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Lu Han is engaged to be married to Myungsoo, but gets it on with Sehun anyway. What - or who - occurs thereafter is as unexpected as it is life-changing.




- the title is one of the many colorful euphemisms you can find for 'pregnant' lol. the alternate title is 'luhan's pregcellent adventure'

- dedicated to N and P, my selu shipmates whom i love and adore :*** thank you to D for enduring my whining and for thinking of a title worthy of this mess

- pls be informed that in this fic, luhan and sehun are the same age, more or less, while myungsoo/L is 4 years older. this fic gives no fuqs about 1) age; 2) impossibilities of mpreg; 3) fact that men can't be arranged to get married (unless the parents are nuts 4real??)

- it's semi-crack, semi-drama. succint definition of this fic would be: srs mpreg with arranged marriage subplot. so there. oh and it has lots of in between.


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ereveros #1
Chapter 11: this is incomplete I didn't even notice ://// damn
ereveros #2
Chapter 11: Ah nice an apology. Goddamn finally Luhan
ereveros #3
Chapter 7: Wait I thought Luhan admitted to himself it was his fault when Yixing called him out on it whY IS HE MAKING SEHUN GROVEL
llamaspudding #4
;;;;www;;;;; how long has it been
ayumik2101 #5
you cant just hang the story like this
you cant never ever leave the story just like that
please if you have time and ideas please write and updatee
i appreciate it so much
this story is soo good
its interesringg
Spoilers #6
Chapter 11: This was amazing, how can you leave a story like this unfinished? Please finish it. I love it so much!
Floridiana #7
For some reason I'm still waiting (wishing?) for this to be updated ç_ç
maudy21 #8
So u're going to stop writing this then? I really love ur story tho :(
maybelleluhan #9
i love this story so much, please update soon author-nim ♡♡♡
kingsehuna #10
PLS UPDATE UNNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!