The Keystions

It's a SHINee Facebook

I hope you guys enjoyed "Chapter 9 : Bling Bling"!

If not, go read it right now.

I guess you can consider this a filler/ reader participation type of chapter. I want use the result of these polls to write the next chapter!

Hello everybody, Key here!

Yep, the all awesome, multitalented, and beautiful boy Key.

What, got a problem with it?

Anyways, the stupid author decided to make me host my own show, named "The Questions" "The Keystions".


Smart, right?

So lame.


Anyways, Key here will be asking you Keystions about you, your likes, your dislikes, and all that stuff I don't need or want to know.




"You're supposed to make them feel happy, you idiot!"  


If you're wondering who said that, it was probably Minho.








That settles it.


Well, let's get rollin'!





Time for some demographics! Are you a....




So, do you think Key is a beautiful boy? Or, a handsome girl? Or the all-great LEEK?








Grandma Minho's voice is so... ugh.


Well, no one cares, right? Hehe. 

Besides, this is MY SHOW, you stupidos.


Moving on.



Everyone loves the computer! So....




Minho nags me a lot. I mean, look at him... he's exactly like my grandma! What do you think?




I, Key, am curious... about how your sad lives are so far. Tell me...




Taemin is really cranky these days... why do you think he's being such a crab?




You know, I think the author who wrote these jokes is so... lame. 




I don't really like watching dramas, but Minho does! He curls up on the sofa and sits there like a lazy bum. What are your favorite 

types of dramas?




In every show, there's gotta be a question about money, right? So here it is! Tell me, what's your opinion on money?




I don't know why I'm actually making this show so long. Hey you, are you like, bored, or what? *Yawn*





Jonghyun keeps nagging me to do this question. So ladies and gentlemen, your type of guy/girl is....




Who do you think should appear more in the story? Everyone's convinced that I keep stealing the spotlight, but it's not true!

I, Key, was born to be in the center of attention!




Do you think I'm snotty? I'm pretty sure I'm not.... it should be Minho's one sided opinion!




Lastly, I, Key, will ask my all time favorite question. What are you? No, seriously, what are you? Note how I left out

the choice of being a crazy fangirl/ fanboy, since all of you love me already, yes?





Taemin sat on the couch, reviewing the questions.









❝ Inklings and Notes ❞

 from dulcee 


Subscribers are loved. Comments are loved. Everytime I look at the comments I smile stupidly.  :9

Weee I shall complete another update tomorrow!

Hope you liked the two chapters today! :]


Ninjas are supposed to be "girl samurais".

Therefore, only girls can be ninjas.



I love you!

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my god I'm a darn senior in high school now... but why am I still so busy ;____; DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? no.

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err4tic #1
Chapter 3: This is crack. I'm addicted. XD
hellomynameissimon #2
This is so good
I just love it~ >w<
This is hilarious! Please update soon author-nim!
ying9202 #5
Chapter 24: lol when i saw my name back in chapter something i nearly had a heart attack xD
i love ur fic

whens the next chapter?
Jyotimeena #6
Chapter 7: WTF my name is there!!!!
Chapter 24: Ohmygod!!!!! *shrieking with laughter* this is so funny. I had to read a comedy or similar to get my mind off a totally creepy/scary/gruesome horror fic I just read so I picked the first SHINee fic I found (coz SHINee is awesome!!) which was THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And God I am so glad I read this. It's not over, right?? Please updateeee I was laughing a little TOO heard, Taeminnie is so funny and Minho ... I can't believe the Manager is on Facebook as well. Don't know how it works tho. Don't have an account. Key and Onew's sense of "humor" just about killed me. Onew's list of poops *dies* just wow.
This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!
Authornim you r amazing
SHINee is also amazing
AFF is also amazing
shawolphan0t5 #8
this is so funny omg xD
gin_chan #9
Chapter 22: I laughed so hard at Onew's list of poops HAHAHA He sounds like my younger siblings !!
Ailinh #10
Chapter 6: I feel like if someone gave me the brain argument agaist the argument that God doesn't exist, I would be that one person who would attempt to tear out my brain and look at it to make a point.

And then everyone would try to stop me and I'd be like "you asked bruh"

Just sayin.

But other than that....

XD Taemin