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A Trainee

Your POV (Hyun Jae)




After we took a bath, we dressed casually and went to SM Entertainment. When we arrived, Sehun opened the door for me. Aww, he's such a gentleman! My sehunnie~~ and after that, we headed inside. When we arrived inside, Sehun went to the receptionist and asked her.



"Is Mr. Soo Man busy?" he asked her. She shook her head, telling him that he's not. He mouthed a thank you and he grabbed my hands, intertwined his fingers with mine and dragged me into the elevator. The elevator stopped and we hopped outside and we came towards a big door that says: Lee Soo Man - CEO. Sehun knocked and we heard a voice telling us to come in and so we did. We went inside and i saw an old man, probably in his late 40's smiling to us with that eye-blinding smile.



"So Sehun! You did come and you brought your wife with you" he smiled to us and we smiled back.



"Deh Mr. Lee. So, i guess you should discuss things with her" Sehun bowed and tried to leave but i tugged at his shirt to prevent him from leaving. He sighed and ruffled my hair.




"Oh please Sehun. Cut the formalities. We all know that you are my nephew so don't need to be that formal. Just calling me uncle will do" he smiled. I turned to Sehun and looked at him with shocked eyes. He looked down and scratched his neck and gave me a sheepish smile.




"Base on your wife's reaction, you haven't told her don't you?" he asked and Sehun nodded. Mr. Lee sighed and turned to me and gave me a small smile.




"I'm sorry for my nephew's behaviour. He doesn't really like people knowing that he's my nephew because he doesn't want anybody to treat him special so please forgive him. Anyway, i'm here to ask you if you want to be a trainee. As you know, i'm planning to debut a new girl group 2 months after EXO's debut. This group will be having 12 members. This is the first girl group to have this number of members and i'm going to make this group to be EXO's girl version. This group girl group is going to be call V.O.G or Voice of Goddesses. The concept is a mixture of the goddesses who went to earth as the human beings were captivated by their beauty. Isn't it a good idea? So, would you join?" Mr. Lee asked me with hopeful eyes. I turned to Sehun and he nodded to me and smiled. Well, i have nothing to lose if i become a trainee for SM, infact i'm going to see Sehun often.



I turned to Mr. Lee and nodded my head. He smiled and handed me a contract. I stared at it for a while, thinking what should i really do. Well, there's no harm in accepting this right? Well, here goes nothing. I got my pen and signed the contract. Mr. Lee smiled at me and shake hands with me.



"Welcome to SMEnt Ice Princess. I hope you'll do well and oh, don't worry, about your  skating career, i'll let you keep it alright? Well, that's all. Be sure to be back here tomorrow along with Sehun so you can meet your fellow members arrasso?" he asked. I nodded my head and bowed down and after that, Sehun and i went outside. He stopped at one practice room and opened it, revealing his other members.





"Annyeong HyunJae!" they smiled at me. I smiled back at them and bowed by head.



"Annyeong Oppas!" I smiled back. Sehun put his arm around me and smiled to the others.



"Hyungs, Soo Man asked her to be a trainee and she's debuting with our newest girl group!" Sehun excitedly asked. Their eyes widened and they all hovered at me.



"Jinja? Woah! Daebak!" They exclaimed. They high-fived with her and ruffled her hair.



"No wonder she's included. She's beautiful and talented. I heard Mr. Soo Man scouted the other members himself. They're pure beauties and talent he said" Baekhyun oppa said as he smiled to me. I smiled a little and turned to Sehun who was busy chatting with Luhan oppa. I frowned. How can he talk casually with Luhan oppa while i'm here surrounded by all boys? Does he prefer him over me?

















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