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Daehyun Image/Imagine

*You had to stay over night at work to finish some stuff that your boss left you. It was around 12am in the morning. Your office of where you work was on the 12th floor. You were on your way down to the main floor. When you got to the main floor, you see that it was rainging outside. 

You: (To yourself) Omg.... Why is it raining! I left my umbrella in my office... I dont wanna go back up! Aish! 

*Your office was too far up and you didnt want to go back up so you decided that you'll just run and make stops to the bus. You ran outside with your jacket over your head and stoped at a little corner. You stood there getting ready to run again. You get yourself ready and run to the next shelter. Right when you were about to run someone grabs you right back.

You: OMO!!!! (You were in shock) (To yourself) AISH! Who the hell is grabing me this late at night!!!!!! 

*You suddenly hear them talk to you....

Daehyun: Ma'am? Did you want to share umbrella with me?

You: Who are yoU!? Grabbing people late like this at night!

Daehyun: Sorry, I didn't know I would scare you like this...

*You weren't able to see Daehyun's face because it was dark and he wore a face mask.

Daehyun: Which bus stop did you want to do to?

You: Thanks, But i'll go myself... Im just going to the stop right ahead...

Daehyun: OH! I'm going there too... Why dont we just go together...? 

You: (To yourself) Hmmm... I dont really want to run in the rain.... Should I just...

*Suddenly Daehyun grabs you and you both run to the bus stop. As you guys ran, you looked up to see him you suddenly feel in daze by looking at him. When you two reach the bus you shook his hand off of you.

You: Yah! Why are  you grabing me!

Daehyun: You weren't answering me... And the bus was coming so I just grabbed you and ran.

You: Oh... (Looks up and see the bus)

Daehyun: Lady's first...

*You and Daehyun get on the bus. You sit down in the far right end of the bus and Daehyun sat the opposite.

Daehyun: So are you just now getting off work?

*You ignored him because you didn't want to talk anymore. You were to tired from work.

Daehyun: Ok......-_-

*As you and Daehyun was in the bus... He watched you carefully. You were so tired that you were slowly falling asleep. As your stop came, you almost missed it but the bus driver that drove knew you so he woked you up to get off the bus. You stopped at the front to check if it was still raining... And realizes that it has stoped. As you tirely get off the bus Daehyun decided to follow...

Daehyun: (To himself) Hmm...Since she's so tired... maybe I should follow her home......... WOULD I BE A CREEP THOUGH?? Hmm.... Naw.. I should make sure she makes it home safely... 

*Right behind you Daehyun gets off the same stop. He continued to follow you until you reached your home. All along you didn't even know that Daehyun was following you.

Daehyun: (To himself) Hmmm... She must be real tired... she doesn't even know I'm following her... Hahaha... Such a silly girl.

*As you reach your house and goes inside... Daehyun leaves.


Youngjae: BRO! What took you so long to get your cheesecake! Market ain't even that far!

Daehyun: Oh.. I was following a girl... to make sure she make it home safe...

Youngjae: OmO! Such a CREEP! Do you think she recognize you?

Daehyun:  No, I dont think so... She kinda cursed me out because I grabbed her... Hahaha... 

 Youngjae: Wow... You got nerves.. I would be too scared to do that... It's so late! We btter hurry and sleep! You came back to late.. Ill eat cake with you tomorrow... OR... SAVE ME SOME! 

Daehyun: Haha.. Alright.. I'm gonna eat before I sleep! CRAVING! ... Goodnight... 

*As Daehyun ate his cheesecake he thought about you.. Through the night he thougt about you... He wasn't sure why though. 


*The next morning... You woke up and thought about what happened last night with the strange encounter. You tried to think back to how the guy looked... You thought and thought. 

You: (To yourself) Hmmm... I swear... He looks like someone i know... Tsk.. (THINKING HARD) 

*On you way to work that morning, you decided to take the cab. In the cab the radio was on. 

Radio: Today as guest here is... B.A.P.!!!!

B.A.P: Annyeonghaseyo! We are... B.A.P!!! 

You: OMG! Driver please turn it up. 

*You were a HUGE BAP fan and you alwayed tried to keep update with them... As you were listening the topic of a weird encounter experience came up and it made you think back to what happened last night. 

Radio: So, Who would like to share a weird encounter? 

Daehyun: Hmmm... I will... So yesterday night I was craving for some cheesecake... I had gone out to buy some from the store.


Daehyun: Well... I had my mask on... 

*You then think back to yesterday again.... 

Daehyun: Yeah.. I had my mask on... So.. It was rainy and I saw a young lady getting off work... She didnt have an umbrella so I wanted to be nice and offer mine... But instead of offering mine, I grabbed her and she got the WRONG impression of me.... She almost cursed me out... but to make it short... I ran her over to the bus, we were taking the same bus... and... as she was in the bus, She was falling a sleep slowly... 

Radio: Were you watching over her in the bus? Hahaha

Daehyun: (Shyly) Hmmm..yeah... hahaha I felt like I had to watch her... 

Radio: Wow... Such a MAN! 

Daehyun: Hahaha... But anyways... her stop had come and she got off... She was very tired... so i decided to follow her to make sure she gets to her home safely... 

Radio: OMO! So you know where she lives? 

Daehyun: Hahha.. It was too dark... I dont think ill remember what house she lives in.. and i was just really watching from afar. 

Radio: Ohh... Wow...This is a really weird encounter... Did you want to leave a message for her? 

Daehyun: Uhh.. yes... I do..... (CLEARS THROAT) Uhh... Well... Hi stranger.. ahaha.. sorry for following you to your home.. I just wanted to make sure you got home safely... Uh... I wish i asked you for your name.... Haha.. You were actually really cute... haha THank you. 

Radio: Waahhh! What a touching story! Weird but good.. Would you like to meet this girl? In day light?! 

Daehyun: Yes... I do... Hahahaha... 

Radio: Well.. Hopefully you are able to meet her oneday... and properly introduce yourself.... Okay.. .we will be taking a break now.. here is B.A.P

s Stop it. 

*You saw there blankly not know what to think... 

You: (TO YOURSELF) OMO! This cant be true? Was that story about me? Did I run into Daehyun without even knowing??? 

*You go to work and thought about it all day... When night time came... You had to work over night again... When time came for you to leave... You thought about Daehyun again... 

You: Hmm... I wonder if he'll come again... He knows where I work..... Doesn't he want to meet me again??? He said I was cute...? 

*You are just full of questions... as you walked out the building without knowing... you walked right pass Daehyun... 

Daehyun: Excuse me ma'am? 

You: (STOPS WALKING) Omo... can this be him...... (Heart starts racing and turns around)

Daehyun: Hi. 

You: (Smiles) Im sooo sorry about yelling at you... I was tired... and I didn't even know that It was you that I come across... I mean who comes across a person like you everyday... and...... SIGH...

*You really couldnt stop talking... You couldn't believe that you were in front of Daehyun...

Daehyun: Its ok... Well.. I actually came back because I wanted to meet you formaly... 

You: Yeah... I heard... On the radio...

Daehyun: Are you a baby as well? 

You: (Shyly NODS) 

Daehyun: Wow thats awesome.. Who do you like most? 


Daehyun: Wow... Just my luck... Would you like to hang out sometimes??



*Sorry! Not the best! Hope you enjoy it and SUBSCRIBE! SHARE!!! Thank You! <3 B.A.P <3 



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