Thanks for the comment, suggestion and subscription.

I feel really happy that someone comment.

But I don't know why, somehow some of your comment really makes me hurt.

I mean like, I already prepare this and then somebody want this, want this and want this.

I keep changing my plot just to make reader happy.

Fortunately, that the chapter that I update was just the teaser.

Anyway, here is the update.

I will show you the profile first :)

Enjoy, heee.



                                               EXO-M Kris


 Name : Kris Wu (24)

Group : EXO-M  / leader, main rapper, sub vocalist

Agency : SM Entertainment

Debut : April 2012

Representative Song : MAMA





                                                                          Big Bang G-Dragon                                                                 

Name : Kwon Jiyong(26)

Group : Big Bang / leader, main rapper, face of the group

Agency : YG Entertainment

Debut : August 2006

Representative Song : Heartbreaker, That XX



                                                                                                                         INFINITE L


Name : Kim Myungsoo(22)

Group : INFINITE / vocalist, face of the group

Agency : Woolim Entertainment

Debut : June 2010

Representative Song : Before The Dawn, Be Mine, Paradise, The Chaser, etc.




                                                                                                                              Super Junior Eunhyuk


Name : Lee Hyukjae(28)

Group : Super Junior / main rapper, main dance, vocalist

Agency : SM Entertainment

            Debut : November 2005

Representative Song : U, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, y, Free and Single, etc.




2NE1 Dara


Name : Sandara Park (30)

Group : 2NE1 / vocalist, face of the group

Agency : YG Entertainment

Debut : May 2009

Representative Song : Kiss


f(x) Krystal


Name : Jung Soojung (20)

Group : f(x) / lead vocalist,maknae

Agency : SM Entertainment

Debut : September 2009

Representative Song : lA chA TA, Nu Abo, Pinocchio, Electric Shock, etc.




miss A Suzy


Name : Bae Suzy (20)

Group : miss A / main vocalist, lead rapper, maknae, face of the group

Agency : JYP Entertainment

Debut : June 2010

Representative Song : Bad Girl Good Girl, Breath, Touch,I Don’t Need A Man, etc.





Name : Lee Jieun (21)

Group : Solo

Agency : LOEN Entertainment

Debut : September 2008

Representative Song : Boo, Marshmallow, Nagging, Good Day, etc.




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sumsum050798199 #2
Chapter 16: Kyaaa. .. kriszy Jjang! !!
infinitefexo #3
Chapter 16: yaay myungstal hehe
infinitefexo #4
Chapter 10: myungstal?
thecoolauthorstories #5
Chapter 6: GDSTAL is the real couple here hehe he follow her on iinstagram and liked every single one of her photos so they better be a couple here
thecoolauthorstories #6
Chapter 4: Am i mention in chap 4? I am confused
kismet #7
I'm hoping there will be GD and Suzy!
mydespairity #8
Chapter 6: Meanwhile, I keep rereading this and I feel like I'm the only one spazzing over Gdstal .-.
Kat2601 #9
Chapter 16: I wanna see more GD and Suzy moments!
Kat2601 #10
Chapter 4: Please update!
Suzy myungsoo! Or suzy and gdragon!
jireh531 #11
Chapter 16: Please update! Love the story feels like I'm watching the whole real thing right now. Lol and please more Daragon moments. Haha kamsamhamnida authornim~! <3