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The Ultimate Kpop Game




(This is my answers, you go play the game yourself!)





Korean name Park Ki Hoon.  A bit weird, but I like it :)


Kpop relathionship Engaged to GD. Your true love is Tao. Your bro friend is D.O. Your long lost brother is L. (Infinite) Yeppie!! :3 I actually never knew L. ... Until now :)


Kissing Exo You was kissed by Chanyeol as he played with your _____. OMG. I'm NOT going to write that...


Exo husband You marry Chen and have 2 kids together. Aaawwww <3


Your marriage with EXO At your marriage with Baekhyun, there are 10 guests. D.O. barges in and shouts: LAME! D.O.. Wtf?! And please... Can I have Chen instead? Wait.. I'll just have both ^,^


Life with SMTOWN oppars You will be the best friend of Baekhyun, who thinks you're cute. Nyahahaha, Bacon thinks I'm cute >:}


Your Exo OTP Kaisoo. WOOHOO! I ship Kaisoo! :D Anyone else??


Your special power MATH POWERS and can make sweet love! Mwahahaha! Me?! Better in math than boys? Never gonna happen. I can score B+... But not A+... Whatever.. Sweet love! :*** <3


Holiday with EXO You go to Namsan Tower with Chen but Sehun knows and he kills you. Yay! Chen :** But... Noooo! Hunnie! - whyyyyyy ;A;


Your Super Junior Baby Daddy You have a happy baby girl with Ryeowook. Awww, I'm sure we would make a beautiful baby girl together, Wookie ^,^


Random SJ drama You're a wife of Kibum have affairs with Heechul, then you punch Kibum, then marry Eunhyuk. Uhuhuhu~ Sounds dramatic :b


Marry U Suju You are marrying Siwon oppa, because oppa is your 1st true love and you're the one for him. ADKSJDFAPLD!!! YES!!!! Muhahaha, I'm da one for Siwon, eeees xD lol


Your night with BAP You went to the park with Himchan and read fanfics, while Youngjae was watching. What a cute date c: Hehe.. Envious Youngjae :3


Spin the bottle You are kissed by KaiSoo and then vomits all over Kai's shoulders. *O________O D.O eyes* wtf... How can it be Kaisoo? Is it like a kiss from each of them or?? And... I vomit on Kai :D Ahahahahaha xD *sorry, darling!*


Drunk EXO You are having 'you know' with Chen. While Kai is rubbing Xiumin with Kris. Nyaaah, my y husband, Chen xD ... Imagine Kai lifting up taaaaall Kris, just to rub him on Baozi... wtf, mayn, wtf.


1,2 Dirty dirty beat Zelo 'pat ur hair', he wants to marry you. Noooooo ;A; I can't marry my absolute bias in BAP, because I'm married to Chen :o Whatever.. Chen never finds out I have a few secret lovers :D Let's see, how many do we have now? Bacon, Chen, Wookie, Zelo.. 4 incredibly hot men!! Woohoo^,^

Btw... It doesn't seem that dirty :) Or maybe it's just me who's lucky and get all the non-y answers ^o^




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Oh, and just so you aren't in doubt - you play the game by clicking the blue hyper links.

