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Bling Bling


Why, hello there, you.


Long time no see!


Anyways, Taemin here! I had such a boring summer, I’m not even going to joke about it. It was a bummer summer…




Pish posh applesauce.


Anyways, Key planned a do a roleplay on Facebook (ew). He hasn’t really figured out the story, yet, but…




That’s probably Onew, who wants me to listen to his original jokes again.




I really don’t want to listen…


“WHAT DOES THE LAWYER SAY TO THE OTHER LAWYER?” Onew screamed from the next room over.


Oh god.




I can hear Onew rolling on the floor laughing.


I can understand…it’s so lame it’s funny.



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Kim Kibum ROLEPLAY, brah.

One hour ago· Comment · 8 people like this

            Kim Jonghyun sup, brah?

            51 minutes ago · Like

            Manager The media is going to think you’re former

            gangsters ㅠㅠ           

            51 minutes ago · Like

            Lee Jinki Is brah like….a type of brocolli?

            49 minutes ago · Like

            Kim Kibum It’s a term for cool people, Onew.

            Of course, not that you know, ㅋㅋ           

            45 minutes ago · 4 people

            Kim Jonghyun BURNED, Onew. SWAG RIGHT THERE.

            45 minutes ago · Like


Choi Minho Are we role-playing as… gangsters?

One hour ago · Comment · Like

            Kim Kibum sup dawg you got a problem??

            57 minutes ago · 1 person

            Lee Jinki Soup dog? Corn dog?

            57 minutes ago · 1 person

            Kim Jonghyun my name is Bling Bling Jonghyun, yo

            55 minutes ago · 8 people

            Manager ㅠㅠ           

            55 minutes ago · 2 people



Lee Jinki I don’t understand what’s going on, but here’s another joke!

What did the farmer say when he lost his tractor?

49 minutes ago · Comment · Like

            Lee Taemin are you shunning Farmville? I don’t know

            you anymore. Uh. Not that I know you or anything…

            47 minutes ago · Like

            Kim Jonghyun S***!

            45 minutes ago · 1 person

            Lee Jinki He said “I lost my tractor!” 

            44 minutes ago · Like

            Kim Jonghyun

            43 minutes ago · 3 people


            43 minutes ago · 3 people

            Kim Kibum

            42 minutes ago · 3 people

            Choi Minho

            40 minutes ago · 3 people

            Lee Jinki I knew that you would be stunned by it!

            38 minutes ago · Like




Taemin’s eyebrow twitched. What kind of joke was that?


A farmer lost his tractor and said, “I lost my tractor.”


Well, if Key was a farmer, which would never happen, and lost his tractor, then he would… accuse someone else of stealing it. And then he’d take a baseball bat and- well, that’s a different story.


If Onew was a farmer, which is likely, and he lost his tractor, he’d- actually, he doesn’t need one. All he needs is his chicken coop and a bunch of fat chickens.


Now, if Jonghyun was a farmer, and lost his tractor, he’d buy another one.


I don’t think Minho will ever be a farmer, so let’s skip him.


I can’t imagine him as one, at least.


Minho with dirty overalls and a shovel… would look like  a scarecrow.




Moving on.


I am a naturally born farmer with gifted talent, and with my photographic memory and sharp skills I shall never lose a tractor.




That’s right.


To anyone and everyone, I am the best.


No pun intended, at all.




Kim Kibum all right, all ya homies, lets go hit the karaoke bar.

40 minutes ago · Comment · 1 person likes this

            Manager Key, you’re going to be confined in your room for a day

            if you don’t stop acting like a druggy.

            39 minutes ago · Comment · 19 people

            Kim Jonghyun And the Manager strikes again!

            34 minutes ago · Comment · Like


Choi Minho Kim Jonghyun, why is your… bling or whatever you

call it all over my table?

38 minutes ago · Comment · Like

            Kim Jonghyun But your table is the neatest…

            35 minutes ago · Like

            Choi Minho GO CLEAN UP YOUR D*** TABLE

            33 minutes ago · 4 people

            Choi Minho Kim Kibum, you are so screwed. Get off

            my facebook account. NOW. Plus, stop swearing.

            33 minutes ago · Like

            Choi Minho is an idiot.

            31 minutes ago · 12 people

            Choi Minho NOW.

            30 minutes ago · Like

            Choi Minho needs a chill pill.

            28 minutes ago · 3 people

            Choi Minho Key…this is your last straw…

            27 minutes ago · Like

            Choi Minho looks stupid talking to himself on Facebook.

            25 minutes ago · 10 people

            Choi Minho That’s it. I’m coming over to your room NOW.

            23 minutes ago · Like

            Choi Minho is like my grandma.

            22 minutes ago · 4 people





Minho stormed out of his room and into Key and Jonghyun’s room, only to be blinded by hundreds of sparkling necklaces and …bling.

“ARGH! This! That! What is all this junk!”


Taemin could hear Minho tripping over Key’s collection of golden beads, which were strewn out on the floor.


Ouch… that’s going to hurt for a while.


Bling bling.


No pun intended, Dal Shabet. Nope, none at all...


For some reason, I’ve always associated bling with burritos, but that’s just my personal thought…




What does bling remind you of, you?


❝ Inklings and Notes ❞

 from dulcee 


Subscribers are loved. Comments are loved. Everytime I look at the comments I smile stupidly.  :9


I'll be updating more regularly now! Thanks for all of you who stayed with my story! 

Oh yeah, did any of you watch the drama "Scent of a Woman" ?

IT'S SUCH A TEAR JERKER. I cried nonstop...

It was written beautifully, and the actors are just... so darn GOOD at crying scenes.


What did Noah, his family, and the animals eat while they were on the ship for 40 days?

Is that why we don't have unicorns? D:

Poor unicorns...


I love you! (very mucho)


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RomantiquePandaTao #1
Chapter 10: I love how everyone refers Key to leeks now. Thanks for your hard work author-nim! Keep updating!! XD
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Chapter 24: Wowowow... I was laughing my off and my brother threatened to call 911 if I didn't stop... Anyways pish posh applesauce.. U ll keep updating right????
PS. I am in love with you. Please accept my heart. HeehaHahaha.. XD
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Oh my goodness....I couldn't stop laughing...Iread this all in one sitting!! Minho was fantastic.....and I loved Onew.....honestly though....Mingo was spot on.....this was pure awesome...
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omg thank you so much for this, author-nim!
I've been down lately and this has really been helping me cheer up!
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Chapter 5: So hilarious.... I waz reading this at night and I waz laughing so hard when taemin was all sneaky.. And escaped to play hayday
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Chapter 7: I literally just rolled off the bed, ran around and derped out in the front room before giggling to myself like a mad woman derped some more on my bed.

I am loving this so far, it's sooooo funny I stay laughing. I felt bad for Onew since they ignored his jokes but laughed when he yelled at them all.....poor eggplant

I look forward to reading the rest.
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Chapter 1: Years passed by and I'm still going back to this story to cheer me up xD
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Chapter 6: so funny XD i'm glad find your story
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Seems that its gonna be fun...