Legend Of Love

by Happy96vinie
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Sehun, Seohyun, Kai, Sunny, Chanyeol


In the world of martial arts, there was a villain would destroy this world. make all warriors must be united.
          Right now, one of the strong martial arts school gather the best students from all martial arts schools in hopes to train them into powerful warriors so they can fight againts the villain and restore the peace of the world.
          But how when one of the best student who already had a girlfriend from the same school,
falling in love with a 'cold outside warm inside' girl from another school. And the girl also slowly falling in love with him but keep it up. But beside that his girlfriend has a change of heart after spending all her time with a kind hearted boy from another school. 
          Will he always be with his girlfriend? or he will be with the cold girl at the end? and how about his girlfriend? will she ended up with the kind hearted boy?  




Inspired by Taiwan Drama 


Characters :

Oh SeHun

Oh SeHun; 21, the best student at SM martial arts school he also school president, his weapon is sword. Handsome and kind hearted boy, had a girlfriend Sunny. A protective boyfriend. although Sunny was his girlfriend but he always assume her as a little sister. as a school president, he always protect the other students for getting punishment especially Sunny and Kai. Like help each other when they got problem.


Seo JooHyun

Seo JooHyun; 20, also known as Seohyun, the best student from Shidae martial arts school, move to SM martial arts school for training. Her weapon is whip. Beautiful and cold outside, didn't show her kind and caring side to the other. People who don't know her may think she was cold hearted girl but actually she was a kind hearted and bubbly girl. Her parents already passed away when she was 8, the only thing they left was that Whip. Like help people hidely.


Park ChanYeol 

Park Chanyeol; 21, the best student from Exo martial arts school, move to SM martial arts school for training. His weapon is fan. Bubbly and easy going boy, can make all people laughed happily.


Lee SunKyu


Lee SunKyu; 20, also known as Sunny, student of SM martial arts school. Join training because of her uncle SM head master. Her weapon is small blade(?). Bubbly and like making aegyo. Sehun's girlfriend, troublemaker in their team, always make mistake.


Kim JongIn


Kim JongIn; 21, also known as Kai, student of SM martial arts school. the second best student. his weapon is long stick. Handsome and cold boy, can act cute in front of girl who he like. Sehun's bestfriend.


Minor Characters:

Kwon BoA

Kwon BoA; 30, The villain of the world, will destroy all things. cold blooded woman.


Kwon Yuri & Im Yoona

Kwon Yuri & Im Yoona; 22, Boa's Slave, obey all Boa's word. Yuri was her daughter and Yoona was Yuri's best friend. their weapon is poison, cold blooded and easy to defeated.


A/N: this is my sixth fanfic, for SeoHunKai Lovers and ChanSun Lovers ^^. Hope you'll like this.


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LoVeKpOp2 () says about chapter 13:
Awww Seo give poor Kai a chance...hwaiting update soon :)

chaecha () says about chapter 13:
Update again vinie kekeke...
I love this story ^_^

ega-ssi13 () says:
Update soon ^^ I love this

Happy96vinie [A] () says about chapter 11:
Thank you ^^ btw, very dark mean?? :D

KPOPfan619 () says:
it seem like this is a very dark story, but ill continued to read it!!!

Happy96vinie [A] () says:
Hahaha, I made it not because I'm an anti of Sunny :p
It's because this character suit her more than others :D
Btw, thanks for subscribe all and your comment :D
Best Regards; Vinie

chan92 () says about chapter 9:
Sunny character here, like i want punch her, haishhh .. Haha ..

Happy96vinie [A] () says:
thank you ^^ you watched it before?? :D

ysc1103 () says about chapter 8:
Ooh. I like this version!! The original drama was nice too!!

SungHaJoon () says about chapter 7:
Update soon please~

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