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Kim Hyuna



An old man put his legs on a table, folded his arms across his chests and enjoying a music show in front of him. An image of a young girl dancing ily on screen making him show his creepy smile. Actually it was his favorite female idol, Kim Hyuna. The iest girl in Kpop. He had his eyes on her ever since she debuted with Change, he admired her hips and almost went crazy when some bastards who performed with her touched her legs. And then she released Bubble Pop, she showed her amazing abs ily and now, Ice Cream. He honestly couldn't hide his bulge growing in his pant. Its tip showed up obviously right now when he watching her singing.

"Cream.. Cream.. Cream.. Cream.." With that, Hyuna pound her hips on the screen and got the old man did a hard ion on his hard.

"Hyuna...Hyunaa aahhh...Hyunaaa... aahahhh ~" The old man moaned crazily as he through his pant. His almost-closed eyes still tried to look at the hot girl on the TV..






"Nae.. Everyone did a good job. kamsahamnida." Hyuna bowed her head in 90 degrees and started to get off the stage, still wearing her outfit of Ice Cream catching so many attention. She felt shy with that and paced up her speed towards her waiting room.

"Hi, Hyuna. Can you please give me your signature ?!" A voice said and stopped Hyuna from walking, she noticed a man who's in his 50 age smiling at her standing in front of her room where nobody was around. Well, this is the first time she saw her fan in such big age. She smiled back.

"Of course ajusshi !"

Hyuna said and started to write on the man's notebook. He started to stare at her s popping out and her long legs. So amazing and suddenly, the man harshly covered Hyuna mouth with his palm and grabbed her body making her starled in surprise. He held her waist tightly and quickly dragged her out of there, Hyuna tried to struggle but failed, she's in panic and only looked around for help but the man has won. He pushed her onto his van right after anesthesia her..






The old man stared at Hyuna's flawless body on his bed, in his house and she has nothing but his body on her body. It took him 3 hours to shut her mouth because she's too scared, this young girl just never been anything like this before. And now she has fainted after seeing his big giant thick long and this is his fifth released inside her but that won't be able to stop him from ing her again. Hyuna never agreed to what he was doing to her, he knew she would scream his heart out if she could but she failed, he owned her now and also took her verginity. The old man smile as he sucked her for the last time before finally finished his 'job'.

He walked towards his bathroom to take a shower, his still stood proudly although the ing session has passed..






Hyuna felt something heavy on her body and ached everywhere, she moved a bit and slowly opened her eyes and she heard something quite loud in front of her..


"No, get away from me. Pull it out. Nooooooo please don't..."

"Ahaaahhhhh... Hyunaa.... aaahhhh.. urrghhh.. aaurrrgggggg... nnnnnnggggg..."

Moan, groan, body slapping, sweat, two bodies stick...

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vanhamdo #1
Chapter 1: pls write a sequel
camalig #2
one more plz
BlackMusic #3
Chapter 1: Lol A.W.K.W.A.R.D
Diary-JungHana #4
Chapter 1: o_o
can not. unsee.
dafuq did i just read? o____o
macaronisalad10 #5
Chapter 1: Oh god. Hyuna and Psy. Kill me now. O.O
What did I just read. ;O
vielosophie #6
Oppa banged style kkk~
Dubuu12 #7
Chapter 1: That was haaaaawt! :o
berry_b2ty #8
Chapter 1: gawd. so hot!