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Quiz Biz


After finishing his schedule for the day, Key swiftly grabbed his iPhone from his pocket and logged onto Facebook. He hummed as the page slowly appeared on the screen. Key noticed an ad for a Vegetable quiz.


Vegetables. Lovely.


He clicked on the link. 


Out of curiousity.



1) What is your favorite color?

 a. Green

 b. Brown

 c. Purple

 d. Red


2) You prefer…

a. lollipops

b. pencils

c. stickers

d. olive oil


3) Why did the tomato blush?

a. Because he saw the salad dressing

b. Tomatoes don’t blush, you poohead

c. Because he saw me

d. Because I confessed to him. 


4) Your favorite saying is….

a. Death is a once in a lifetime experience. 

b. I would kill the iest person alive, but committing suicide is illegal.


d. I’m an awkward turtle. 


5) You open the door and see….

a. Your annoying dog

b. Girl Scouts

c. a fly

d. OMG! Why is that guy peeing in the middle of the street?


6) You wake up in the morning and…

a. Excuse me, who’s bed is this? Why am I next to a penguin?

b. The sun smiles at you

c. stare at the wall

d. I don’t wake up. 



Kim Kibum This just ruined my ego.

                         Kim Kibum took the What Vegetable Are You? quiz

                         and the result is You are a leek!

                         Leek can be boiled, fried, or eaten raw. Yay! Leek, leek

                         leek, leek, leek! LEEK!

about an hour ago · Comment · Like · Take What Vegetable Are You quiz

Kim Jonghyun, Lee Jinki, Choi Minho, and 8 others like this

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             Kim Jonghyun AHAHAHA. What now, Almighty Leek?

             51 minutes ago · Like · 6 people

             Manager A leek. How pleasant. 

             51 minutes ago · Like

             Lee Jinki Your name should be Lee Kibum! Leek- ibum!

             49 minutes ago · Like

             Choi Minho My grandma puts leek in her soup.

             45 minutes ago · Like



Taemin walked out of his room and headed to the refrigerator, but was stopped short when he spotted Minho on the computer. 


On Facebook.



He turned around the corner and saw Jonghyun on his laptop.


On Facebook.



He shuffled to the refrigerator and saw Key on his iPhone.


On Facebook.



Was Facebook some kind of disease?


Because it was getting on his nerves.



Lee Jinki what? worthless?

                           Lee Jinki took the What Vegetable Are You? quiz

                           and the result is You are an eggplant!

                           Eggplants are very nice. Eggplants are worthless

                           with the exception of their shiny skin. 

36 minutes ago · Comment · Like · Take What Vegetable Are You quiz

Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho, and 6 others like this

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             Kim Kibum HAHA Leader Eggplant.

             34 minutes ago · Like

             Lee Jinki HAHA Almighty Leek.

             30 minutes ago · Like


Manager Um, no. Just no. 

                          Manager took the What Vegetable Are You? quiz

                          and the result is You are a Potato!

                          Potatoes are very common. Potates can be found

                          everywhere, eaten everywhere, cooked everywhere,

                          live everywhere, killed everywhere, and peeled


29 minutes ago · Comment · Like · Take What Vegetable Are You quiz

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             Choi Minho This is the reason why you don’t take pointless


             25 minutes ago · Like · 2 people

             Kim Kibum A POTATO AND AN EGGPLANT. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

             25 minutes ago · Like

             Lee Jinki almighty leek. pfft.

             23 minutes ago · Like · 6 people


Minho stretched and turned to his computer. He immediately went to Facebook, but to his disappointment, it was still full of idiocy. He went through his friend suggestions, one by one.


Add Shin Se Kyung

14 friends in common




Add Lee Ji-eun

2 friends in common




Add Choe Seolri

35 friends in common




Add Lee Taemin

1 friend in common











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JongHoLuv #1
Chapter 9: I know it's so sooo late, but wait- I see my name xD
RomantiquePandaTao #2
Chapter 10: I love how everyone refers Key to leeks now. Thanks for your hard work author-nim! Keep updating!! XD
lucysharpe #3
Chapter 24: Wowowow... I was laughing my off and my brother threatened to call 911 if I didn't stop... Anyways pish posh applesauce.. U ll keep updating right????
PS. I am in love with you. Please accept my heart. HeehaHahaha.. XD
Cricket #4
Oh my goodness....I couldn't stop laughing...Iread this all in one sitting!! Minho was fantastic.....and I loved Onew.....honestly though....Mingo was spot on.....this was pure awesome...
bananamilk10 #5
omg thank you so much for this, author-nim!
I've been down lately and this has really been helping me cheer up!
ciao_shrine #6
Chapter 5: So hilarious.... I waz reading this at night and I waz laughing so hard when taemin was all sneaky.. And escaped to play hayday
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Chapter 7: I fanboyed when i saw my name in this ^^
keekala #8
Chapter 7: I literally just rolled off the bed, ran around and derped out in the front room before giggling to myself like a mad woman derped some more on my bed.

I am loving this so far, it's sooooo funny I stay laughing. I felt bad for Onew since they ignored his jokes but laughed when he yelled at them all.....poor eggplant

I look forward to reading the rest.
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Chapter 1: Years passed by and I'm still going back to this story to cheer me up xD
BaeLeeAhn #10
Chapter 6: so funny XD i'm glad find your story