Kim Hyuna

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An old man put his legs on a table, folded his arms across his chests and enjoying a music show in front of him. An image of a young girl dancing ily on screen making him show his creepy smile. Actually it was his favorite female idol, Kim Hyuna. The iest girl in Kpop. He had his eyes on her ever since she debuted with Change, he admired her hips and almost went crazy when some bastards who performed with her touched her legs. And then she released Bubble Pop, she showed her amazing abs ily and now, Ice Cream. He honestly couldn't hide his bulge growing in his pant. Its tip showed up obviously right now when he watching her singing.

"Cream.. Cream.. Cream.. Cream.." With that, Hyuna pound her hips on the screen and got the old man did a hard ion on his hard.

"Hyuna...Hyunaa aahhh...Hyunaaa... aahahhh ~" The old man ed crazily as he through his pant. His almost-closed eyes still tried to look at the hot girl on the TV..






"Nae.. Everyone did a good job. kamsahamnida." Hyuna bowed her head in 90 degrees and started to get off the stage, still wearing her outfit of Ice Cream catching so many attention. She felt shy with that and paced up her speed towards her waiting room.

"Hi, Hyuna. Can you please give me your signature ?!" A voice said and stopped Hyuna from walking, she noticed a man who's in his 50 age smiling at her standing in front of her room where nobody was around. Well, this is the first time she saw her fan in such big age. She smiled back.

"Of course ajusshi !"

Hyuna said and started to write on the man's notebook. He started to stare at her s popping out and her long legs. So amazing and suddenly, the man harshly covered Hyuna mouth with his palm and grabbed her body making her starled in surprise. He held her waist tightly and quickly dragged her out of there, Hyuna tried to struggle but failed, she's in panic and only looked around for help but the man has won. He pushed her onto his van right after anesthesia her..






The old man stared at Hyuna's flawless body on his bed, in his house and she has nothing but his body on her body. It took him 3 hours to shut her mouth because she's too scared, this young girl just never been anything like this before. And now she has fainted after seeing his big giant thick long and this is his fifth released inside her but that won't be able to stop him from ing her again. Hyuna never agreed to what he was doing to her, he knew she would scream his heart out if she could but she failed, he owned her now and also took her verginity. The old man smile as he her for the last time before finally finished his 'job'.

He walked towards his bathroom to take a shower, his still stood proudly although the ing session has passed..






Hyuna felt something heavy on her body and ached everywhere, she moved a bit and slowly opened her eyes and she heard something quite loud in front of her..


"No, get away from me. Pull it out. Nooooooo please don't..."

"Ahaaahhhhh... Hyunaa.... aaahhhh.. urrghhh.. aaurrrgggggg... nnnnnnggggg..."

, groan, body slapping, sweat, two bodies stick on each other and some are what Hyuna is seeing on the TV right in her eyes, she quickly hides her face in embarrassment and suddenly met someone. Hyuna was dumbfounded to see an old man lying next to her and caressing her thigh with his fingers, smiling creepily at her.

"Like it ?! I filmed it." The old man about 50 years old said and Hyuna felt disgusting, she immediately sat up and realized she was , totally and below, she could feel the wetness in her . Hyuna jaw dropped, she covered her s with her arms and yelled.

" you, what did you do to me ?! Where's my clothes ?!"

"On the floor." Hyuna looked at where the man told and it's true. "Ripped."

"Y-y-you r-r- me ?!" Hyuna finally awared her situation ans stuttered, the old man only nodded calmly.

"Don't ask. We're just having because I like you."

"BASTARD, GIVE IT BACK TO ME, HOW CAN YOU DO THAT ?! PLEASE..." Hyuna started to cry and hit hard on the man's chests, she bumped on his body making her own s moving up and down, the old man realized that and he suddenly grabbed her s and shut her down. He's on his boxer.

"Give back what ?! Our ing session just now ?!" He climbed on top of her and said seductively, he's going to make her beg for it. Hyuna shouted.

"My ity, my purity, my first time. You can't take it all just like that !!!!!!!!!!!!"

"But I already did, and am about to do again."

The old man then buried his head on her neck and trailed his lips all over it, Hyuna struggled hard and even kicked her legs but nothing became better, the man just took over it and everything she could do is scream, yell and shout hard but seems like useless. He kissed her neck and shoulder passionately and not long after that, he traveled his hands on her s and started to rub her s with his index and thumb finger.

"No, please. get off me. Don't do that ajusshi, please don't.." Hyuna begging but the man only do what he wanted to do, he didn't take off his pant but only tried to satisfy the young girl. He then quickly tied her fours on his beg making her show everything that she has, a shaved clean with no hair left, white and full. A super big s marked some red points beause he on it which kept jumping up and down when ever he ed.

"My name is Psy. Remember to when I put my into you." He said dirty words and Hyuna hissed.

"No way bastard."

"Let's see."

Psy then bent down and kissed Hyuna's with his lips softly sending her shiver to her spine, she closed her eyes tightly and grabbed the bed sheet as Psy started to her with his mouth and tougue, he spread her legs widely to have the best vision of the and on her oris nonstop like a lollipop and his fingers found her hole then started to ed inside. Hyuna bit her lips in frustration, didn't want to give Psy her . He then circled his lips around her and hard with his fingers still work on her . Hyuna felt her body getting hotter and hotter as Psy raced up her speed on her, she tried hard to hold the but the juice still dripping out of her making Psy's mouth become wet. He felt she bucked her hips as he slid his tougue into her.

"My.. my.. Someone is asking for more ?!"

