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▶ Admit it, you become an idiot when it comes to anything Kpop related.
You also bang your head on the table when everyone knows the latest news
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Hongkika () says about chapter 413:
This is unnecessary. Boy didn't know what it meant just leave him alone :/

anotherstranger () says about chapter 408:
Kyungsoo & Luhan with their own movies, now who's next?

grainsofbap () says about chapter 413:
All these comments ( I agree with)

flyinglubiks () says about chapter 413:
im from Canada, and i don't particularly care for bieber, but i do feel bad for him.
he gets a lot of hate. he's made a lot of mistakes, granted, and he can be very ignorant, but ppl need to calm down.
its a wonder the poor kid isn't suicidal with all the negative comments and press :(

kairimikio () says about chapter 413:
This is the first time I've heard of this shrine so I don't fault him for not knowing, but he should always read up on certain things and know who gets effected by it later on.
I used to like him, 'Somebody to love' an 'Never let you go' we're my two favorite songs by him, but anything after that era, I was so done with him. He needs to straighten up his act. Nobody wants him and he needs to know that what he's doing is causing ill feelings towards him... Keep this up and next thing he'll know, he'll be shipped to Madagascar...

SatooriClue () says about chapter 413:
Damn, son, you stupid as hell. I, myself, had to go and look up what the shrine was but if I was him, I would have at least asked about it to the driver.

pearle () says about chapter 413:
honestly, i dont like justin bieber
but its not his fault he didn't know.

Raveness () says about chapter 413:

Ms_Brightside () says about chapter 413:
What the fck was he thinking?

inspiritexoticbaby () says about chapter 413:
the dude just wont ever learn his lesson huh

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