EXO Imagines

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Series of EXO one shots,






Author: GambitJaxandKpop.tumblr.com

Graphic Designer: VashsRayne.tumblr.com



*** If anyone is interested in creating a graphic poster for an individual imagine, please include me (Gambit Jax) as the author, the name of the imagine from the table of contents, and of course the artist's name (you!). Send me the link, and I'll post it on the imagine and link to your tumblr or wherever you would like! ***







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kdramafan 0 points #1
Chapter 67: Aww that Lay one was sweet !!
nerd_91 #2
Chapter 67: Lay one ws simple n sweet aigoo
Zephoria #3
Chapter 66: You're doing an amazing job; just keep posting when you have time and us silent readers will be here :D
exo_dinka #4
Really amazing
cessyness #5
Chapter 63: If only this moments happens. Right? Who wouldn't enjoy going to concerts, its like killing two birds in one stone. Lol xD
cessyness #6
Chapter 62: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ Oh Krissus! ♥♥♥
cessyness #7
Chapter 61: Oh yeah? K. XD
I love it! ^.^
cessyness #8
Chapter 58: Awwwwwww.....see! Who wouldn't get jealous of that?
cessyness #9
Chapter 57: Awwwwww......this scenarios makes me want to have a bundle of joy already! Uggghhh...
Authornim! How could you play with our emotions!
cessyness #10
Chapter 56: See that? You'll get your own prize too! ;)