My Boss’s Son Is My Housemate?!

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Kim Taeyeon, one of the most popular performers on Broadway, hopes to get the title role for the most successful musical of all time, The Phantom of the Opera which is also the longest running show in Broadway history. He invited his girlfriend to attend the audition but the latter didn’t show up. Taeyeon succeeded to get the title role but got frustrated that his girlfriend didn’t even keep her promise of being there to support him. Soon thereafter he learns that his girlfriend has been involved in a fatal car accident in her rush to get to the audition.

After two years, Taeyeon, who is wracked with guilt by his girlfriend’s death, decided to leave Broadway and move to his parents’ home country. Although reluctant at first, he finally accepted his parents’ demand that instead of living alone in an apartment or what not, he will be living under one roof with the son of his dad’s best friend.

Meanwhile, Tiffany Hwang, who comes from an upper middle class family and a Los Angeles based freelance photographer slash graphic designer whose life seems to be pretty perfect, catches the eye of a fashion editor and recommends her to his superior. Her imagination and creative direction, and her interest to move back to Korea, lands her an instant job as an Art Director for CeCi magazine.

When her cousin, Kwon Yuri, finds out about it, he decides to help Tiffany by offering her to live on his penthouse instead as he is now moving in with his girlfriend Jessica Jung, which is Tiffany’s best friend. Without any second thoughts, Tiffany agreed on him as it will be more convenient for her and she also can’t afford to say no to the two of the most important people in her life.






“There’s no freaking way I’ll be living with that guy under one roof! Or any other guy in any case!”


“Tiff, we’ve already talked about this…”


“Kwon Yuri! Are you nuts?! How could you ask me to live with a guy! And yes! I did agree to have a housemate but you didn’t tell me it’s a guy!  A guy Yul! G-U-Y!”






Hello~~~ this is my first taeny fic. I've been a not-so-silent taeny ff reader for quite a while now and decided to write one on my own.

There'll be YulSic / SooSun as supporting characters too.

Note: Just to make it clear: Taeyeon, Yuri, and Sooyoung are all male in the story.



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BaekTanLUV #1
I really love that gender bender thing........ <3
Eliza1498 #2
Chapter 2: Why are you asking ame ? Only me ( Eliza1498) ?
seominpark #3
Congrats on the feature!
I started reading this and it definately deserved the feature!
So tae is a dude and tiff is a girl??
Strawberriful #5
Anna1213 #6
iamyoong #7
Chapter 19: Haha, your always welcome. Hey, this story is reallt great and the scenes (the fluff ones)/brought me laughing at them, and the night where tae puched Dennis?/i don't know, but i felt like crying, haha, anyway, this is so far a great and amazing story, i am excited to reach the end (p.s., i like Tiff's aggressiveness in here whenever they are alone. Haha, she's really is something.<3)
Wow congrats on the feature!!
Congratulations on getting featured!
iamyoong #10
Chapter 5: Haha, i loved the part that tiff answers the phone unconsciously, it was epic though, haha, now its getting interesting, looking forward to everything.