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EXO Imagines






Author: GambitJaxandKpop.tumblr.com

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janjan6315 #1
Chapter 62: That's like impossible ;-;
PieLife #2
flyingfili #3
Chapter 62: whoa it's been awhile since i visited aff, and your update is the one that i am always looking forward too <3
janjan6315 #4
Chapter 19: Lol when he started with "when the skies..." I imagined that deep voice from the mv coming from his mouth
janjan6315 #5
Chapter 11: I love these imagines XD
janjan6315 #6
Chapter 2: >o< asdfsgk so cute
eiai88 #7
Chapter 12: Glad to know this story.really.
All of part 1 stories are incredible,amazing and shoot right to my heart.
I love the way you describe every moment.
Simple but nice.
Can i call this bundle of stories with the-way-you-kissed-your-girlfriend?kekeke

Love all the stories in part 1.
Thank you.
Jula1744 #8
Chapter 62: wow!!! I want to be her!!!
Dolly_blink #9
Chapter 62: That's the end O.O omg so good I need more TT its so good authornim </3