Hands Off My Diary


"Ya Park Chanyeol!" Kyungsoo threw a stuffed toy at Chanyeol who was reading a manga at the couch.

"What?" Chanyeol looked aver his shoulders, seeing an angry Kyungsoo.

It was one of those rare days that they got a day of rest. And Chanyeol liked to spend it by reading tons of mangas ang pigging out on bags of chips and cans of coke. He was often left home, while others went to go shopping, or sometimes go to Lotte World. But this time, he was home, with Jongin and Kyungsoo. Baekhyun, Sehun and Suho went out to go grocery shopping.

"Oh God. Plase clean up your room, Chanyeol. I'm begging you!" Kyungsoo said, ruffling his hair.

"After I finish this manga. I'm almost done." the tall brunette said, flashing a huge grin and showing a V-sign with his left hand.

"No! Go to your room now, and clean it!" the doe-eyed Umma yelled.

Chanyeol stood up, bringing his manga with him. "Arasso, umma." he cooed pinching the cheeks of the shorter male as he walked passed by him.

"Kyungsoo-hyung!" Jongin shouted from their room, "Help me!" he continued as the elder heard light ruffling. 


Chanyeol walked inside his and Baekhyun's shared room. God, it really was a mess. It looked like it was visited by a tornado. Clothes everywhere, books scattered on top of everything, not to mention both of their bed looked like someone just had seven rounds of on it. Chanyeol put down the manga on his bed table, then went to his bed and started to fluff the pillows and setting it back beside the headboards, running his hands at the sheets, then folding the blankets. He then turned around to face Baekhyun's bed. He did the same as what he did to his own. He held out Baekhyun's blanket and started to fold it. He unknowingly smelled the soft cloth, it really smelled of Baekhyun. Sweet and different. He put it back on the bed and ran his hands at Baekhyun's bed to straighten the sheets.


"Kyungsoo-ya!" He shouted while eyeing the flloor, "Do I have to vaccuum?" he continued.

"Aniya! I'll do it later, just take care of the mess!" he heard te shout from the other room.


He shrugged, he started picking up the clothes that were everywhere, then putting it at the laundry basket. He opened his closet, and arranged his clothes in a good stack. He opened Baekhyun's and did the same. As he closed the closet door, he looked back at the room. Hmm. At least it doesn't look that bad anymore. 

He started to put back all his mangas that were scattered inside the room, and put it back at the shelf he had specially made for his little collection. He bent down and picked up an unsolved Rubik's Cube.

"LuHan-hyung must've left this before he went to China." he mumbled. "Ah! I better give this to Sehunnie later." he said then put it inside one of his drawers.


The room was now much better, it actually looked like a room now. He sighed, and took one last look at his shared room, he was about to go out but remembered his manga. He went to the bedside table and picked it up, but something caught his attention. Underneath Baekhyun's bedside table, there was.. a book?

He squinted, he grabbed his manga then reached down the table to get the book.

"Why is this here?" he said as he tried to reach for it. "Maybe it's a Manga. Oooh~ Baekhyun's hiding it." he snickered.

The tip of his fingers finally touched the edge of the book, then he pulled it out.

"Let's see.." his trailed off when he saw that it was no ordinary book.




The letters read on the front. His eyes widened, curiosity got the best of him. Chanyeol wasn't interested at first. He was bestfriends with Baekhyun anyway. He knew what was written in that diary, would probably the things they always talk about. They promised each other anyway, no secrets between them.

But Chanyeol still opened the diary, wondering if his guess was right. Unfortunately, it was wrong. He sat down on the floor, and pushed his back against Baekhyun's bed. He crossed his legs then started turning the pages.


'2:47am August 4: Woke up suddenly when I had a dream about him again. Everyone is asleep. Went to the kitchen and started to write this. Sigh~ Yesterday at the fansigning, he kept on whispering to me. I know it's wrong to think of these things when he's a friend, he's a member and more importantly he's a guy. Why am I feeling so weird?'


Chanyeol's eyes widened, 'Baekhyun likes one of the members?' he flipped the page.


'1:44am August 18: At the airport, he was holding me again. I had to look down so he couldn't see my flushed face. I almost tripped because I wasn't looking on my way. But he had a strong grip of my arm. I feel so warm when I'm with him. I wonder what it's like to hold his hand while walking side by side. I once tried to hold his hand, but I chickened out. And, he might also think it's weird. I keep on thinking about him. What should I do?'


'12:16am August 23: Schedules ended early today. Usually it ended at 2. The members are all asleep. I wonder if he's tired, he's always smiling that I can't tell. I hope he's doing fine. I can't ask because I'm shy. Sometimes, when I see him sleep, I just want to run my fingers through his hair, but that would be weird, not to mention, creepy. Ah! I finally got a hold of his hand, too. I believe it was accidental, though. We were going to the cars then he suddenly held my hand. I felt secured. But it's wrong for me to feel that way. I'm a guy, and he's a guy. Does this mean I'm gay?'


