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Do You Wanna B? ‘Block B Club’.


18 year old Kira is just supposed to start her last year of high school at Yumkwang High School in Busan but due to unforeseen unfortunate events, she is forced to move out and stay with her auntie in Seoul. Now she has to finish high school in a different school, Seoul Music School. Her auntie rents out a boarding house close to the school and that’s where Kira is going to stay with 7 boys. There’s the vain leader called Zico, the silent, mysterious one called Jaehyo, the playboy called Yoo Kwon {U-Kwon}, the mean one called MinHyuk {B-bomb}, the friendly one called JiHoon {P.O.}, the funny one called Kyung and the serious one called Taeil.

With 8 different personalities clashing, will they all be able to stand one another? Will great friendship bloom or will there be enemies and rivalry? Will Kira find love with one of the boys?




Warning: This fic is RATED because of swearing and use of bad words.


 There will also be scenes halfway through the story :)


Comments are greatly appreciated and subscribers are much loved!

 The more comments, the more i will update :D {just saying}



Woo JiHo {Zico}

[The Vain Leader]


Ahn JaeHyo {JaeHyo}

[The pretty, mysterious, silent one]


Lee MinHyuk {B-Bomb}

[The cold, mean one]


Lee Taeil {Taeil}

[The serious one]


Park Kyung {Kyung}

[The funny one]


Kim YooKwon {U-Kwon}

[The cute playboy]


Pyo JiHoon {P.O.}

[The friendly, childish maknae]


Inoue Kira {Kira}

[The girl/you]


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Broror_nam #1
Chapter 37: U-kira all the way!lol I really wanted ukwon to have his turn besides there was too much pressure with minhyuk and jaehyo XD but anyways good job!~~
BamBamPrinceCharming #2
Chapter 37: Wow, that actually made me tear up a little. They are so happy now! And poor Kwonnie, he never got the chance to be Kira baby's boyfriend. I love this story so much!
KpopAnimeGirl #3
Chapter 37: I am a hardcore U-Kira shipper ._. HEHE. Other than that , this story is A W E S O M E ! ^_^
ObeyMyBackhand #4
Chapter 36: Just go to ukwon!!! Minhyuk and jaehyo are too much drama it never ends!!! >.<
kittie18 #5
Chapter 37: Great story! Stayed up 'til 5 in the morning to read this. Tried not to wake anyone up with my laughing, frustrations and "aww" moments. :) Good job!
Nekogirl972 #6
Chapter 37: Re-read this again after a year or so and it's still amazing as how I read it before. ^^
Cookiecreamninja #7
Chapter 37: Soo, I ended up readind the story and I totally like it! I had to laugh so hard... really nice :) Although I was a U-Kira shipper xD Anyway I like it how you catch the personalities of the boys really well :3
Cookiecreamninja #8
Chapter 32: I totally prefer U-Kira T.T Anyway I will continue reading ^o^ I really like this story <3 Atm I am at chapter 32
C_a_r_o_LL #9
Nice fanfic !! Fighting!