Tiffany a wealthy girl who loves to drive good and powerful cars. She loves to speed on the road, she's even race on tracks before for leisure back in States

She owns a few Ferrari, maseratis.

She always consider that when she drives no one can beat her

till one day she meet a Ducati on the road.



I loving riding and i love speeding.

Please don't drink and drive or ride.

I love my life but i also love speeding on the road.

Bad me!!

And because i love speed, this fic just pop into my mind

And I'm the type that don't bother about grammars and stuff. So please forgive me!!!

I'm just plain lazy to check!! :p


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LockLoyalist #1
Chapter 15: Hi. I just read this now and I really liked this one.

Thank you for this though and hope to read more from you (:
Sehun_Kai #2
Chapter 15: Author update soon !!! lpleasseee
andreaswaggie #3
Chapter 15: Update Soon Author
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 15: HAHA ! The "biker chick" thing was so funny ^^ Update soon author-ssi (y) I really love this fic~~
miimms #5
Chapter 15: you really disappeared!
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 14: Omo omo omo taeyeon confession....wow...pink chick hihihi...nice....
ayart_07 #7
Chapter 14: oh! is this going to be official..... yeah! TaeNy!
miimms #8
Chapter 14: YEAH .. now official.. say yes Fany :D

missed you !
can't wait!
tails2609 #9
wow 103 subscribers!!! yeah yeah yeah!! happy happy happy!! Thank you all of you!! muacks muacks!! will try to update faster!!
janey9 #10
Chapter 14: oh taeny~ they're not yet official right? taeyeon never ask her to be her gf? she just claim fany?