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After her career in America comes to a halt, Mia gets a second chance in South Korea, where she joins an already established idol group and where she might be able to find love.


This is my first FF. I love to write and this is my new baby.

It does look extremely long but the chapters or "fragments" as I prefer to call them vary from short to long and they are full of comedy, romance and idols from all companies.

Upvote if you like it. But most af all, remember to leave me some comments over here ~~ I love them; it truly inspires me more. Thanks! ^^

*This FF includes a large number of idols and then other fictional characters. However, the personalities, situations, dialogues and scenes depicted here are the product of imagination. None of it is based in fact. Please pardon any mistakes in the chronology.

**Since Mia is an OC I am using photos of other girl idols like Tiffany or Suzy, etc to be able to make the art. ;)




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Chapter 161: Leeteuk! What are you doing my dude?! This is no bueno! It ain't Gucci! Mia was going to find out and...UGH! Could've at least told herself perro noooo, pickachu knows everything! Taeyeon is the real MVP!
princessjay #2
Chapter 161: Tsk tsk tsk...Leeteuk never learns. I think it is time for Mia to let go. Of course they are in love and happy but I think she deserves not only love in the form of lip service but actual love: being taken care of, honesty and devotion. She has been taking care of everyone around her...she also deserves true happiness.
rainyann #3
Chapter 160: I died laughing at Teukie reading the fanfics! Hahahahahaha BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Girl, you rock!!!
Chapter 160: DON'T TOUCH ME, I'M SOFT!!!! I got all emotional when Sistar showed up! Ugh!!! Imma miss them!!!!! And oh crap! XD That totally flew over my head! XD Good to see that they stayed in their lanes XD Oh merciful heavens...We Got Married...
Chapter 160: Sistar.... it's nice to see how you're portraying them. I mean don't get me wrong but they're known in the industry as the guardian of every gg out there. it's really sad that they had to disband. anyway, coming back to the story, wonder how Mia is going to take this WGM thing. can't wait to read more.
Chapter 160: Sistar girls are like a gang. LOL
Chapter 159: whoa! Hae and Mia... totally wasn't expecting that. wonder if it will affect her relationship with Teuk later.
Anyway, finally caught up. can't wait to read more. hope to see an update soon.
Chapter 159: Oh...Donghae, Mia, wtf???? Y'all need to stay in your own damn lanes! And I totally didn't start singing "Let's get it on~" for Siwon and Samaris XD But I ship them, holy crap! XD AND YAAAAS, HEECHUL! MA BOI!!!
Chapter 158: Hahaha! The guys will have their hands full XD The girls is how me and my squad are...parties are our XD
Chapter 157: Three thumbs up, five stars, what else to say. I usually comment and up vote when I finish reading the whole story but this new deserve it.