Chanyeol took note of the details in every passage Baekhyun wrote, he didn't bother if his bestfriend was indeed gay. Almost eveyone in their group was.


'11:56pm September 3: I wrote this after I finished vocal training. I'm alone inside the studio. I wish he was here with me, seeing him is enough for me. Too bad he still had training. I wonder if he ever gets tired from smiling all the time. Can't that cause face cramps? Wait, are there even face cramps? Anyway.. I told LuHan-hyung about my feelings for him. He laughed at me. Crazy LuHan-hyung.'


'7:16pm September 4: LuHan-hyung is not crazy after all. He laughed at me because he thought I was cute. He thought the my crush for him was cute. He even told me that it wasn't even a crush anymore. Does he mean, it was love that I'm feeling?I'm in love with Park Chanyeol? Am I really in love with my bestfriend?'


Chanyeol choked on his saliva at the last passage. He coughed and coughed till tears almost started brimming. He got a hold of himself and stared at the passage. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. 'He likes me?'


'1:24am September 8: I suddenly thought of something. Something crazy. I wonder how would the word 'Babe' sound like if it came from Channie. His voice is pretty deep, and it made me shiver just when he called me by my name. I should call him like that inside my head, and in this diary. Anyone can dream, right? Babe. <3'


Chanyeol felt his cheeks burn up. Was he seriously blushing? Just the thought of him calling Baekhyun 'Babe' made him feel weird in his stomach.


'2:12am September 12: LuHan-hyung asked me if I was ever gonna confess my feelings. I told him that I won't. I don't wanna ruin our beautiful friendship. If I confessed, wouldn't that make things awkward? But LuHan-hyung said that it could turn into something more than friendship. He said he was the same as me when he realized his feelings for Sehunnie. And now they're all lovey-dovey. Just picturing myself with Channie like that made the butterflies in my stomach to flutter. But I won't take the chance. I wan't Channie to be comfortable with me. I don't wan't him to ever stay away from me. I'll never confess to Babe.'


Chanyeol finally realized. He himself, was attracted to Baekhyun. He always held his arm when they're at airports. He always whispered things to Baekhyun. He occassionally find himself staring at those brown orbs. He often stayed beside Baekhyun coz he felt warm in his company. He even hated it when Kai, LuHan, Tao, and the other members held Baekhyun. It made him feel.. jealous. But one thing made him sure of his feelings for Baekhyun.

Once, he had found the shorter male sleeping on the couch, he brushed the bangs away from his pretty forehead and planted a kiss there. He carried him to his room, and set him at his bed. The shorter whimpered and tousled into the comforts of the bed, snuggling one of the pillows.

Chanyeol thought it was one of those moments, when you just get carried away by your hormones. He just thought the elder was too cute. He tilted the sleeping boy's chin, and faced it to him. He planted a soft and sweet kiss against the elder's pink and thin lips. He closed his eyes, but suddenly pulled away when he rememberes, this was a guy he's kissing. Not to mention his bestfriend.

Okay it was not hormone that made him kiss Baekhyun. It was attraction. It was love.


He pushed the diary back under the bedside table, where it was. He stood up and mumbled, "I'm going to make you confess Byun Baekhyun. You'll be mine soon."


The door of the room opened, Chanyeol saw a smiling Baekhyun. "Channie!" Baekhyun beamed as he went inside the room.

"Woah~ Someone's been cleaning!" he smiled, eyeing the room. Chanyeol just rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah." he mumbled.

"Come on, Kyungsoo's cooking Kimchi Spaghetti." he said going out the door.

Chanyeol just stared at the back view of Baekhyun, walking away. 'Wow~ I'm so stupid for not realizing your feelings Baek. Don't worry. You won't jeopardize our friendship. I'll make it into something more.'


Baekhyun walked back to the room, seeing Chanyeol didn't follow him to the kitchen, he poked his head at the door and saw Chanyeol, dazed as if he was thinking deeply about something.

"Channie!" he yelled. Chanyeol flinched and blurted, "Yes, BABE?" he unknowingly said that.

Baekhyun's eyes widened, 'I never thought I'd hear him say that to me'

"W-what did you j-just call me?" the elder stuttered. "Nothing. Come on, Baekkie." he said as he grabbed Baekhyun's hand and dragging him to the kitchen.


Baekhyun's ears heated up and he definitely knew he was blushing. 'Babe called me babe.' he thought, smiling to himself.

'Operation: Make Byun Baekhyun Confess. Start.' Chanyeol thought inside his head as he held the elders hand evn tighter.












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