One-Shot Jessica Pairings


One shots with JessicaXAny guy...


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ParkRika #1
Chapter 3: Please make Haesica and Taecsica
SoYou__Angel #2
Chapter 3: Annyeong !! I love your OS.., so cuuuute. Can I request a Lusica, laysica, baeksica, kaisica and a chansica *Chanyeol* please ? Keep writing FIGHTING ;)
IcePrincesomi #3
Jisica, Haesica, Jaysica, Baeksica, Krisica, Myungsica, L.Sica please ^_^
Love_Melody05 #4
A Chunsica one please.^^
[deactivated] #5
Can you make Chunsica for me?
CookiePicklePants #6
HaeSica, JiSica and KrisSica please~
KpopSnsdFxFan #7
Yuuki-chan #8
@LOVESICA You are right! Thanks!! ^^
DreamXx #9
^^ I love changsica I watched the Cf dbsk and snsd did just today and I loved them so much that I'm shipping them now :)
G-Sparrow #10
can i has Jisica? (g-dragon)