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Lu Han is engaged to be married to Myungsoo, but gets it on with Sehun anyway. What - or who - occurs thereafter is as unexpected as it is life-changing.




- the title is one of the many colorful euphemisms you can find for 'pregnant' lol. the alternate title is 'luhan's pregcellent adventure'

- dedicated to N and P, my selu shipmates whom i love and adore :*** thank you to D for enduring my whining and for thinking of a title worthy of this mess

- pls be informed that in this fic, luhan and sehun are the same age, more or less, while myungsoo/L is 4 years older. this fic gives no fuqs about 1) age; 2) impossibilities of mpreg; 3) fact that men can't be arranged to get married (unless the parents are nuts 4real??)

- it's semi-crack, semi-drama. succint definition of this fic would be: srs mpreg with arranged marriage subplot. so there. oh and it has lots of in between.


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hunhan-on-my-bed #1
Chapter 11: please update soon if you have the time, author-nim! I only came across this story yesterday, but it's beautiful and I really am desperate for more :(
beautiful writing by the way, definitely one of my favorites from now on! please don't drop it ;_;
kikikoko #2
Chapter 11: Please update ..... Authornimmmm....
my_deardiary #3
Chapter 11: Omg. It was angsty like , but I knew it will turn beautifully like this ♥
aegyomuffins #4
Chapter 11: I love this story sosososoo much it's adorable
pcykty #5
Chapter 11: pls update this story
_byyourside #6
when u update this fic ?
Hunhannie813 #7
Chapter 11: Lovely. Please do continue, I love this.
Yellowish15 #8
Chapter 6: I don't think that what I'm about to write is legal, but.... I kind of ship Myungsoo and Luhan -.-'
Tapestry #9
cool :D I got to be the 100th upvoter hahaha

It's a really great story you've got going on :) The characters are very unique (Yixing is a brute!), the drama very drama-ish, even life-like (I know from all the family bull I go through) and I'm conflicted b/w Sehun and Myungsoo. I'm glad there was no other exo member in myungsoo's place, b/c I would have had a strong tendency to ship him and luhan instead of pining for sehun and luhan

myungsoo is just such a perfect individual, and where he loses his cool when he discovers sehun -my god! I have to give it to you. You know how to place them feels ༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽
haz2811 #10
Chapter 11: crying omg this is soooo good like afhsldkgjsdkgjksdfl