You're not my girlfriend, or are you ?


Imagine the Jungs sisters exchange their souls . How will it affect their lives ? Will they be able to be back to their own selves again ?


Main Characters:

Amber Liu , rapper of F(x)

Krystal Jung, member of F(x)

Jessica Jung, member of SNSD.

Yuri Kwon, member of SNSD.

Krystal is Jessica's younger sister. She is also a secret girlfriend of Amber. Very sensitive.

Amber is Yuri's best friend. Quiet yet very strong, got a black belt in Tae Kwondo.  Has boyish charms.

Jessica, Krystal's older sister, is a reasonable person. Like everything to be tidied and cleaned.

Yuri has a crush on Jessica but afraid to confess. Kind of lazy to do house works.


Today's a rainy day. Hmm.... so boring.

" OK, everybody . Enough of practice today . You guys did a very good job. ", said the manager. 

" I will be going now, bye . " Jessica said.

" Why so hurry, sica ? " a figure said as it walks toward Jessica.

" Oh, I have to go pick up Krystal , and go to the airport  to take my parents home. " Jessica said and jogs to the exit. But she turns back,

" By the way, yuri, don't wait for me. I"m ganna stay with my parents tonight. "

" Ok, drive carefully. " Yuri waves good-bye . 


Jessica drove to the F(x) dorm. As soon as she arrive, she calls Krystal .


F(x) dorm

" Alright , I'll be right there. " Krystal quickly hung up and hurried to the closet to change her clothes.

" Where you goin ? " A voice of a person from the bed ask.

" I'm going to the airport with ma sis. My parents are coming. " Krystal puts on a T-shirt and shorts. She hurried to the door, but she puase ,

" And, Amber .....I don't think I can make it back home tonight. Sleep tight, k? Good night. " 


Krystal runs through the rain , quickly get into the car. She has her seat belt on . And Jessica drives off.

' Wooo.....she's too fast !!' Krystal thought. She decided to calm her sister down. 

" Hey, sis. Slow down. "

" It's not that fast. Relax....." Jessica replied as she holds her sister hand and glaces at her.

" LOOK OUT !!!!! " Krystal shouts when orange light shines to her face.

Jessica avoids the truck but she crash into a giant tree. Both of them still hold each other hands tight... . Wosrt is the lightening from nowhere hit car causing a strange energy flow through their bodies.


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sum41walkingdisaster #2
sign this petition to get kim young min to resign as CEO of SM entertainment
Anakyl #3
Chapter 32: I know how it feels. Just the same. Yuri,stay strong for both of us. *hug*
maanpren #4
Chapter 32: First time reading this and I can say that this is great. Especially the yulsic!!! Update pls author!! I will be following you!!
car_rxn #5
Chapter 32: just made the wrong decision! Just watch when Yuri started to get along with other 'females'...
hsz_honey #6
Chapter 32: aish sica.. love just happened. didnt like job that u should have prepared since before. dont blame love to come and distrubed ur work. be mature and handle both of them wisely.
Yurisistable23 #7
Chapter 32: I cant believe this!!!
Why sica!!!
Yuri !!! date Another one so she can be jealous and realize what she lost
ParkJung #8
Chapter 31: yes,, they should date!!!!
icypink89 #9
Chapter 31: One answer, 3 letters: YES.
YES THEY SHOULD DATE XD and then that's where drama enters >:3 woops, this is getting really interesting!
Thanks for the update. Take your time author-ssi ^_^
sweetie-choco #10
Chapter 31: make them date then break up then date and ppl find out then date and break up then date and break up then.....

love will always goes on no matter
Henry_1 #11
Chapter 31: They Should Date