Let me continue. " Niel sat down and Cap interupts again. "Why Bimi?! "

Niel stood up and shout. "If you really love Bimi that much, why won't you tell her?! "

Cap face fell. "She likes Ghun. "

Ricky's mouth fell open. "WHAT?! That just stupid, everyone knows that she likes yo - " L.Joe cut him off by clapping his hand on Ricky's mouth. "Shut up, let HIM ...

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HoneyFei20 #1
Chapter 5: There are a lot of spelling errors, if you have time, you can try to edit all of the chapters.
YunaJi #2
Chapter 12: You are soooo good at drawing..... I draw too but its not that beautiful T.T... anyways I love ur drawing :3
LunarA #3
Wut the heck you talking bout me to unsuscribe?! I freakin love you and this story!
Hwaiting! : )
jongsica4evr #4
Chapter 15: What did he whisper
bubbie #5
Chapter 57: I love this story so much ㅇㅅㅇ
uchiha_yrha #6
Chapter 1: omg... x-5 ... i miss them TT^TT
purplebluestar #7
Chapter 21: OMG!!! how do you know the song playlist inside my laptop...when you make new group appeared the group song appeared.. example you make minwoo and the twin, my playlist play boyfriend song. now ukiss the song playlist play 0330... an many more..to many coincident...^^
FanGirlingIsMyLife #8
Omo, I finished already!!? I didn't even notice :D I was confused at first because there were so many guys around >.< haha^^ But now I wanna join the Omo hotties (I'm a girl, though TT^TT) because I can't stop saying and even commenting OMO >;3
Reen_weirdgirl #9
Chapter 57: nice story....^^
chodinglyn #10
Chapter 57: awww the story ended abit abruptly! I wish you said more about CAP and Bimi and include other members in it :) HEHE nice story!