Su Ji had been struggling in following her own path and conquering the world. Or at least her world. She knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride, she had always conceded that fact.

Then, a boy named Jongin entered the scene and her life went from complicated to tangled.




Note: Chapters which contains potential psychological triggers or suggestive themes are marked with the M rating.




Hey, guys! missribbons here :) I’m back with a new story and I am blatantly featuring Kai of EXO (again). I can't help it. I'm suffering from massive Kai feels every single day. Apparently, this is another romance/drama fanfic (if you had read my first fic, you should know I'm a er for both). I hope you guys enjoy this one and, hopefully, shower it with some of your love and support.
And as always, feedbacks, comments and constructive criticisms are highly appreciated.


**Heartlines [Indonesian] currently being translated by mrskailu
06/08: Yay! Heartlines got featured! Honestly, this story is very special to me and I feel incredibly happy & grateful that you guys got this featured :)

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Chapter 25: I reread and i fell in love once again with this story!!! This is beautiful!!!
MelodyYingLim #2
Chapter 21: Not finished reading this piece but i absolutely love it! The emotions through every chapter is well protrayed :) Also i would recommend to add an "angst" tag and "sliceoflife" tag coz i never knew this story would be so sad all the time haha. I thought it's a sappy love story when i first read it (well i love angst too)
Huiyoung2824 #3
Chapter 12: Lyra would be their child's name in the future ;).
Chapter 25: I like this. A lot. It felt so intimate and beautiful. Like how you touch on the characters's issues with family, friend, love, illness and more. It felt so realistic with the mention of common problems a normal teenager face in real life - chasing after dreams, love and maybe with the society. Thank you for the story. Have a nice day :)
suhosproperty #5
Chapter 25: I honestly found the first two chapters a little tedious but as the story goes on i began to enjoy how the plot became so interesting i even tried to prolong it by reading just a chapter a day (though im itching to read all of the chapters in one go)! Thumbs up to you authornim :)
kaikookie #6
Chapter 25: God! This is just soooo good. And the last part U talked about love, that is exactly what I really wanna experience. Thanks Author nim it was a great story
Chapter 25: This is awesome! Why on earth i never encounter this story before ? The story is well written. The problems that Su Ji faced is something common in our life¿
And i'm not about sure how many time i want to cried.Seriously.
Chapter 25: This is so breathaking i swear. Everything going slow pace and beautifully written ❤
Luluyoongi #9
This is so beautiful, really.
I love their charachter here, you really do a great job. Thank u for all of your beautiful stories. I've read some of your stories. I want to give a comment for each story but I can't because my phone is not really a good one to type.. cuz the glass is broken and... Yeah, it's hard to type with my phone. So I just can show you how grateful I am by upvoting your stories. Im so sorry and thnk u for making this beautiful story

*OhMyGod my fingers hurt like hell because the long typing :(( *
Chapter 25: Double thumbs up :)