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Kris is Jealous

Chapter20- Kris is Jealous

Its been 1 week since I realize my true feeling for him. I love him. Yes I do love him. Sometimes I'm asking myself does he feel the same way towards me?? Maybe Yes. Maybe No. And its been 1 week since I start avoiding him. I can't stand myself near him. my knees are getting weaker and weaker wheneer i heard his voice or whenever I smell his vanilla scent.

So I'd decided to avoid him. and start hanging around on Lay. I like Him. I feel comfortable when he's talking to me. and you know Miyoung is gone. Yeah she's gone. and she threatned me


I was walking at the hallway when miyoung appear in front of me.

"" she said looking at me

"What do you want?" I asked annoyed because I have no time for her bulls.

"Come with me" she said and walked away. I don't know but my feet obeys that . 

we arrived at the cafeteria she handed me a bubble tea at first I refuse but she said take it so I took it.

"Look, I going back to US to continue my study there, It means the arranged marriage between me and Kris is over. and I know you like him" she said and sip on her bubble tea

"How can you say that?" I asked raising my eyebrows. 

"I'm not dumb, Idiot! You can call me but not Dumb. The way you looked at him these past ...

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cupcuppy #1
Kris you should hear till the finish, jelly dragon!
update soon, pls!
helloely #2
Chapter 32: lol you kris! yeah duh. she likes lay. but
SHE LOVES YOU. And you didn't let her finish. arrrggg :(
krisber_1806 #3
Chapter 32: Who is that woman??
Is her himchan mother??
Poor ma daddy dragon, u misunderstanding daddy.
Yeay this story not hiatus.
DetNaq #4
Chapter 32: You'rr assuming things by yourself kris -.- amber likes YOU!

Who on earth is the madame? Why does she sound so mean???

Update more xDD
Am8eRL1U #5
Chapter 32: Amber like lay as a friend aww Kris jelly.
DetNaq #6
Chapter 31: The ending.. why do i feel like its a cliffhanger.. lol
krisber_1806 #7
Chapter 31: Owh beach??
Is sehun party in the beach??
Last part...
I like it.
Update soon.
joeriel18 #8
Chapter 31: take it slow!