EXO Imagines

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miko12 () says about chapter 32:
Omg Tao pls :(( my imagination is going wild

XiuHanForeverBabiii () says about chapter 13:
Ohmygod...I just died... <333333333333333333333333333333333333

Kpoplove_14 () says about chapter 58:
My god, "her skin felt like warm satin under his touch." I read satin as satan

Chenchen my dear bias ; w ;

cantthinkofname () says about chapter 59:
I read part 2 and I was like :O "no!" then it got to the end and it took me a while before I clicked; it leads on to chapter 20 where he adopts the baby!
And I'm glad they actually got their happy ending! :D

fightourdesires () says about chapter 20:
Oh my god! I connected the dots after reading the two parts and chapter 20 came to my mind. I'm melting! It really seems to be something Suho would do :)
Can't wait for Baekhyun's chapter.

sommer-rain () says about chapter 59:
Cant wait for part 2 hehehe

southqoreans () says about chapter 59:
awww! finally tho! suho must be sooo happy!<3

macm0189 () says about chapter 59:
WHY YOU DO THIS OMG T_T (lol should not have read the note at the end? you also said before that it was suho's was gonna be sad!)

adgirl () says about chapter 5:
each and every chapter has me melting in the end!!!

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