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It’s the year 2169; the human population has developed differently compared to our ancestors. Our bodies and mind act differently and more aggressively. We no longer distinguish ourselves based on religion, color, ethnicity, or race but by kind. Although there are three different types of people in this world, the reality is that there are only two, them and us. We live in world were alphas and betas rule what’s left of it, while the omegas suffer and carry the burden of regulations the government has placed on our kind.  



I have been lurking on this site for years and finally decided to write something. Inspired by watching too many EXO videos and fancams, specially the cute OTP moments. This is my first story and English is not my first language so I am sorry if it is too hard to understand. Also, this will include mpreg, so if you feel uncomfortable I am sorry.

Beta from Chapter 20-38: iheartkpop96

Beta from Chapter 39-53 : sakurachan1126


Spanish version by LianYu




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LeeAlyn #1
Chapter 53: I've read this for about 5 times already, and I still can't get enough of them.. they're so sweet and cute and there's also some drama and they're cute again and there's happy ending.. oh! and I love every couple in here, especially Baekyeol tho, duhh hahaha. Damn that diva, he makes me wanna be like him in the future.

Gosh, how I wish every fanfic would be like this. kkk

Great job authornim, you've made me fangirling over this story of yours. You deserved a big clap *cute monkey claps everywhere!* kk
No, seriously.. i'm clapping right now.
Daisyboo #2
Chapter 53: It's so perfect.This fic is perfect.I feel sad cuz it's finished.But I bookmarked it so I can read it many times as I wish.
Haveto say that I love u author-nim.Love ur creation.
kaareeniiee #3
one of the best fic i've ever read!!! this story is pure heaven i have read it for like 15+ times idl because this is seriously addicting!! thank you for making this author-nim!! full support on this story!~ ♡
eunaescup #4
I just finised this fic and this is really beautiful!! ㅠ.ㅠ It was really great how they all managed to grow and be together *wipes tears* thank you for this!!♡♡♡
Arkeshia #5
Chapter 53: I need more. I am totallly, fully, unbelievebly, idiotically, dramatically in love with this... uhuhuuuu T_T
Arkeshia #6
Chapter 53: I need more. I am totallly, fully, unbelievebly, idiotically, dramatically in love with this... uhuhuuuu T_T
Suzyjessica #7
Chapter 53: this is my third time reading this story...the babies moments are too cute for my little heart !!!! *.*
StarburstSweet_ #8
Chapter 53: I'm so happy I found this story ^^ it's such an amazing story and I want to thank you for the time and effort you put into writing this
xOxO12_afar #9
yeah found you again !!!!
Hunhanisbae21 #10
This story is honestly the best. This was the first ever gay story i read and holy cow, was i satisfied. The chapters are long, the characters are so well put together, the plot is beautifully built, and the ships. Oh lord the ships. The characters were made so they are so well together. I love y chan and the hunhan (in the beginning) made my heart ache. Kaisoo is so sweet and the taoris is just. . . . i dont even know how to describe them. Tbh i've read this story over seven times and i never get tired of it. Its just so. . . Gah. Beautiful. I know you rpoabably wont read this but i just wanted to inform you of how loved this peice of art is.