Forbidden Boys


Having to move from everything she’s ever known Eunbi is all of a sudden thrown into a life full of chaos.
Troublesome love, ignorant parents, jealousy and confusing friendships are suddenly a part of her everyday life. 
It’s a lifestyle so different from the one Eunbi used to live. 

And she’s left trying to comprehend the change.


"Love. Why is it so difficult?"



♡Eunbi [YOU]
• High School freshman.

• High School senior.

• High School junior.


Hi ^^
I'm pretty sure this is going to be my last fanfic, but then again, you'll never know.
And I'm not too sure where I'm going with this fic, so be prepared it might be some rated scenes. 
More characters will probably be added throughout the story.

Thank you miss_vanma for the beautiful poster and background. 

I don't really know what's happening. But chapter 50 disappeared somehow so I uploaded it again. I'll update ASAP with chapter 51 // ChaeYo

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Chapter 75: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Even tho i expect more scene when they reunite.. but it's fine~ simple and sweet :3
nice ♡
nice (‘∀’●)♡
Re reading ❤
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Chapter 75: Wahhhhhhhh it was just so good. I can't believe that I found this story just now. I feel like a dumb because this was probably one of the best fanfic I ever read. Love the story and my ship all the way. <3 Authornim
Chapter 75: I loved that so much I'm left speechless
Gstwln #7
Chapter 75: At first, it's took me some time to decide whether i will read it or not, luhan is my former bias befor he left, and read story about him make me felt slight unhappy.. But i think its okay now, cos u did a great job with this story :) like.. This was a "real" story i can imagine about, and some part that i can relate. How they are just a teenager and powerless about live without parents that suport them in finance, so they must obey with the order they parents gave. They are just a students at that time after all. So your story was make sense to me, and i like it :)

thanks for your hard work^^
Chapter 75: wow just wow this story is amazing.i love it.
wanxinyan #9
Chapter 75: Beautiful story, like how you made the guy who will end up with the oc unknown, making it quite suspenseful(?) But I just really like it as I just found it really refreshing but however I just felt the ending seemed too rushed (?) I wanted to see more fluffy scenes of eunbi and sehun together but it ended soo quickly but thank you soo much it's been a rollercoaster ride reading this story :)
Kyungsooa #10
Chapter 49: oh jag är svensk hej fam