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Falling in love with the Enemy


At TS High School there are two social groups~ The Pinks, who are the extrememly popular girls, and B.A.P., the extrememly popular boys.



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Mean and arrogant because The Pinks have influenced you to be If you're by yourself, you're really nice VERY pretty All the boys fall for you You like to party a lot Extremely rich Apart of The Pinks, not the leaders, but very close to the leader You're the visual of the group Dating Kim Himchan, who is in college, so he doesn't go to your school You don't know that Himchan us...

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aegyo-kid #1
Chapter 51: Omfg i read this story all over again!!!! Such a nice story. Especially when Zico, Hyuna and Mina there to destroy their relationship but they miserably failed :P haha really good job author-nim!!! Will read the sequel byee
cheekylittlechubba #2
Chapter 53: So good!!!

I hope in the sequel that there won't be too much drama! ^^
natsumi4ever #3
Chapter 26: hahaha~!!I really like this part:
"he's right,what should we say though?"
"we have a project"
"he's stalking me"
"we say at the same time.Hana'a comment earned a confused look from me"
"I'm stalking her"
"we have a project".......
hehehe~!So funny~!^_^
kyuhaesbij #4
Chapter 53: OH MY GOD THE STORY WAS PRETTY GOOD. Thumbs up!!! But why can't I open the sequel? :((
ParkAhRin #5
Great story! I love it
dasollee #6
so glad that there's a sequel~
djeniryuu #7
Chapter 51: Oh my god thank you for such a beautiful story!
JSultana #8
Chapter 51: Aaaarrggghhh!!!! I love this sooooooo much. You are amazing! Cant wait to read the sequel.looks like im not sleeping anytime soon even though its a school day tomorrow ;)
joyce_0502 #9
Chapter 51: I really love this story, very thankful. I really enjoy the story!!
Kate1016 #10
Chapter 51: I totally forgot they were enemies until the last line XD great story though!!