Yes or No 3 : Me and You; Against the World (First Scene)

Yes or No 3, Me and You, Against the World








Kim woke up early than Pie, the both of them are living together now, they share the same condominium... 

"Good Morning, Pie" Kim greeted softly, Pie slowly open her eyes and smiled "Good Morning, Kim."

the both of them are living together for 5 years, Kim and Pie have their own little shop, Kim usually stays in the shop, while Pie is in the house, preparing and cleaning everything, and when she's bored, she visits the shop and would help Kim.

"What time is it?" Pie asked, Kim hugged Pie and said "Time doesn't matter, let's stay like this for a while." Pie giggled and hugged Kim back.

after a minute or two, Kim's phone rang "Wait." Kim let go of Pie and Pie pouted, Kim smiled and kissed Pie on the cheeks.

Then she answered the call.

"Hello?" Kim said

"Cousin?! Where are you right now?" 

"Cousin? who is this again?"

"It's me Mik.. remember?" 

Tina face palmed herself and said "Oh! Sorry about that! Just wait there! I'll pick you up! don't move!" 

"Fine, just be fast.... " then the call was off.

Kim changed her clothes and Pie giggled "You forgot that your cousin will be coming over, right?"  Kim smiled and nodded "Yeah, and it's all because of you." Pie raised an eyebrow and said "And why would it be me? I am clearly innocent!"  Kim giggled and said "Because you're the only one that I keep thinking about, and because of that I forgot everything."

Pie blushed and said "Idiot!" she threw a pillow to Kim and Kim giggled "Got to go, prepare breakfast alright? I alreadu taught you." Pie nodded and said "Did you forgot something?" Kim stopped for awhile and said "Oh yeah, I love you Pie."

Pie shook her head and said "That's not it." Kim smiled and leaned in to kiss Pie's forehead "I'll be back."

Pie shook her head and said "You should be back, or else." Kim smiled and said "Yes. Yes..."

Kim got out of the building and immediately went to the airport to find her cousin.


"Now, where could my cousin be?" Mik (Zee) asked, she sat on the benches and stared at the people.

Zee is openly gay, and because of that--- she dresses like a man, and by first glance... you can think that she's really a man.

The seat next to her was empty... when someone sat on it, the girl was beautiful, Mik stared at the girl for a moment when the girl looked to Mik.. Mik smiled, and the girl smiled back..

"MIK!" Kim called, Mik stood up and greeted her cousin by a hug

"Oy Kim! How are you?" Mik asked, as she let go of the hug.

But Kim didn't respond, she stood there staring at the girl which Mik saw..

"KIM?!" the girl said.

"YAM? What are you doing here?" Kim gasped.



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stafeniewan #1
Chapter 9: hey, author, where are u? please continue tis story, u said u wouldn't abandoned tis story, so please continue the story...
dipalimullick #2
Chapter 9: Any update author??
sefexclusibo #3
Chapter 9: Any update on this one, author? :)
A_Rowantree #4
Chapter 9: Thank you for considering to finish the story since your motivation is now elsewhere. Good effort :)
lorenacs #5
author because I can not copy it to put it in the tradutor
piglov #6
Chapter 9: kryber bias detected :D thanks for the update
tiaom_1006 #7
Chapter 9: same too. lost interest in TiAom.
There is another couple which i am FC of them.
but i will still read the TiAom fanfics story.
Brainwizard #8
Chapter 9: Please update very soon author! =)
gLumbuffoon #9
Chapter 9: Tada!! Good update.. Can't for the next update.. ;)
HyunYooHan #10
Chapter 9: Fue una larga espera autor. .. pero me alegra leer la actualización me da mucha tristeza que ya no encuentre interés en el TIAOM espero que lo vuelva encontrar pronto por que pie so que esto es una pasión no una moda... por q nos mostrar o una forma distinta d ver las cosas. ... por otro lado me alegro y espero que cumpla. Su palabra y no se olvide de nosotros como lectores y siga actualizando.