Teen Top

My life as a K-Pop Idol!?
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Annyeonghaseyo I'm Teen Top's leader C.A.P. I'm 20 years old and also the rapper of the group. I have teaching Diamondz's Jasmin rapping lessons. We became good friends and I see her also as my little sister. Sharon is a good one in bed I think hehe *smirks*


Hello! My name is Chunji and you probably already know that *winks*. I am the main vocalist of Teen Top and 19 years old. I am good friends with Diamondz.


Annyeong!! I'm Teen Top's L.Joe. I am 19 years old and the rapper of the group. I'm good friends with Jolita noona, she is like a sis for me and since she is also a rapper I like talking to her. I could wish she could be my girlfriend, i would had with her al day *smirks*


Haaaii!! I'm Teen Top's Niel. I'm the little brother of Diamondz's ~~~~. I am 18 years old and the lead vocalist and dancer of Teen Top.


Annyeong!!!!! My name is Ricky and I'm the fake maknae of Teen Top. I'm 17 years old and the vocalist and dancer of the group. I love hanging out with Diamondz!


Hello my name is Changjo of Teen Top. I am 17 years old and the vocalist and dancer of Teen Top. I had been dancing with Sharon noona. She likes dancing and me too.


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Goldie #1
Awww i love jolita and kris part update soon i love it....
Sherryy-Angel #2
Chapter 24: Cute, I totally love the Sharon part *eyebroww wiggle* No kdding dongsaengie I love it. <33
YoonicWithExo #3
Chapter 21: Couple them up xD
Goldwynn #4
Chapter 16: Next next next next next..

Sorry, already love your story..
Sherryy-Angel #5
Chapter 13: DEABAK!! I totaly love this. Can't wait for the rest.
TaeTiSica #6
love this.....
T-araLover #7
who live in Cambodia ??
Turn-Off #8
Sherryy-Angel #9
Pali I wanna read this story, and it look already very interesting.