Would you be mine?



SM Entertainment gonna make a new sub-group? What’s the name of this sub-group? And who are in it? Are you curios about the new sub-group?

What will happen if the entertainment paired them up? Are they remained best friend? Or there’s gonna be some felling that came through their journey as a sub-group?

Is there any secret about this sub-group? Why SM Entertainment paired them up into this sub-group? And what’s the meaning or their so called ‘sub-group’ name?



Seo Joo Hyun, better known as Seohyun, a member of famous girlband, Girls’ Generation.

Was born in June 28th, 1991

Being paired up in a sub-group with her label mate in SM Entertainment, but who is he/she? And what’s the name of the sub-group?

Xi Luhan, better known as Luhan, a cutie guy from rookie boyband, EXO, and placed in one of the sub-group which is called EXO-M.

Was born in April 21st, 1990

Being paired up in a sub-group with his label mate in SM Entertainment, but who is she/he? And what’s the name of the sub-group?


DISCLAIMER! This story own by Audrina Utama, the similarity between the names and the jobs of the characters in real life and in the story are accidentally and out of my hand. Do not try to copying and plagiarizing my story. The idea that I got are from so many stories that I have read before, but this story originally made by me.


Hey guys, I’m back with another story. Huh, so sad because I can’t continue my other story named Love Is Only You. The characters that I choose for that story are Kim Jun Myeon, or better known as EXO-K leader Suho, and AOA leader Jimin. Actually I like the concept of my story, but somehow I can’t get some inspiration to continue the story, yeah so here I am, create a new story named ‘Would you be mine?’, starring by Girls’ Generation Seohyun and EXO-M Luhan. Yeah, I am Ace Babies hahaha, I ship them together, and they would look cute if they were dating. Okay, finish with the imagination.

Are you curios about my story? Just click next :) 


1. Main Image belongs to me.

2. Background Image belongs to http://vintagebackgrounds.tumblr.com/post/36976760652 .


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Seohan101 #1
Chapter 15: I really wish u could explain how they became one to me because I need to know
adrntm #2
Chapter 15: I don't know for sure, I just found it in tumblr :D
Shining2ny #3
Chapter 15: Ace babies? Is it official?
LovelySmile #4
Chapter 15: aww...Seohan so sweet..Such a sweet story about them too..Love it.
tinhnghichbe #5
Chapter 12: Awwww SeoHan
how's Kris?
LoVeKpOp2 #6
Chapter 13: Awww there married now :3 cute!! I love your story:D
-milkyminnie #7
Chapter 13: woahh !!
finally they married ~
hope it will be true though xD..
adrntm #8
You love it? Aw thanks you :3
Starlight_LoVe #9
Chapter 12: yeahhh,..luhan's confession..love it
KPOPfan619 #10
Chapter 12: wowowow really Taengo and Suho really, spying on SeoHaN!!