The immortal

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A newbie vampire that still doesn't taste the first blood, as he still didn't have the fangs. Because of that, he's still not immortal.



Brief intro



It’s almost noon already, when there’s a boy walking alone along the empty class's corridor. As he halted not far from one of the doorway, he saw a class that full with really chaotic and hyperactive students except for a boy that sit at the very back of the classroom near the window which immediately become his center of attention. He stares at him. That red-haired boy is just staring intently outside the window; didn't mind at all with all the chaotic uproar surround him.

Seems like he can feel that he’s being observed; he turned his gaze around only to met with a pair of eyes that’s staring at him. They’re staring; both unwavered as both didn't flinch away from each other gaze . And their eyes connection only broken when someone taps the new boy’s shoulder and his eyes quickly shift from the boy in the class to the person, a lady, which greets him from behind.

“You must be Lee Donghae, right? The new transfer student?” And he just nods to answer her questions. “I’m Mrs. Jeong, your homeroom teacher. Let’s go and introduce you to your new classmate.” She said nicely, and moved forward into the class. Donghae followed her cautiously.

The class that was once in chaos immediately becomes quiet and calm as soon as they step in; the situation was totally different from the previous one. After greeting the teacher,  the students attention then fully focused to the stranger boy standing beside their teacher. In a brief moment, their eyes clash again, before the red-haired boy turned his gaze to stares into the horizon outside the window again.




** I know everybody already knew who's the red-haired boy, so don't need to introduce him, right? kkk


A/n : I don’t know anything about the vampire’s thing, so this is just nonsense that appeared in my mind. I got an inspired from a drama and also I don’t know whether I can describe it well enough or not, so forgive me.

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