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Holiday Song - THE AFF VERSION

I have read all your comments. Due to the large demand of "no change", I won't be editing my past chapters. I will still have Onew tell jokes, but I will also have better moments with him. Sorry for causing you guys trouble! Thanks for telling me your opinions though. :]

This songs is dedicated to all of you. Enjoy singing holiday carols- the AFF way!



Addicted to the Web

(Sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland")


Doorbell rings, I'm not list'nin',

From my head, ideas are tick’in',

I'm happy -- although

School’s let me go --

Happily addicted to the Web.

All night long, I sit clicking,

Unaware time is ticking,

There's food on my cheek,

Same clothes for a week,

Happily addicted to the Web!


Friends come by; they shake me, saying, "Hey, girl!

Don't you know tonight's the junior prom?"

With a listless shrug, I mutter "No, girl;

I just discovered Asian-Fanfics-dot-com!"

I don't phone, don't write homework,

Don't go out, just eat pork,

Who cares if someday

They drag me away?

I'm happily addicted to the Web!


Happ-ilyyyyy, ad-dict-eeeed to the Weeeeeb!!! (Yeah!)




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Let's all sing holiday songs- the AFF version C:

Cheers! <3

- with love and holiday greetings from dulcee


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JongHoLuv #1
Chapter 9: I know it's so sooo late, but wait- I see my name xD
RomantiquePandaTao #2
Chapter 10: I love how everyone refers Key to leeks now. Thanks for your hard work author-nim! Keep updating!! XD
lucysharpe #3
Chapter 24: Wowowow... I was laughing my off and my brother threatened to call 911 if I didn't stop... Anyways pish posh applesauce.. U ll keep updating right????
PS. I am in love with you. Please accept my heart. HeehaHahaha.. XD
Cricket #4
Oh my goodness....I couldn't stop laughing...Iread this all in one sitting!! Minho was fantastic.....and I loved Onew.....honestly though....Mingo was spot on.....this was pure awesome...
bananamilk10 #5
omg thank you so much for this, author-nim!
I've been down lately and this has really been helping me cheer up!
ciao_shrine #6
Chapter 5: So hilarious.... I waz reading this at night and I waz laughing so hard when taemin was all sneaky.. And escaped to play hayday
nico_gamma #7
Chapter 7: I fanboyed when i saw my name in this ^^
keekala #8
Chapter 7: I literally just rolled off the bed, ran around and derped out in the front room before giggling to myself like a mad woman derped some more on my bed.

I am loving this so far, it's sooooo funny I stay laughing. I felt bad for Onew since they ignored his jokes but laughed when he yelled at them all.....poor eggplant

I look forward to reading the rest.
Rukia_Yui216 #9
Chapter 1: Years passed by and I'm still going back to this story to cheer me up xD
BaeLeeAhn #10
Chapter 6: so funny XD i'm glad find your story