"No way. Get lost, bastard"

Psy continued to eat Hyuna's as he started to like it, she smelled good and delicious. Right when he knew that she's about to , he suddenly stopped. Pulling his tougue out of her and his fingers also stopped. He then climbed up, his hand rubbed her and started to her s again, he rolled her left on his thumb and felt Hyuna trying to hold the s, he her round right , his right hand on her left and his left hand was on her .

"I'm trying to give you the best , baby. You're being satisfied all over your body, just , I know you want it."

"In your drea....." Hyuna's words stopped as she felt something touching her after Psy took his hand off, his tips and the feeling was crazy, she got a blurry vision as it touched her again. That got Psy's attention. He stopped working on her body and looked at his , asked.

"Ah, you want this ?!"

Psy quickly took of his pant and his sprang proudly in front of Hyuna's eyes. She was scared but kept staring at it. It was really big, long with some hair near his balls. Psy held his and shook lightly, teasing.

"You want my , don't you ?!"

Hyuna kept silent, she has nothing left to lose but it would be a big shame if she agreed to it, she didn't know what the feeling just now was but basically, she's being and she's supposed to fight against it though her body has betrayed her by dripping so much juice and honestly, she wanted for more.


Hyuna reacted as Psy suddenly trailed his tip against her entrance, lightly, softly and teasingly. She felt her head was in somewhere else like heaven as that thing touch her . It felt good. The feeling was too new to Hyuna and she just couldn't take it. 

"Aaahhhhhh.... so good though I'm not inside you yet."

Psy but didn't push harder, Hyuna closed her eyes tightly and bit her lips.

"Please pull it out."

"Say what you want, Hyuna... aaaahhhhhh... like me.... urrgghh ... Your is so amazing, I can it all day."


Hyuna said but her body kept finding for Psy's as she tried to keep his legs with her legs to push further.

"Please what ?!"

Psy asked while still having his on his hand and traveling its tip on Hyuna's . Hyuna shook crazily and suddenly, she couldn't hold it anymore as she let out an extreme y .

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.... oppa..."

"Teasing what ?!" Psy asked, wanted to punish Hyuna some more.

" please..." Hyuna gasped, Psy knew she has agreed with this. He felt as hell, too as he climbed on her body and shoved his towards her face.

"Before I your hole. me first !!!"

"What ?!"

But before Hyuna resisted, Psy pushed his into her mouth and started to , he ed. "Ah, yes, Hyuna.. yes, me inside... oh right... my tips, yes.. true.. urrrgghh nnngggggg....... it, yes.. good... baby.. nnnngggg....."

Psy didn't in Hyuna's mouth as he took it out when the is close. He then looked at her s and ordered.

"That should satisfied me, too..."

Hyuna right now seems like can't hold it anymore, Psy knew she's as hell so that he rubbed his fingers on her , receiveing a deep from her...

"NNnnnnnnggggggg..... aahh ah ah ah ah..."

"I need your s."

"Untied me first."

Psy noticed that Hyuna's still tied on his bed, he unvoluntarily pulled his hand out of her and untied her quickly to be back to satisfied her oris. Hyuna shook crazily and she stretched out her arms to Psy's . She put it in her mouth and started to it with him still sitting on her s. Enjoying.

After that, Psy placed his in between Hyuna's big s and squeezed hard as he started to , Hyuna helped him by supporting her s on two sides to let his hands rub her . She ed.

"Urrghhh nggg... yes oppa... Rub me there, oh my gosh it's amazing.. oh my gosh.. yes, urrrghhh.. nnnggg...  too much pleasure oppa... too much..."

And that, both . Hyuna breathed heavily but Psy smiled. He said.

"It's not over."

And he slowly shoved his into her , she's still so tight and her lips his right away though only half of it is inside her. He smiled and watched it working and Hyuna, too.

"It's too big, oppa... aahhh~"

"Don't worry. It will fit you."

"I want to try."

She said and stopped him from pushing too far inside, Psy surprised.

"What ?!"

"Flipped over. I will do the rest."

Psy ed a little and smiled in satisfaction. He obeyed his princess. Hyuna was now on top of Psy and and only half of his grinned on her . They will need fully of it to started the ing session.

"Just sit on me."

Psy ordered, Hyuna followed him and they both ed as the rough pleasure. "Urrrrggghhhhh...."

".. Hyuna.. .."

Hyuna pushed her entrance toughly ad she felt Psy's grew harder inside and her juice dripping out a lot.

"SO GOOD.. OPPA... ARRRGGHHH... MY IS IN HEAVEN... " Hyuna's vision got blurry as the pleasure, she kept ing and Psy supported her by grabbing her , bucking his hips and pound with her. Her s bounced up and down making him unbearable, he changed the positions and he's the one who's on top, he continued to pushed himself hard inside her, rubbing her s and she paid back by his balls..

"Hyuna, there.. baby... urrgghhhh... mmmm....."



"ME, TOO..."

Psy ed harder and harder until both of them reached their climax, he collapsed on top of her with his still grinned inside her. He breathed heavily and started to squeezed her again.

"Too naughty."

"My ... Psy..oppa..."

Hyuna ed and Psy realized he has ripped her , it's bleeding. He just smiled and kissed her forehead.

"It's okay. I can handle it."

"So hurt."

"But if i do this..."

Psy said and bounced himself inside Hyuna making her . "Urrrgghhhh.."


"I like that, oppa. You're amazing."

"Shall we do it again ?!"

Psy said, this time and got her on his mouth, never wanted to stop abusing her.

"Aaahhhh... yeaahhhhh..."

His hand looking for her , rubbing it and they started to again..











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