Phoenix Rising


Baekhyun is an exec at a top record label who is under pressure to scout and sign the Next Big Thing. He meets a free-spirited indie rock guitarist who turns his life upside down, along with his definition of the Next Big Thing. Will the cutthroat music industry bring them together, or tear them apart?


Phoenix Rising


Length: Chaptered

Rating: R

Pairing: BaekYeol

Genre: Drama/Romance

Dedicated to my brain twin ruined_reverie, and EimiNuest, hopuai, and ChoKyute, my biggest supporters <3

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cheesygenie #2
Chapter 30: Really love the way you write & i like how this is going! Authornim, fighting!! <3
springjasmine91 #3
Chapter 30: So complicated.......fighting for the next chapter
springjasmine91 #4
Chapter 30: Thus begun the drama. Fighting for the next chapter
CollectTheChaos #5
Chapter 30: I really really enjoyed this chapter, just wanted to let you know ^-^ Baekhyun trying to be comforting and thinking he's failing when really just his presence is calming to Chanyeol :333 me gusta, so thank you for the update :)
DrawMe_Jd #6
Chapter 30: Ok.... is Taeyeon the woman that "saved" Baekhyun when Chanyeol took him to his work building in the early chapters? If not iI give up on thinking who might have been.

anyway it took me less than the whole weekend to end the uploaded chapters YAY!
Now I'll be waiting for tou like the others (boy this is depressing)..
I knew that Kai's situation was bad but not that bad. Now I understand why he has customers (though with a mentality of a fighter I cant believe is giving himself to drugs, is it because of the shame and disgust to be a wh*re?)
I'm fighting to ask you this maybe since the very beginning: why isnt Baek signing Phoenix Rising? Is because he fears to be forced to change them? Or is because their fans are not enough for them to fail on a larger plan? Damn I'm more curious with every line I read!! > <

Btw, I don't remember if I already asked you, but are Hot Box and Bird Cage clubs in real Hongdae? I'm going to Seoul in November and if they exist in real life I want to find them! *^*
DrawMe_Jd #7
I almost thought Chanyeol would have left because of all the sceraming and unveiled truth.. but then, he loves Baekhyun, why would he leave? Baek didn't really lied to him.. and Chanyeol had been treated way better than his own fiancée so isn't bad (for him).
And he really deserved an explanation so..
I feel a little bad to JaeHee though.. poor woman, ignored and cheated like that. It's not your fault if your fiancée is gay.

It might be weird but I really understand Baek's point. When you only have your (stern) family and you are living in a very homophobic society there isn't much you can do to not being left completely alone.. ; ;
Baekhyun-ah! Fighting!! (/ 휴 3휴)/
momoko2288 #8
Chapter 30: Ah wonderful writing as always
strangeneko #9
Chapter 30: For me PR is like our real life , there's right and wrong, lie and honesty, all the mixed-feelings are here, i trully love it :))
And i'm so thankful of the baekyeol moment in this chapter, it's sweet to see them relying on each other like that ( ♥͡▽♥͡ )
WonderCassie #10
Chapter 30: This chapter was so comfortable. The fact that they're relying on each other more now is really good.
I hope Kai can work things out. I wonder what Tao is up to though.