First story of NU'EST,,im trying to do stories of other kpop goups and i founf Nu'EST interesting because of Ren and Jr.. I don't know how will i get into this...This is so sudden that i ust made up today,,i was working when i come up with a plot... no specific number of chapters,,,it can be just few shots or it can be more depends on how i cna deliver the story well,,,

First chapter will post as soon as i finish it..

This is a story casted by Ren and Jr of NU'Est Jren,,,im not informative about them i just based their personality on how i look at them,,, Ren as the protagonist..

This is a random story i made,,please sorry for any delay,,i still have ongoing story "MY BETTER HALF" its a hyunsaeng , it was my priority now,so please bear with my slowness in here,,this is just an atttempt of NU'EST fic..





Choi Minki is a silent guy,,Lived with his step father since the time his mother was suddenly disappeared and never came back at home,,he was left actually,,

Living with his non biological father was a hell,,suffering in everything, he can't attend school since he became slave by his step father,,

Just one day, his life turns upside down when a big news strike his head,,a group of gang went to their house looking at his father but the men can't seems to find the one they are looking,,

A father and a son age the same as him went in their house,,he was then silent, thinking who are they,,,fiercely shooting a death glare to those strangers...he never speaks nor give a damn greeting to them,,

The young son whispered to his father and came with a devious smirk...Minki look at the young boy, seems matured,,,The father gestured a hint to his men and a few seconds his arms were entangled to the two men who were behind him...he wiggled to free himself but seems he is too weak to fight back,,he glared to the father and the son more sharply,,if his stare could stab and kill someone, he definitely killed everyone in the house including his bad step father..

Just the time they were leaving the house,, his step father came in,,enexpectedly having this gang on his house,, he was beated by the time he stood on his door and minki just watch,,he wonder why but he never spoke, he never spoke and he never stopped them,all he thinks and shouted at he back of his mind,,,beat him more, beat him more,,he can't seem to find the right word whether to thank the gangster or not..

"we will take your son until you pay your debt,,he will be working to us,,,the father uttered,,and the son just smirk while giving minki a carress on the face,,you are so pretty,,he whispered,,minki shove the hand and his heart shape lips pursed in disgusted...he was shocked in that sentence but his expression never change,,still glaring sharply..

He was 15 that time,,he can't decide on his own,,he can't do whatever he wants, He can't fight back when his step father willingly gave him to the strangers..He doesn't have any idea but at that moment all he was thinking is, he was a payment for a debt,,a big due maybe that his step father can't able to pay,,

Since that day,,he became a slave, a payment,,and that word is always being slap on his face..he is doing everything he was instructed,,he do everything he was told without words of complaints because in positive side, he did attend school as he wished since the day his mom left him to his devil step father..


This will be story of ren being a slave and a ,,,other characters are other members of NU"EST of course,,JR will not show in the first chapter...The gangster son will be decided on my next update, it can be from other group...



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mimi84 #2
very nice story
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Chapter 30: I loved this. Its the best I've read of these two out of the hundreds I've read
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Chapter 1: <3 this is really hot
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Complete long fanfics about jren couple are so damn rare. I'll vote for this story because I like ren <3
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Author-nim I really loved reading your story! *starting to cry* I loved every chapter! This story is one of favorites out of all the ones I read!
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Good work, authornim ^_^
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