Dream High 3


KIRIN HIGH SCHOOL, is a school filled with students with different hopes and dreams. A school that can change the fiction to reality. But sometimes, there are obstacles that they gotta face, so that we can fulfill our dreams. One day, 6 students with different lives meet and fight for their dream no matter what is in their way. Did they successfully achieved their dreams? Let's find out in DREAM HIGH 3,THE END OF IDOL JOURNEY.



Main Character :


Oh Se Hun as Han Joon 

April 12,1994

Cold-hearted person, doesn't like to mix around with people since his mother died. Top-notch student, since he is always the top 10 in his school. He hated his father for leaving him and his mother. He wants to be an idol, because he loves singing .

Lee Hae Yi as Jung Eun Jung

September 23,1996

She lives with her parents and her brother, Jung Jin young, who is an idol. She is a smart girl, but that's not the dream she is dreaming of having. She loves singing and dancing. Hard to communicate, but easily became talkative when you talk to someone. She easily get annoyed.



Im Jae Bum as Lee Mike ( Lee Young Jae )

January 6,1994

He is a transferred student from America. Very fluent in English. Half Korean. He is Jina's cousins. He live with Jina and her mom. Can dance, rap and sing. 


Choi Sulli as Yang Jin Ae

March 29,1994

She is a spoiled brat because her parents buys her anything she wants.She's jealous of Eun Jung. Later, she will be friends with Eun Jung and Ji Na. She loves dancing, that's why she wants to be a dancer. She doesn't know who her parents are, because they died a long time ago. She was adopted by a couple and doesn't remembers her parents face.



Byun Baek Hyun as Yoo Ah In

May 6,1992

He's from a rich family. His father is a top 10 well-known business man in korea. His father knows Yina, since they are in the same business. Cheerful with people he know but he doesn't trust anyone easily. He hates it when his parents tries to stop him from achieving his dream. He's a close friend to Eun Jung since they took art lessons together.


Jung Eun Ji as Song Jina

August 18,1993

A cheerful girl who is a transferred student from America. She used to be friends with Eun Jung. Her parents oppose her from being and idol and was kicked out by her parents. Currently leaving with her aunt. Eventhough she is cheerful, she is also stubborn at times, especially when it has something to do with stopping her from doing what she like .






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