Meet My Wife Lee Donghae

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My second fanfic! Rated just in case. Enjoy! Enjoy!


Hyuk is telling you how he met Lee Donghae.


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Chapter 35: OMG!!!! This is interesting and they are so funny.... Great story...
PinkBubbles253 #2
Chapter 35: This story is so random and thats why its so cute I want to read the sequel tho haha~
CielMatthew #3
Great Story!!! You made me worry about Donghae though xD Write more!!
hyukeehaek #4
Chapter 35: still dont get it and dont get it srsly if its bout how they did met but its funny more than romantic rather dramatic the plot is super random though but it s funny otherwise so yeah i may like it tiny l bit
Zehrawho #5
Chapter 18: What Turkish ???!
pauleahae #6
Chapter 35: Wow!!! I'm out of words. This was soooo very beautiful. I loved it!!
diastikananda #7
Chapter 34: OMOOOOO~~~ love thisss
kyuminlovely #8
Chapter 29: ok this become confusing now is donghae really sick or this is part of sherry *means you author nim* plan
by the way author nim you are way to cute and you story is soooooo good
chuldeREIlla137 #9
Chapter 35: Wahahahaha. XD I can't stop laughing while reading this. XD this is so awesome authornim!