Taoris: Awkward?

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Kris read an English book while bobbing his head along with the music.  He has his white earplugs on and he lied with his head on the handle of the couch.  His long legs beating the length of the couch so, he had his knees up, one leg over the other.

Tao stared at his leader with crossed arms against his chest.  “He thinks he’s so cool.  Psh.”  Tao said, knowing Kris can’t hear him.  “Even behind the camera, he’s acting like this…  Bastard.  Stupid Mr. I-am-a-dragon-and-I-can-fly.”  Tao huffed. 

Kris continued to read his book.  “Anything more to add?”  He said not taking his eyes off of the book. 

Tao choked on his saliva.  “Y-you heard me?!” 

Kris looked at Tao and nodded. 


Kris pulled out the end of the earplug’s wire from his jean’s pocket.  The fricking thing isn’t connected to any player!

“Uh oh.”  Tao mumbled, getting busted.

“Yes.  Uh oh, Tao.”  Kris sat up from the couch and stretched a little, closing his book. 

Tao took a step back. 

“On three.”  Kris said calmly. 

Tao gulped and took off running to the bedroom, knowing if the dragon catch him, he’ll die.  But in a split second, Tao was trapped.

Kris smirked and put a hand on the door, right above Tao’s head before the younger can open the door.  “Bastard?  You called me a bastard?” 

Tao turned to face Kris bravely but gulped when he met Kris' eyes.  “N-no sir!”

Kris leaned down so, he’s eye leveled with Tao.  “Do you know what I’m going to do to you right now?”

Tao made an X across his chest with his arms.  “Please have mercy on me, Duizhang!  I’m still young!” 

Kris smirked and leaned in even closer until Tao could feel Kris’ breathing on his face.  “You.”

Tao squeezed his eyes tight.

Kris smirked again and spoke in a deep voice.  “You’re going to call me ‘master’ for today.”

Tao opened his eyes.  “W-what?!” 

“Master Kris~ Just like that.”  Kris ruffled Tao’s hair.  “Try it.”  Tao could hear the threatening sound in Kris’ voice. 

“M-master… SHIFU!  From Kungfu Panda!  Have you watch the movie, ge?!”  Tao quickly changed the subject.

Kris slammed his hand on the door.  “Don’t change the subject, Zitao.” 

Tao pouted.  “Fine!  You’re so mean!” 

Kris tried hard not to hug the younger to death. 

“M-master Kris…”

Kris felt his cheeks getting hot as he took a step back quickly.  He didn’t think it would affect him this much. 

They stood there, having an awkward silent between them for 5 whole minutes. 

“I umm…  going to go watch Kungfu panda!”  Tao yelled, running to the living room. 

Kris blinked and looked at Tao’s back.  “.  Why are we so awkward?” He mumbled when Tao was out of his sight. 


Tao sat politely with his hands on his knees.  Kris' on the other side of the couch is completely opposite from Tao’s position. 

Kris turned to Tao, seeing the boy laughing silently with a hand covered his mouth.  He stared boringly at the younger.  “You know I didn’t say you can’t laugh out loud, right?”

Tao turned to serious face and turned to Kris, bowing his head a little.  “Yes, master.”

Kris shivered a little at the name.  “D-don’t call me that anymore.” 

Tao made a face but didn’t say anything. 

They sat there in silent again except for Tao’s small laughs for another 30 minutes. 

Kris couldn’t take it anymore and slammed his hand on the handle of the couch. 

Tao blinked.  “You!”  Kris pointed at Tao.  “Come here.  I don’t bite!  Why are you cornered up in the end of the couch?!”

Tao blinked again.  Kris hissed and yanked Tao’s arm, making the younger crushed into his chest from the force.  Tao’s eyes widened and blinked at the table.  Kris smiled, wrapping his arm around Tao. 


“I just thought it was awkward.  This is better.”  Kris said.

Tao shifted a little, making himself comfortable.  He swore he can feel Kris’ heart is beating super fast against his ear… just like his.

Kris got bored while watching the cartoon so, he decided to play temple run on his IPhone 5.

“DAMMIT!”  Kris yelled when he died.  “So closed to 1 million!” 

Tao looked up and smirked, snatching Kris’ phone away and starting a new game. 

“What are you-“

“Watch and learn.”  Tao said coolly. 

Kris scoffed.  “I bet you can’t even reach 10 thousand.” 

“WOO HOO~”  The game screamed when the scores are passed Kris’ highest records. 

Tao finally let himself die after a good 10 minutes and handed the phone back to Kris.  Kris looked at his screen, blinking.  Score. 5 million.  It wrote.

Tao patted Kris’ cheek softly and turned back to the TV, the smirk never left his face. 

Kris is still stunned.  Not because Tao played the game really really good.  But because Tao touched him.  And it was so natural.  There was not a hint of awkwardness in the action.

Kris looked down at Tao who’s basically lying on his chest.  He smiled. 

“We’ll look like couples in this position.”  Tao spoke.

“We are couple.”  Kris replied. 

“But it’s a TV program…”  Tao said softly. 

Kris looked at Tao’s raven hair and ran his big hand through them.  “Let’s not think of it that way.”

Tao blushed.  “What are you saying?” 

“I said let’s not think of this is as a TV program.”  Kris spoke truly.  After all, he had a crush on Tao since the day they first met.


Oh!  What is this?  Krease has a crush on panda baby?  ^^

So, according to the comments, Taoris won.  I’ll write Baekyeol next~  Don’t worry. 

Look at them flirting!!! >.<  Killed me.  Gifs do not belong to me.  ^^

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lol this is kinda cheesy, cute but cheesy
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omg pls update this :((
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Chapter 2: I bet there will be a lot of cut out in BAEKYEOL first meeting coz if their speaking and acting. The director will probably regret lol :D
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Chapter 28: I hope you're going to update this story it mean alot to me.but it okey if it burden to you.i love this story
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it's been more than a year...are you going to update this story? pleaseee?
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will this story ever get updated?
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Chapter 28: Pls update soon this gives me life
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Chapter 26: hope you can update soon author-nim!
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