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It’s the year 2169; the human population has developed differently compared to our ancestors. Our bodies and mind act differently and more aggressively. We no longer distinguish ourselves based on religion, color, ethnicity, or race but by kind. Although there are three different types of people in this world, the reality is that there are only two, them and us. We live in world were alphas and betas rule what’s left of it, while the omegas suffer and carry the burden of regulations the government has placed on our kind.  



I have been lurking on this site for years and finally decided to write something. Inspired by watching too many EXO videos and fancams, specially the cute OTP moments. This is my first story and English is not my first language so I am sorry if it is too hard to understand. Also, this will include mpreg, so if you feel uncomfortable I am sorry.

Beta from Chapter 20-38: iheartkpop96

Beta from Chapter 39-53 : sakurachan1126


Spanish version by LianYu




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littlehye #2
Chapter 53: Thank you for such a good story, THIS was amazing one of the best I have read. Good writting, Good story, enough drama not to much and you didnt left anyone behind . I found THIS fanfic that I end it in like 3 days I was so inmersed because I liked it
princessLeo #3
Chapter 53: Cant you write more... this fic have special space in my heart and in my browser .. its always open... i have read it so many times. . now i want more... plzzzzz
xXSavannahXx #4
Chapter 53: *cries and throws roses* Beautiful! Even though I'm sure you inflicted some sort of damage on my tear ducts, I freaking LOVE this story. Thank you for having such a good brain *UH WINK WINK* ;)
xXSavannahXx #5
Chapter 41: I'm still pissed at them. They forgive too easy. This is why Baekhyunnie is my favorite. <3
xXSavannahXx #6
Chapter 35: Well, that wasn't awkward to read... I'm sure it was very awkward for you to write. XD
xXSavannahXx #7
Chapter 33: Everybody's pregnant! You're pregnant! *throws baby* You're pregnant! *throws another baby* Look under your chairs, you're all pregnant! *Throws babies into crowd*
miranti_8486 #8
Chapter 10: I had lost count at how may times I re reading this story, a lovely story that's make me realize the importance of family and kindness, I love this a lot..
LAboy25sz #9
Chapter 53: Nice ending author! Congrats!