Thanks for reading this ! ;D





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Trin20k #1
Korean name: Goo Seung Ri
engaged to Taeyang, true love: Zelo, bro friend: Seungri, long lost brother: TOP.
was kissed by Chanyeol as he played with your b**bs .
you marry Chen and have 4 kids together. (YUSSSSS)
marriage with Xiumin are no guests. Kai barges in and dances to TROUBLEMAKER
will be the best friend of Eunhyuk, who knows that Jaejoong likes you.
OTP is Laylu
has Unlimited power and can Lift 654688 whales! (lmao)
would go to Jeju Island with Lay but Suho knows and he kills you (SUHO WHYYYYY?)
has a(n) cranky baby girl with Kangin.
is a wife of donghae have affairs with sungmin then Elvy Golden-Brown kill donghae then marry leeteuk
is marrying Shindong oppa because oppa is so romantic and also melts by her cooking. (lmao nah bruh I don't cook)
went to the park with Youngjae, and played games while Jongup was watching.
is kissed by Sehun and then vomits all over Kris's shoulders. *O________O D.O eyes*
is blacked out with Kris. While Suho is rubbing Lay with Kris. (o_O)
Perfect_Fantasy #2
At my marriage with Xiumin are 4983 guests .
Kris barges in and dances to TROUBLEMAKER
Omg I died at this one
sandarachann #3
Korean name is Kwang Ji Min.
engaged to Tao, true love: Dongwoo, bro friend: Zelo, long lost brother: Luhan.
kissed by Lay as he bit your lips harshly .
marry Chanyeol and have 1 kid together.
at my marriage with Kris are 56 guests. Lu Han barges in and dances to OH! by SNSD.(it will be funny!!!)
will be the manager of Luhan, who secretly wants to date you.
my OTP is Kaihun(kai &sehun? *gasps*)
has invisibility powers and can not read at all!(really???OMG!!!)
would go to Disney Land with Lay but Suho knows and he shots his head(hehe...sorry...)
has a(n) pretty baby boy with Kyuhyun.(owhh...)
is a wife of hanggeng have affairs with hanggeng then intan punch hanggeng then marry heechul(....)
marrying Kangin oppa because oppa accepts her flaws and they complete each other.
went to the bowling alley with Yongguk, and kissed while Jongup was watching.
is kissed by Suho and then vomits all over Kai's shoulders. *O________O D.O eyes*(lol... -_-''')
is kissing with Suho. While Sehun is rubbing Luhan with Lay.
DO 'kiss ur lips' he want see his parents
Yesai1995 #4
Korean Name: Yoon Eun Bi
Kpop Relationship: engaged to Yeollie, true love: Sehun, bro friend: Dongwoo, long lost brother: Sunggyu.
Kissing EXO: kissed by Chanyeol as he held you tightly . (T__T sorry Kai.)
EXO Husband: marry Chanyeol and have 12 kids together. (12 KIDS?!?! O.O'''')
Marriage with EXO: marriage with Lu Han are 56 guests. Lay barges in and shouts: LAME!
Life with SmTown Oppas: will befriend Changmin, who is taking advantage of you. (-_-' well thanks a lot Changmin. /sobs in corner/)
Your EXO OTP: OTP is Krisyeol (actually I'm more for XiuHan so I don't really care much about other OTP's, but that could work, too. ^^)
Your Special Power: has The power of LOVE and can Fart like a boss! (O___O''' WTF?! Dx)
Holiday with EXO: would go to Disney Land with Tao but Luhan knows and he shoots his head. (Well.....okay then. o.o')
Super Junior Baby Daddy: has a joyful baby girl with Yesung. (YESH! T__T)
Random SJ Drama: is a wife of siwon have affairs with henry then kill siwon then marry hanggeng. (.........)
Marry U SuJu: is marrying Heechul oppa because oppa is her 1st true love and they complete each other. (I'm more worried about the fact that I'm betraying my baby daddy. xD)
Your Night With BAP: went to the park with Himchan, and took a nap while Zelo was watching. (that's not creepy at all Zelo.... o.o')
Spin The Bottle: is kissed by Baekhyun and then vomits all over D.O's shoulders. *O________O D.O eyes* (<3 Baekhyun!!! And sorry D.O. Dx)
Drunk EXO: is confused with Xiumin. While Baekhyun is rubbing Kai with Xiumin. (WHAT?! >.<')
1,2 Dirty dirty Beat: Ren 'pat ur hair' he want you be his bestfriend. (okay. (x I can deal with this.)

