Phoenix Rising

by sohbet (subscribers-only)
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Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Kris, Tao, Jongdae


Baekhyun is an exec at a top record label who is under pressure to scout and sign the Next Big Thing. He meets a free-spirited indie rock guitarist who turns his life upside down, along with his definition of the Next Big Thing. Will the cutthroat music industry bring them together, or tear them apart?


Phoenix Rising


Length: Chaptered

Rating: R

Pairing: BaekYeol

Genre: Drama/Romance

Dedicated to my brain twin ruined_reverie, and EimiNuest, hopuai, and ChoKyute, my biggest supporters <3

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Auxiliare () says about chapter 12:
author-nim, I just wanted to say that your is amazing, those vocabulary took the whole thing to another level~ Props to you! <3

Auxiliare () says about chapter 29:
OMOOOOO THIS IS SOOO GOODDD!!! I finished this all in one day, Hope you update soon~~ <3

kpopluver13 () says about chapter 29:
The edit of chapter 27 and 28 and very beautifully written!!! Gosh just can't wait for the next chapter, love your writing and can't wait!!! Fighting Author-Nim!!!!

Apple12 () says:
Please update sooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

leadvocal () says:
this story is to die for zhskzbja a true work of art author-nim you definitely deserve a trophy <3 i think im in love with this fic yknow ouo i absolutely love the drama and im totally stoked to see what happens next!!! i hope baekhyun can finally stop worrying about his parents and do what his heart wants him to ; u ; all my love to you author-nim!!!

xiahticxx () says about chapter 29:
I love these new chapters and finally everything caught up again.
I'm patiently waiting for ch 28 then.
I've been here for quite a long time and none of your updates isnt satisfying to my liking.
Love this story so much I could die for it ;)

biigbanng () says:
Finally caught up!! Gaaaahhh baekhyun always panics when he thinks about his dad. I wish he's just let of and care about himself

Imarriedbaekhyun () says:
The story sound interesting, will definitely give this a read!

sandraawooo () says about chapter 29:
I absolutely love this story! It calms down all my high school stresses! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! FIGHTING !!!!!!!^^

sexybaekby () says:
I just starts to read this ChanBaek famous fiction from today! I thought I could fall in love with this fic even I was not read this fiction yet ^^

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