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Phoenix Rising


Baekhyun is an exec at a top record label who is under pressure to scout and sign the Next Big Thing. He meets a free-spirited indie rock guitarist who turns his life upside down, along with his definition of the Next Big Thing. Will the cutthroat music industry bring them together, or tear them apart?


Phoenix Rising


Length: Chaptered

Rating: R

Pairing: BaekYeol

Genre: Drama/Romance

Dedicated to my brain twin ruined_reverie, and EimiNuest, hopuai, and ChoKyute, my biggest supporters <3

Story Poster/Banner by hopuai

Permanent Link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/362785


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kgirl25 #1
Chapter 30: I truly love this story! It's very realistic and touching. I feel so attached to the characters. Thank you for writing this! It always cheers me up <3
KimDelilahEunmi #2
Chapter 30: So beautiful and sad story...it make eunmi feelings all round places...^^
lele91 #3
Chapter 30: are you going to update ? :( i hope you didnt give up on this
eunhae_holic86 #4
Chapter 30: helloooooooo
finally done reading this fic woohooo
I've been reading this fic since 3 dayes you can say wht a mess bundle of feeling i went through in a very tinny time
I got caught in Baek's character the similarities between me and him is somthing... I just... oh god I even sent to you a private msg here but thank god you dont read your DMs
and i will never rewrite wht i wrote there bcoz it's difficult... to admit how failure.. and peace of I am
well.... thank you for writing this complex character
wonderful fic
with new words
obviously English is not my first language can you see the typos up there
in your fic there is new adj and adv
i used google translate to know wht it's mean
but i forget it now ( ̄. ̄)
any wat thanx for sharing your story and talent with us see you next update make it sooooooooon *hugs
evenick #5
I still come here and read the chapters I like from time to time. I'm in love with this story and the way you portray their relationship. This is my first time writing a comment but I just love this.
cooxmoo #6
I am totally and unconditionally in love with this story, with the way it is written and with omg of course the characters! Kai he just...just... i cannot stop spazzing i swear to god. I need an update. I need more PLEASE!!
dauqspredeht #7
Chapter 20: OK. Jaw hee definitely saw something.. This is getting really good. I'm just worried i might have to wait for the update. TT