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It’s the year 2169; the human population has developed differently compared to our ancestors. Our bodies and mind act differently and more aggressively. We no longer distinguish ourselves based on religion, color, ethnicity, or race but by kind. Although there are three different types of people in this world, the reality is that there are only two, them and us. We live in world were alphas and betas rule what’s left of it, while the omegas suffer and carry the burden of regulations the government has placed on our kind.  



I have been lurking on this site for years and finally decided to write something. Inspired by watching too many EXO videos and fancams, specially the cute OTP moments. This is my first story and English is not my first language so I am sorry if it is too hard to understand. Also, this will include mpreg, so if you feel uncomfortable I am sorry.

Beta from Chapter 20-38: iheartkpop96

Beta from Chapter 39-53 : sakurachan1126


Spanish version by LianYu




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ballerinabaek 0 points #1
Chapter 53: Second time reading this and totally worth it!!!! As good as I remembered <3
moonwalker7 #2
I loveeeeeed it tysm*^O^*
jihyun246 #3
Chapter 1: this is like my 7th times read this story.
One of (or maybe) the best story i've ever read
xxx_exosarang #4
Chapter 30: i like it how the alpha is the one who freaked out, not the omega hahahahaha XD
audbear #5
Chapter 53: WOW
ReAd it all
looooovvvveee it
charmofvivian #6
Chapter 53: I love this<333
I read this in 3 days!
I wish that I find other fanfics as good as this in the future...
My fav OTP<333
DOkiddos #7
Chapter 20: New reader and i plan on reading this in on go, fighting for me, as far as i read well kaisoo and hunhan are so contrast, while kaisoo has a perfect relationship, hunhan has mayor problem from the very beginning, well idk if at the end kaisoo will end up worst than hunhan but i cant wait to finish this story, this is so good i swear i lost track of time
exofinatic #8
Chapter 53: Omg this was such a good fic!! I originally was just looking for a hunhan fic when I came across yours! You have perfectly executed this fic. Before this, I read one who did the same thing as you with the perspectives thing but it wasn't as well written and just got repetitive and confusing. So I was sceptical to read yours but was delighted by how well written it was!!! Keep up the awesome work, I definitely think I will be coming back to this fic :)
HanJihoon #9
Chapter 53: Aaaa hunhan, you're too cute. well, got yourself right to be fired stupid doctor who make lulu sleep for 4 days and make Sehun feel like almost got a heart attack! but thankgoodness they have a happy ending. all of them :D
Good story author-nim !
HanJihoon #10
Chapter 19: you deserve it Sehun. how could you go to her fisrt than your hurt mate one. T^T you're being irrational hunnie