The Going Home Club


Sehun, (one of world’s laziest people)’s wish in college is to pass with the smallest amount of effort possible. All he wants is to go through life as quietly and as peacefully as it allows him to. So when he comes across a club that supposedly does nothing, he gets ecsatic, well, as ecstatic as the lazy Sehun can get. His greatest mistake in fulfilling his university dream? Joining it.


Turns out the ‘Going Home Club’ isn’t quiet and peaceful after all, far from it.



The Going Home Club.

             .  . A majestic place

                 hmm. .no

                            . .     A wonderful place?

                     not quite

                                  . . A good club for self-improvement

                          Hell no

                                         . . Ok. .A decent club

                            I wish that were true

                                               . . A. .weird Club?

                                Getting there

                                                       . . Fine, a screwed up club for some weird screwed up people

                                    Now, that's accurate

                                                                . . Come on Sehun, just say something nice for the club

                                      Well, .uh, it’s never boring and . .er. .interesting

                                                                    . . Close enough



The President

The Vice-President

The Secretary

The Assistant Secretary

The Treasurer

The assistant Treasurer

The Auditor

The Business Manager

The Assistant Business Manager

The P.I.O

The Muse

The Sergeant-at-Arms



Sehun is lazy, Chanyeol is crazy, Tao's scary and Yixing's just friggin hazy. Luhan has pride and Kris is always looking for a bride. Kyungsoo's an over-achiever and Kai's not. Chen is a troll and Xiumin thinks feels knows that Chen is hot. Baekhyun is a diva and Suho has a double-persona.

(omg I'm so poetic :''>)


Sehun looked at the pamphlet that was given, or practically shoved into his hand by a hyper poodle-head, after the entrance ceremony yesterday.


“The Going Home Club.  Are you a talentless freak? Or are you a lazy ? Or are you both? Well, if you are, come join the Going Home Club, the magical place where you can do anything and everything you want that doesn’t involve: setting the club’s kitchen on fire, bringing along cats,  being an or breaking expensive teaware.”

They have pretty specific rules as you can see.

He opened the door, and for some reason, he had the strangest urge to turn around and run for it before anyone sees him. A great burst of noise hit him as he took in the whole scene. 

They looked drunk, they acted drunk, and Sehun hoped that they were drunk. Because if they acted like this when they were sober, he had better get out of here.


His normal life was endangered.



 Soooooo. .hahah this is my first fic with no girls. Aaaaannd yes, maybe there will be romance. hahah This is a whole new genre of writing for me because it's almost centered around comedy? LOL, i hope that this fic is even a tad bit funny, because well, I can't really tell if I have a good sense of humor or just a weird one.

Oh and I also edited the foreword cuz i felt that they were limiting future character developments. =)

So come on you! subscribe upvote and tell me what you think. hahahaha  =D

Also.  cr to Geniuskyu from Octy's Poster shop for the poster. =)

and to pomato services for my previous poster.

Aaand yaay! finally tried requesting for a review. Just wanted to know the things I have to work on. Thanks to On Glory's edge for this 

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aaaaa i come back to this fic every once in a while,, this was my first EVER. kpop fanfiction and its what probably got me hooked haha. its so good, i miss it alot and i hope you'll update one day <3
chanyeoluk #2
I usually don't read uncompleted stories, mainly just because I hate waiting for chapters. But I'm going to give this ago. Please keep updating Author nim ❤
Chapter 28: I really love this fic.Im sorry that you can't update more often.... :(
chanlily2109 #4
Chapter 28: My Dear Author, update please :(
riseulaeng #5
Chapter 8: i really lurv this fic so much, it reminds me of you know, "better days" of the fandom. creying*
riseulaeng #6
back again for Luhan's birthday cause i loved this one so much
Luhanyo #7
I think this is a great start for your first time
XiaoShixun 184 streak #8
Chapter 19: Hahaha fluffy Lulu
Chapter 28: *cries* so that was what happened... i'm glad that they made up finally TT~TT

Author-nim... i think you are amazing... this is my first boy x boy story... and guess what? i'm glad i've found it and read it!!! you have a really amazing writing style... in one moment i was laughing til my throat hurts, then i got hit with feels attack... i don't know how to explain what i am feeling right now or i don't know if i am making sense with my poor vocabulary..... But i know one thing for sure... Reading this story was one of my best decisions i've ever made!!! and you are absolutely talented and funny human being!!! i love you Author-nim!!!! <3333333
Chapter 24: lol... they are actually lucky!!!