Phoenix Rising

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Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Kris, Tao, Jongdae


Baekhyun is an exec at a top record label who is under pressure to scout and sign the Next Big Thing. He meets a free-spirited indie rock guitarist who turns his life upside down, along with his definition of the Next Big Thing. Will the cutthroat music industry bring them together, or tear them apart?


Phoenix Rising


Length: Chaptered

Rating: R

Pairing: BaekYeol

Genre: Drama/Romance

Dedicated to my brain twin ruined_reverie, and EimiNuest, hopuai, and ChoKyute, my biggest supporters <3

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strangeneko () says about chapter 29:
I'm glad eventho they still under the tension, yeol still worried over kai..
I guess kai is really on his lowest mental breakdown

strangeneko () says about chapter 28:
kai chanyeol's right, what's on you man ? That is totes not a way to reach your band popularity..
I like tao's convo ♥

LeggomyJello () says about chapter 29:
. that was intense, at first i thought kai had an OD. But then when kyungsoo announced it was a bad trip, i exhaled in relief. though it is not chanyeol's fault, i can't help but feel as if he is neglecting kai. It's almost like he's sorta paying less attention to kai because of baekhyun. I honestly believe chanyeol has to get his priorities straight before he pushes kai over the edge. A lot of people may think that kai is an , and a shameless attention seeker. But i think that he is unstable (mentally) and sincerely requires guidance. This is merely a speculation, but i think that kai sees chanyeol as a big brother figure (someone whom he relies on and cherishes and who he is very close with and admires), and now that chanyeol is putting less effort into their relationship and other band related things, he feels threatened and lost and hurt and is acting out because of it. Kai is most likely acting out even more than before and flirting with dangerous things. He obviously feels as if Baekhyun has replaced him and is worried that their band might suffer because of it (Kai relies on the band a lot- it's his coping mechanism, his zone of comfort). Now, he's simply on a downwards spiral. He was already unstable before, but now that the band has been affected, he's losing it (if a panic attack was not enough of an example).
These were all mere speculations and I hope that they are coherent :) This story is incredibly written and a work of pure genius! I am looking forward to all the future chapters to come!

Venus12 () says about chapter 29:
I can't even put into words how skillfully written this is. Way to go!

Khun_Young () says about chapter 29:
what happened to Kai? Oh! And whAt's OD?

BaekSung () says about chapter 29:
I can't believe that happened to Kai! It's must be so hurt T.T but i know kai in righ hand even he with Kyungsoo.
Well...finally Chanyeol will meets Baek XD can't wait for next chapter

kpopluver13 () says about chapter 29:
I can't believe that happened to kai!!! That is just scary to think of, but i wonder when did the anxiety attacks start and what exactly causes one to happen? Oo but still i hope kai is will be healthy again!!! Awesome update!! Fighting Author-Nim!!!! By the way what is OD? Hate to sound childish and ignant but i really have no idea what that is.

forshizzlemydrizzle () says about chapter 29:
oh my GOD i cant believe that happened to kai!!!! omg thats so im a teenager and like we learn about drugs and ODs and stuff but its so scary to be reminded that it actually happens...i really hope he learns this time even if he didnt last time..and theyre getting more popular so he should stop:( thank you so so much for updating^^

ParkSungRin () says about chapter 29:
I thought Kai's going to die ;A; thank goodness he's not ;u;

By the way I kinda shocked to know Kyungsoo is a doctor XD didn't saw that one coming haha but come to think of it, Kai and Kyungsoo made a cute pair here. Kyungsoo's there to stabilize Kai's life~ to keep him sane~ and when Kai's dying(?), I don't know.. I just find him cute being all weak and broken like that.

Looking forward for the next chapter! I need more of your ChanBaek moments! ^^

And do you know how happy am I when I saw your a/n about the side story? /squeals/ I definitely voted for TaoRis, but to tell you the truth, I'm curious with all of them~

baka__ () says about chapter 2:
What about the blonde in this chapter? xD

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