♥ May Birthdays; 05.26 - 05.31 ♥

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♥ May Birthdays; 05.26 - 05.31 ♥ - main story image


chapter 397:
♥ may birthdays; 05.26 - 05.31♥
-✸ let's celebrate again!!


-✸  may 26th, ahyoung of dal shabet









-✸  may 26th, ye eun of wonder girls









-✸  may 30th, hyo min of t-ara
-✸  may 30th, im yoona of girls' generation
-✸  may 30th, ailee of new jersey, usa



-✸  may 31st, sungmin of a-jax





--✸ anotefromthecrazyauthor ( tumblr ):
{-byungkitty-}omfg ailee's birthday okay lemme just spazz she is so damn freaking amajjang~


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yoonainin () says:
Hi ! Can we be affiliates? ^^

DriBSK () says about chapter 795:
i would aprove of this idol group ^^

Raveness () says about chapter 796:
I don't know how many times I've watched this XD

Myo1343 () says about chapter 793:
Dude, Jongkook is like 16 I think I can take him.

CallMehhBubz () says about chapter 798:
Where is the video for this at?!!!

CallMehhBubz () says about chapter 793:

TheDetective () says about chapter 791:

JaceSter8 () says about chapter 791:
Ahahaha!! The Siwon sculpture and BTOB trying to troll the fans.

LoVeFoReVer77 () says about chapter 791:
That siwon sculpture XD

Mahwiii () says about chapter 791:
omgg i can imgaine that siwon golden statue XD

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