Stuck With Miss Despicable Completed!

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Yoona, Jessica, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Rest of SNSD




       Have you ever felt that your actions are being entirely controlled by someone, specially a person you don't even know? Do you often change your views and plans according to the demands of someone else? What if you fall for that Despicable person who's trying to control your life? Would you ever give that abhorrent love a chance?





       Yay! This is my first time ever writing a fic here in AFF. With, of course, my OTP for life and until the next life, YOONSIC xD

And with a big participation of SooFany ;>

I've written this story  even before I hit the university so I think it's kinda lame, and maybe redundant with other stories out there.

But I hope you fellas give it a try.. I am writing this fic because I really really love SNSD, specially my Yoonsic. Forgive me if I will ever make a fault with this story. I know eveybody's worth giving a chance, right?


Thank You with all my heart ^^


So yeah... here it goes....




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farewellcinema () says:
First ever fic I'm subbing to~ Whee~ :P

Will be leaving my thoughts when appropriate :)

taemingd () says about chapter 41:
and thank you for making this beautiful story :))

taemingd () says:
well i just want to say this is my favorite's yoonsic's fic ever. I love the plot, the characters and everything and I kinda miss this so I comeback here just to read it again ;)

SarahNea_ () says about chapter 24:
laaaaaaav ur story

SarahNea_ () says about chapter 23:
hahaha meigad. auwm :-*

LeilaJuliah () says about chapter 34:
the story makes me cry Haha Thanks for the mention :))

kumikosaruwong () says about chapter 34:
author-nim~ (~^_^~) thanks for the mention~ ;*

Jojo_ss () says about chapter 40:
Well this is the best fabric I've ever read!! Author nim you're jjang!!! :D I felt like YoonSic has became the first couple in my soshi list xD

trotch () says about chapter 41:
Hi Karin, I'm a new reader here and just wanna tell you I absolutely love this story. I like SooFany pairing and how you protray their hurt and guilt it makes me cry and when I was thinking isn't this about YoonSic, you brought us back to a roller coaster ride with them. It's so beautifully written. I hope you continue writing :) stay as SONE forever ya :)))

mars2611 () says:
happily ever after...

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