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The List


It’s the year 2169; the human population has developed differently compared to our ancestors. Our bodies and mind act differently and more aggressively. We no longer distinguish ourselves based on religion, color, ethnicity, or race but by kind. Although there are three different types of people in this world, the reality is that there are only two, them and us. We live in world were alphas and betas rule what’s left of it, while the omegas suffer and carry the burden of regulations the government has placed on our kind.  



I have been lurking on this site for years and finally decided to write something. Inspired by watching too many EXO videos and fancams, specially the cute OTP moments. This is my first story and English is not my first language so I am sorry if it is too hard to understand. Also, this will include mpreg, so if you feel uncomfortable I am sorry.

Beta from Chapter 20-38: iheartkpop96

Beta from Chapter 39-53 : sakurachan1126


Spanish version by LianYu




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HyukScha25 #1
Chapter 53: I was taking 3 days to finish reading this... It totally wonderful.. Finally a happy ending for the family. ╯﹏╰
Akaell #2
Chapter 14: It's the second time that I'm reading this story and I can't get tired of it. The List is an amazing story ;)
hadzluvsDO #3
Chapter 53: Awww I just love how the relationships in this fanfic are potrayed. Its so cute and I enjoyed it a lot. Its a beautiful story. Thank you author-nim.
choihayeon #4
im not a fan of exo anymore but this fic is <3. i read it many times since i found it author-nim ur da best xoxo.
baekkyeool #5
Chapter 12: exo and touch of infinte the story is soooo good
LynnseeRae #6
Chapter 53: Oh lord! That farting in his sleep scene had to be the sweetest thing I have ever read. I get really tired of overly sentimental used up lines or scenes and that was just sooo cute! It just seemed like something that might happen with a real couple!
Loved the story!
Sain_shiners #7
This is my 4th time to read the whole chapters.. Usually im here just because im craving baekyeol moment, preggy baekhyun, and jerk yet sweet chanyeol. So if you ask me how many times i've read the baekyeol pov.. I've read them a lottttttttt
Baekytae #8
I can honestly read this story and not be tired of it. This is one of my FAVE stories. I absolutely love this
MissRight123 #9
Chapter 40: Reading this for the 3rd time now and still haven't got enough!!
Rb2012 #10
Chapter 53: Aaaah just love the story . I don't know how many times i had reread it already . But i really enjoyed it every single time .