lol this was kind of weird but it was also fun to do. ^^ <3
sushi-addict #5
Korean Name: Han Ye Rin ( wow i think its pretty ouob )
Kpop Relationship: engaged to DO, true love: Himchan, bro friend: TOP, long lost brother: Luhan. ( /sigh i like my long lost brother ;n; )
Kissing Exo: kissed by Kai as he held you tightly . ( aww <3 )
Exo Husband: marry Kris and have 12 kids together. ( you better work for all of us krease cx )
Marriage With Exo: marriage with Lu Han are no guests. Kai barges in and shouts: OMG, OTP FEELS! (omg! luhan! <3 kai ouo aww thanks for shipping us cx )
Life With SmTown Oppas: you will be the best friend of baekhyun who knows that d.o likes you ( oh really? ... eue )
Your Exo Otp: i***O & Calvin Klein ( uhm okaii ono )
Your Special Power: invisibility powers and can Lift 654688 whales! ( its true im strong eueb )
Holiday With Exo: would go to Disney Land with Chen but Luhan knows and he kills you ( aww luhan you jelly? eue )
Super Junior Baby Daddy: pretty baby boy with Donghae. ( ;u; asdfghjkl; AWW! )
Random SJ Drama: wife of siwon have affairs with ryeowook then Ye Rin run from siwon then marry siwon ( whut? o.o )
Marry U Suju: marrying Siwon oppa because oppa is so caring and they complete each other. ( i knew it eueb )
Your Night With BAP: went to the beach with Himchan, and had *** while Yongguk was watching. ( dont watch yongguk o.o )
Spin The Bottle: kissed by Baekhyun and then vomits all over D.O's shoulders. *O________O D.O eyes* ( lol d.o cx )
Drunk Exo: coming with Kai. While Kyungsoo is eating with Luhan. ( naught kai o.o )
1,2 Dirty dirty Beat: Chen 'hug from back' he want do *** with you ( i must be so loved by exo eueb )
Korean name: Kim Chun Ji>>>>> OKAY.....

Kpop relathionship: Your engaged to Chanyeol, true love: Luhan, bro friend: Luhan, long lost brother: Taeyang.>>>>> Luhan is my true love and! my Bro friend... wahhh!!!

Kissing Exo: You were kissed by Lay as he caressed your hip lovingly .>>>>> um, well okay, not that i have a problem with that.

Exo husband: You marry Kai and have 1 kid together.>>>>> AWWWW!!!!!

Your marriage with EXO: At your marriage with Kai are 56 guests. Baekhyun barges in and falls on the cake.>>>> Baekhyun Really! My cake!!! GRRRRR! Gosh i can't stay mad at him!

Life with SMTOWN oppars: You will be the manager of Onew, who wants you badly.>>>>> haha, gosh, i want you to! ;)

Your Exo OTP: Kaisoo>>> YES!!!Totally ship Kaisoo :), does anyone else?

Your special power: super strength and can Eat Food!>>>> wow. i don't need this to tell me i can eat food, i can do it no matter what! :P

Holiday with EXO: You would go to Disney Land with Tao but Kai knows and he eat you.>>> Man. i don't want Tao. Sorry tao lovers! and Kai,PLEASE don't eat me!!! :D

Your Super Junior Baby Daddy: You have a talented baby girl with Henry. >>> of course my baby will be talented. ^-^

Random SJ drama: You are a wife of kibum have affairs with donghae then Linda punch kibum then marry kangin>>> This seems weird...LOL

Marry U Suju: You are marrying Siwon oppa because oppa is ur 1st true love and they complete each other.>>> YES!!!YEAH!!!WOW!!!

Your night with BAP:You went to the beach with Himchan, and had *** while Yongguk was watching.>>> O_____O''

Spin the bottle: You are kissed by Baekhyun and then vomits all over Tao's shoulders. *O________O D.O eyes*>>>>> I'm not vomiting on Tao because you kissed me baekhyun, it is because ummm im drunk.

Drunk EXO: You are kissing with Kai. While Sehun is peeing with Tao.>>>> LOL! umm okay....

