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♥ May Birthdays; 05.26 - 05.31 ♥


chapter 397:
♥ may birthdays; 05.26 - 05.31♥
-✸ let's celebrate again!!


-✸  may 26th, ahyoung of dal shabet









-✸  may 26th, ye eun of wonder girls









-✸  may 30th, hyo min of t-ara
-✸  may 30th, im yoona of girls' generation
-✸  may 30th, ailee of new jersey, usa



-✸  may 31st, sungmin of a-jax





--✸ anotefromthecrazyauthor ( tumblr ):
{-byungkitty-}omfg ailee's birthday okay lemme just spazz she is so damn freaking amajjang~


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bookworm2305 #1
Chapter 577: XD This is like a fangirl/fanboy version!!
hoanes #2
Chapter 216: are these photos real or photoshopped omg o.o i nearly had a heart attack when i saw tae's pic
EveryThangKpop #3
Chapter 706: my god this is so funny XDDD
ily4everbang #4
Chapter 842: LOL even Tablo knows that GD is Too Expensive. Poor Haru.
Eksoow #5
Chapter 842: haru is so cute like i kennot u.u
Panda3093 #6
Chapter 648: omf- these are s o wonderful \o/
I can only imagine chen saying, during the result of the confetti gif, "HOW DO YOU LIKE IT, B*TCH?! STAY DOWN AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU DID." lmao
these gifs are just more reasons why he is my ultimate bias ; u ;
Panda3093 #7
Chapter 838: oh my god....this is so beautiful...
where has this been all my life!!!
this is the best thing I have ever read
thank you to the creator if this masterpiece, bless your soul~
B2utiful__Shawol #8
Chapter 14: Mir and Thunder look so cute
naegajoonicorn #9
Chapter 842: Agh she is so CUTE Haru I can't even. <333