3 Hyoyeon Facts

1.She loves fast food but she tries to not eat so much of it

2.When she was younger, her dad made her do sit ups and push ups as punishments for making noise in public (a/n: did that mean she cannot talk in public? O.o)

3.She would give up her career for love 

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sooswifty #2
Chapter 79: And they ended up having a relationship :)
akiiii #3
Thank you for posting facts about them ♥♥♥
Broken45 #4
Chapter 28: In the first gif of Tae she looked like she could be 6 or 7! So cute!!!!!
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Chapter 89: DAEBAK!!!really love it
sooswifty #7
Chapter 69: kyahhhhh!!!! sooyoung is second in acting.. :)
sooswifty #8
Chapter 61: sooyouns is so beautiful and she doesn't look so skinny here..
sooswifty #9
Chapter 55: yoona is really a beauty.. :)
sooswifty #10
Chapter 52: sooyoung and yuri are mean to taeyeon.. hahahaha