Phoenix Rising

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Baekhyun is an exec at a top record label who is under pressure to scout and sign the Next Big Thing. He meets a free-spirited indie rock guitarist who turns his life upside down, along with his definition of the Next Big Thing. Will the cutthroat music industry bring them together, or tear them apart?


Phoenix Rising


Length: Chaptered

Rating: R

Pairing: BaekYeol

Genre: Drama/Romance

Dedicated to my brain twin ruined_reverie.

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Story (c) Sohbet/Hana Kim. All rights reserved.

Names borrowed from SM Entertainment and others. This is a work of fiction and any likeness to persons, living or deceased, is coincidental and solely for the purpose of fictional entertainment. The story, prose, and characterization are property of Sohbet/Hana Kim.


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NinaNana96 0 points #1
Chapter 40: Baekhyun is closing himself in a drawer, locking it an throwing away the key. It's so sad to see, and frustrating. Chanyeol has been really sweet to him, when they were together in bed and yeol was comforting the other I felt like crying because of baek's thoughts... I thought baekhyun wouldn't have the guts to leave chanyeol, to say what he had to say, but then they both got angry at each other and he really left. I don't know what to expect now, I hope baekhyun will wake up and realize he can't shut himself up forever, but it feels like it's pretty late for that
codebaek #2
Chapter 40: I was hoping for them to finally work out and decided to read this thinking it'd be some fluff or something (what was i thinking) BUT LOW AND BEHOLD THEY LASHING IT OUT INSTEAD OF MAKING OUT-- *ahem* this is so aggravating, and yes, chanyeol trying to lighten the topic, but it backfires instead and baek just walked out AGAIN and now we're back to square one, nice going. getting tired of your baekhyun ò n ó but at the same time, i kind of get him bc he can't just go right back into chanyeol's arms bc it didn't work out with jaehee or they sorta cleared up the misunderstanding, even if chanyeol was being super sweet and taking care of him while he had this mental breakdown. I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY DAMMIT excuse me... i really hope that, for the best for everyone, baek doesn't try to win back/fix things with jaehee (for the nth time) or jaehee to give in to him (though i'm certain she's already past the point of that)
jongupiechicken #3
Chapter 40: This was beautifully written. I will like for Chanyeol to fight harder though. I can see he has fallen for Baek but doesn't know how to keep him for himself. Makes me sad. And Baek is just so...ughh Stop denying your real feelings. You are hurting us all!
surgicalfocus #4
Chapter 40: This chapter was so upsetting... although Chanyeol referring to himself as the 'other woman' was a good little bit of comic relief, if only for a second, lmao. I know this had to happen eventually, but knowing it was coming didn't make it any easier. I just really hope they both end up happy (even if, God forbid, it's not with each other. But I'm sure they will be together eventually. I hope :p)

Can't wait for the next one!!
chandazzled #5
Chapter 40: oh my god i loved this chapter so much because chanyeol being as sassy but it's also sad bc it feels like theyre giving up to make things work between them.. chanyeol really deserves so much better ugh and baekhyun throwing everything even himself just so he will survive in the world even if he's not himself anymore:--(( hope things between them will be better soon TTT_____TTT
pamieyan #6
Chapter 40: Oh my god ;(
BaeksthighsOMG #7
Chapter 40: You told me this was all FEELS but here I am, crying into my Corn Pops. I guess the worst part is that I knew that BAEK was finally going to break up this relationship with CHANYEOL once and for all. But I thought after everything, he would do so in a way that would hurt CHANYEOL as least as possible. But it was so nasty and ugly. I know he's hurting, so freaking bad, but CHANYEOL doesn't deserve this. I don't know if I'd be able to forgive BAEK if I was in his shoes (I'm lying because I'd forgive BAEK for anything). I think the next time BAEK sees him as the Park heir (hopefully, I'm guessing LOL), CHANYEOL will leave him for dead on the street.

Yeah, I still can't be bothered with fixing my phone caps. ;D
bannerofheaven #8
Chapter 40: I'm so afraid Baekhyun will really fall apart now that he cut his ties with the only person that really supported him for who he is. Please don't let Baekhyun do something stupid ;;; my heart is aching now.

Don't worry, you wrote the feelings really well. It really touched my heart and made me cry. ;;
miseutahsiseutah #9
Chapter 40: Low-key wants Chanyeol to be some kind of a heir of Park Records or something and make Baekhyun feel like a for it, because i wanna strangle Baek now more than ever!!! UGH!