Numbed II

by Jessieeee_eee
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You, B.A.P, Block B.




"Two years, it's a really long time. Anything can change. Especially people." 


"A promise, is a promise." 


"Then I guess you are being too naive." 





Choi Yeojin (19) 



  • Bang YongGuk
  • Kim Himchan
  • Jung Daehyun
  • Yoo Youngjae
  • Moon Jongup
  • Choi Junhong


Block B:


  • Lee Tae Il
  • Lee Minhyuk (B.Bomb)
  • Ahn Jae Hyo
  • Kim Yu Kwon (U-kwon) 
  • Park Kyung
  • Woo Ji Ho (Zico) 
  • Pyo Ji Hoon (P.O) 






Hi everyone, I'm back with the sequel for Numbed! ^^

If you have yet to read the first part, please click this ->


Should there be any similarities with the work of another author, please note that it is pure coincidence. ^^ 

Enjoy~ ;)


All gifs used belong to their rightful owner! :D 

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jay_rose () says about chapter 3:
Please update soon(: love your stories! Keep up the good work <3

Banghimlo () says about chapter 3:
I wonder who,hmm..

Author-nim please update soon~

kira_luvs_ren () says about chapter 2:

hyosong () says about chapter 2:
omg????? ok i'm really really really really (really x3423423 times) happy you're back but what happened?? did daehyun cheat on her again? because i'm going to kill him if he did ok even if i'm still shipping her with youngjae OTL

max288 () says about chapter 2:
Weeeeeeeeeee~ i'm getting excited . Wae wae wae??? XD

Light-baekhyun () says about chapter 1:
*jaw drops* you are back!!!! I have been waiting for you unnie...hope you get good results!!! Though...i think i already know my own PSLE is not going to be that science exam that time i couldnt concentrate!!!!

silvermoonlight () says about chapter 1:
I don't minddd! Welcome back author-nim~

Jellybeancan () says about chapter 1:
I don't mind the starting.over. I practically forgot most of it

max288 () says about chapter 1:
Omo!!!! Waeeeeeeeee?? O.O
I really like this sequel!!! But
It's okay though, i respect you!! Hwaiting author~nim! :)


Welcome back!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

hyosong () says:
Okay I want to be honest, I like this sequel and I really really really loved the first part of the story but I don't really like how it's going, I mean I like Teen Top but I think they don't really fit the story, or maybe it's just that I'm Bap biased lol but in my opinion the sequel should be about Yejin and Bap, I don't care if she'll end up with Youngjae or Daehyun because I love both but the story would definitely be better if there's only Bap in here. At least this is my opinion but the choice is up to you~ and reading this sequel I've always wondered where the Sunny Hill's members are, I think a reconciliation would be cool, like if they would hang out once or something :3

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