1,2 Dirty dirty beat: Luhan 'pat ur hair' he want you be special one for him.>>>> AHHHHH!!!! I LOVE YOU LUHAN!!!! :D
baekyeolxiuchen #7
Korean Name: Park Ji Pyo

Relationship: Engaged to: L
True love: Tao
Bro friend: Kai
Long lost brother: Luhan (enjoy the mayo big bro! XD)

Kissing EXO: Kai (.-.)

EXO Husband: Marry Chanyeol and have 1 kid (o//o)

EXO Marriage: Marry Chen. No guests, but Luhan busts in and shouts "BOOMSHAKALAKA"

Life With Oppas: BFFs with Taemin who wants me badly...

EXO OTP: KrisYeol... (NO. Kris is for Tao and Channie is for Bacon. HUMPH.)

Power: Super Speed and can Eat Food.

EXO Holiday: Got to Paris with Baekhyun, but Luhan knows and takes me home... ((;-;) but I wanted to hang out with Bacon, big bro...)

SuJu Baby Daddy: An adorable little boy with Hangeng (D'aww...)

SJ Drama: Wife of Henry, affair with Eunhyuk, kiss Henry, but marry Kangin... ((o3o) k den)

Spin The Bottle: Kissed by YixHan and vomit on Tao...

Drunk EXO: Twerk with Kai while Baekhyun eats food with Lay.

1,2 Beat: *Kris holds my hand* Will you be my best friend? (I got my bias which is cool, but man... Friendzoned..)
0hSnapItsKaelai #8
Korean Name; Baek Ji Kyung

-Engaged to Tao
-True love: GD
-Bro friend: L
-Long lost brother: Kris

Kissing EXO;

EXO Husband;
Chen - 4 kids

Life with SM Oppas;
Drink with Donghae, whom is happy to know me

Baekoyeol (trio)

Special power;
Super speed and fart of life

Holiday with EXO;
Namsan tower with Tao, but D.O knows and he takes me home.

Super Junior baby daddy;
happy baby girl with Kyuhyun

Random SJ Drama;
Marrying Heechul, has an affair with Leeteuk, Kisses sungmin, then married Hangeng

Night with BAP;
Bowling alley with Yongguk, kissed while Yongguk was watching.

Spin the bottle;
Kissed Xiumin, vomits on Sehun

Drunk with EXO;
F**king with Suho while Chanyeol is farting with Kris

1, 2, dirty dirty beat;
Back hug from Peniel, he wants me to meet his parents.
DonghanLuver #9
Korean name:Lee Inyoung(hehe my character from one of the fanfics)

Kpop relathionship:Engaged to Luhan. Your true love is L. Your bro friend is Sungjong. Your long lost brother is Donghae

Kissing Exo You shared your first kiss with L (MY MY SPAZZZZZZZ)

Exo husband You married Luhan and made a soccer team!!!! Lololol thats going to far...

Your marriage with EXO We were about to kiss when L barge in and said "DONT YOU DARE TO START WITHOUT ME!!" Oh wait....maybe that was myungsoo >.<

Life with SMTOWN oppars A forbidden love with donghae!!!

Your Exo OTP HUNHAN!!!!! Luve them both!!!

Your special power Telekinese cause my husband has it!!!

Holiday with EXO Went to a secret date with luhan then Got caught by fans we ran till super junior came out and was being a superman!!!

Your Super Junior Baby Daddy Our sungminnie playing dress up with his daughter!!


Marry U Suju I would marry donghae but hes my brother so SUNGMINNIE!!!!

Your night with BAP told everyone your only watching movies but in the end I showed them aff

Spin the bottle A dare you have to kiss your secret crush but instead he "accidently" kissed you instead....

Drunk EXO they suddenly gor hyper and then fainted wanted to barf but I took care of them all!!!!!

1,2 Dirty dirty beat Luhan suddenly hugs you from behind and kissed your neck or sniff it(?) suddenly laid you down saying "I won't be rough" lolololololol